Letters to the Editor

Facts on Flores

Rob Leach’s letter of August 27 (“Trump-bashing media continues”) mentions that the Spokesman-Review does not print his letters if they are not factual and they cannot include things that are not proved. In that case, you need to check his premise in Monday’s letter concerning the separating of children from their parents at the border.

Clinton did not initiate a law quoted by Leach (Reno v. Flores consent decree from 1997).

“The Flores settlement was a January 1997 court agreement between advocates for unaccompanied minors detained by immigration authorities and the Justice Department. The agreement determined immigrant children must be held in the least restrictive setting. The Flores agreement can be read as barring children from jail, but it doesn’t condone or require the separation of children from parents. In fact, it stresses keeping children close to parents and extended family.” Quoted from Punditfact.

There is a lot of information online if one is willing to actually check for facts, instead of constantly spewing nonsense. Blue wave in 2018 and maybe compassion and common sense will return. I certainly hope so.

Denyse Erdos

Liberty Lake