Letters to the Editor

Team up on Albi

I have watched the debate over a “downtown stadium” versus continued use of Albi with interest. I have felt for a long time that the city never realized the potential that Albi could provide. For example, summer outdoor concerts, that Northern Quest Casino has great success with.

EWU sits out at Cheney with a great football program and an Athletic Department seeking to raise millions of dollars for a stadium enlargement. How about the city negotiating with Eastern about using Albi as their home stadium? It would immediately give them more capacity. Refurbish and update Albi jointly, let them install red turf and the city could provide free bus service for students to the game and back. Fix up the parking lot with asphalt paving and designated parking spaces and a tailgating area. It could be another revenue source.

Spokane probably has a good number of Eastern alumnis, and with the convenience of Albi they and a lot more of Spokane residents would probably attend the games.

Go Eagles!

Just a thought from an old fan!

Cal Riemcke