Letters to the Editor

Presidential accountability

Regardless if you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent, you should be deeply concerned about the rage and lawlessness of President Trump.

In his tweets, Trump has flatly and openly stated that the rule of law should not apply to Republican members of Congress who are under indictment because applying the law to them makes a Democratic takeover of the House (which means real accountability for Trump as well) more likely.

President Trump’s view of the judicial branch of government is that it is there to protect him, not the American people. This might fly if he was the president of Russia but not here in the U.S.

The founders of our country spelled out three equal and separate branches of government. No doubt about it, the judicial branch of our government is under attack. So far, the GOP members of Congress have been unwilling to be a check on the actions of the president. They are totally complicit in their spineless silence.

It is time for you to put country above political party in November. Lisa Brown will ensure there is real accountability for the president.

Mike McCarty