Letters to the Editor

Time running out on climate

The layer of atmosphere that supports all life on Earth and where weather takes place is like the skin on an apple. Carl Sagan described it as being like a coat of varnish on a globe of the world. It’s within this layer that we are feeling the effects of climate change.

Understanding the basics of climate change is very simple, and always has been. CO2 traps heat in the atmosphere. It’s a matter of physics and chemistry. We’ve known this for nearly two centuries, and it’s a fact nobody can dispute. Over the last 100 years, we’ve put ourselves on track to double the CO2 in our atmosphere by midcentury, and brought CO2 to the highest level it’s been in 800,000 years.

For these reasons we must regard the current administration’s relaxing of fuel efficiency standards on cars and trucks and their proposal to dismantle the Clean Power Plan to be ignorant, irresponsible, cruel, arrogant, an assault on our atmosphere and a death wish on future generations.

We must address air quality now. Time is running out. Please vote for Initiative 1631 and for candidates that will fight for cleaner air.

Del Nord

Spokane Valley