Letters to the Editor

Pay attention to the ads

I am a Republican, but I’m really fed up with Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ ads.

First, the ad states that Lisa Brown ran for office in order to raise taxes. What an absurd statement. People run for office because they want to serve our country. It’s certainly not for the pay. Housing in D.C. is so high that some members of Congress sleep in their offices. An income tax is progressive and should tax all equally. Sales taxes are regressive and hurt the poor more than the rich.

Remember when McMorris Rodgers wouldn’t even meet with her constituents? I do. Even though I live in Idaho, I fall under the jurisdiction of the Spokane VA Hospital. When I was having problems with the VA, I asked to see McMorris Rodgers. I never heard a word from her or her office.

Pelosi helping Brown? Of course she is. They’re both Democrats. Pay attention to the ads and really think hard about what is being said. Which is being the most honest? Who is being the most negative? Think when you go to the polls in two months as to who will really represent you best.

John Slaughter

Spirit Lake, Idaho