Photo contest winners

First Place awarded to Gary Miller. The silhouette of Miller’s wife with a wheelbarrow cleaning the stalls. (Gary Miller / Photo by)
Second Place awarded to Miles Pfaff. This is a photo of the simplistic, yet grand nature of harvesting on the Palouse. (Miles Pfaff / Photo by)
Third Place was awarded to Simone Metcalf. (Simone Metcalf / Photo by)
Honorable mention-Shaena Sullivan. This picture was taken in Livingston, MT. Where Sullivan’s husband was assigned to work. He travels often, and they join him in from time to time enjoying the parts of the country he is working in. These hay bales were just down the road from his “show up” where everyone meets in the morning to start work. The beautiful sunset and mountains made a perfect backdrop for my round bale center piece. (Shaena Sullivan / Photo by)
Honorable mention-Rodney Aho This photo was taken near Dixie, Wash. and shows a frosty fence and field. (Rodney Aho / Photo by)
Honorable mention-Ed Knapik A photo from Knapik’s mom's photo album, in memory of her, probably taken around early 1960's in Ohio. (Ed Knapik / Courtesy)
Honorable mention- Crystal Orlin Orlin enjoy planting beautiful flowers within her garden to attract bees and to enjoy the beauty of them! (Crystal Orlin / Photo by)
Youth category First Place awarded to Ava McLeod, 12. Ava’s brother Jackson with his first Market steer, Bobby Boucher (the waterboy) at the NE WA Fair in Colville a couple weeks ago. (Ava McLeod / Photo by)
Youth category Second Place awarded to Isabella Potts-Moore, 11. Isabella's White Leghorn, Paint (about three years old (Isabella Potts-Moore / Photo by)
Youth category Third Place awarded to Gabriella Alvarez, 17. Farmland at sunset. (Gabriella Alvarez / Photo by)
Youth category Honorable mention- Madelynn Jones, 16. Silver-laced Wyandotte with black and white feathers (Madelynn Jones / Photo by)

The Spokesman-Review is pleased to announce the winners of The Spokesman-Review Fair Photo Contest. Judges Kathy Plonka, Dan Pelle and Liz Kishimoto were impressed with all the entries.

First place is awarded to Gary Miller. His photo of his wife working in the barn exhibited very good composition and lovely use of available light.

Second place is awarded to Miles Pfaff. His photo of harvesting on the palouse was shot from an interesting perspective. There were terrific lines in the photo.

Third place is awarded to Simone Metcalf. The evening light in the photo gives it an other worldly quality. It was very well composed.

The judges awarded Crystal Orlin, Rodney Aho, Shaena Sullivan and Ed Knapik honorable mentions.

First place in the youth division is awarded to Ava Mcleod, 12. She captured a quiet moment of her brother and his first market steer.

Second place in the youth division is awarded to Isabella Potts-Moore, 11. She showed wonderful craftsmanship. Perfect narrow focus and lens choice for a beautiful portrait of her white leghorn paint.

Third place in the youth division is awarded to Gabriella Alvarez, 17. The light quality in this photo is stunning and there is a good use of shadows on the grain elevators.

The judges awarded Madelyn Jones, 16, an honorable mention.