Letters to the Editor

State buries, not promotes, religion

Last month, Sandra Christensen submitted a letter in which she actually accused the government of promoting a state religion (“Great or hate?,” Aug. 19, 2018). Although she never gave it a name, I can only surmise she’s referring to Christianity.

The real truth is that certain members of the government, the media and the National Education Association are attempting to bury Christianity under the aegis of “political correctness.” In its place, secular humanism is being touted as the savior of mankind. Their poster child is the theory of evolution.

Watch any nature or science show and you will hear evolution being preached. The same is true in many textbooks.

With Jesus out of the picture, our nation is becoming a cesspool of immortality. Every week, we hear of persons in authority betraying their trust. Children as young as 12 are planning and carrying out school shootings. There has been a significant increase in elected officials being caught in compromising situations.

Our president has expressed a desire to make America great again. We can only do this if we repent and return to Christianity.

Douglas R. Benn