She was at Table Rock to check out the view. Someone pushed her car off the cliff.

Ada County Sheriff’s Office is looking for information on who may have pushed this Ford Focus into a ravine near Table Rock last month. (Ada County Sheriff's Office)

A trip to Boise’s Table Rock to see the city lights turned sour last month when a woman returned to the parking lot to find her vehicle had been crashed into a nearby ravine, the Ada County Sheriff’s Office said in a release Wednesday. Now, deputies are looking for information to lead to the culprit.

According to the release, a woman parked her Ford Focus near the bottom gate of Table Rock around midnight on Aug. 31, alongside several other cars. She locked the car and walked with friends up to the top of Table Rock to see the view, where “over a dozen people (walked) down the hill as they were walking up that night.”

After an hour and a half, the woman and her friends returned to the parking area, but the car was no longer there. The owner of the vehicle called Ada County dispatch to see whether her car had been towed. Upon learning it hadn’t been, she reported the vehicle missing.

ACSO said a family member of the vehicle owner found the car the next morning at the bottom of a ravine near the parking area, “damaged beyond repair” from the several hundred-foot fall down the cliff.

The vehicle was still locked and “what remained of the windows indicated they were closed when the car went off the cliff,” deputies said. The emergency parking brake was still on, and a purse and backpack were still inside the car.

“Damage to the back of the car indicated a much larger vehicle — likely a pickup truck or something bigger — drove up behind the car and pushed it over the cliff,” ACSO said in the release.

The owner of the vehicle remembers seeing a pickup truck in the parking area that night, but did not recall identifying details. Officials are asking anyone with information on the incident to call non-emergency dispatch at 208-377-6790 or email