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A retired teacher’s advice

As students return to classrooms in District 81, this will be my 25th year for me to not answer the bell. In 1994, I retired after teaching seventh-graders for 33 years. A few thoughts for students and parents.

Discuss and write out resolutions for the ‘New School Year’ as a means of later accountability. High expectations result in the best outcomes.

Resolve to form new habits, that is new good habits. Good habits replace bad habits. Write down your intention. Be specific and resolved.

Be honest. “To thine own self be true and it will follow as night the day, you will not be false to any man.”

Don’t procrastinate. Eliminate the word “later” from your vocabulary. “If a job is once begun, do your best until it’s done.

If to you a job should fall, do it well or not at all.”

Always be on time. Be early rather than ever be late. (Being on time shows respect for others.)

Complete every homework assignment with focus on completeness, correctness and neatness.

Look at the person to whom you are speaking. Make eye contact.

Discuss and write down your values.

Eat one meal each day as a family.

Floyd Lee