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    Stevens County ranchers move sheep after wolves kill 24

    A Stevens County family moved 1,800 sheep off private grazing land over the weekend to protect their flock from wolves that have killed at least two dozen of the animals … 398

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    Public was misled on extent and effect of torture

    How much water was involved in America’s waterboarding of terrorism suspects? If that sounds glib, it’s not meant to be. As the massive and much-battled-over “torture report” by a Senate … 320

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    Gun control measure backing from Seattle region

    The vast majority of money supporting the initiative to expand background checks on guns comes from just 10 ZIP codes in the Seattle area, much of it from people with … 315

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    Spokane’s big job-maker still government

    On this Labor Day, it might be a good time to reflect on the main source of the jobs in our community: government. Government has been either the No. 1 … 312

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    SpokeFest a sign of regional change

    The 2,200 bicyclists who rode through Spokane during Sunday’s seventh annual SpokeFest are among a growing cadre of riders taking advantage of millions of dollars in investments in busy-street bike … 307

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    Shawn Vestal: Gun storage requirements could prevent accidents involving children

    Parents have been charged with crimes for leaving their kids in fatally hot cars. They’ve been charged for failing to get medical care for children. For leaving kids unattended to … 289

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    Federal law changes how some Spokane schools feed students

    Starting next year, Spokane Public Schools will offer free breakfast and lunch to every student, every day at Grant, Holmes and Stevens elementary schools. The free meals will be a … 279

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    RV residents evicted after annexation imposes stricter code

    Howard Gladwill’s fifth-wheel trailer has no wheels. Black scorch marks, hidden behind a Brussels sprout plant, tell of multiple troubles with his water heater. He’s lived in the trailer for … 235

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    McMorris Rodgers’ town hall draws both supporters, critics

    An August town hall had a very November feel Monday as U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers addressed a crowd that included her election opponent and struck an optimistic tone on … 234

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    Hot harbinger: Torrid summer a glimpse into region’s future

    Heat, massive wildfires and violent thunderstorms: The summer of 2014 will be remembered for its intensity and disruption. Climate scientists say it is also a look into the future. 233

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    Idaho makes case for same-sex marriage ban in court

    Idaho’s arguments supporting its invalidated ban on gay marriage came in for tough and skeptical questioning Monday by a panel of judges from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals … 216

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    ‘Drive High, Get a DUI’ campaign targets pot-impaired drivers

    This year’s Labor Day campaign to catch impaired drivers in Washington has a new target. The slogan – Drive High, Get a DUI – is intended to call attention to … 208

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    Western Washington tribe brings protest against planned coal export terminal to Spokane

    Members of a Western Washington tribe stopped Tuesday near the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Spokane, part of a “totem pole journey” to protest plans to build a … 202

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    Spokane police lieutenant cited for reckless driving in March

    A Spokane police lieutenant is facing an internal investigation after he was cited by the Washington State Patrol in March for reckless driving during an apparent race on the freeway. … 201

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    In brief: Witnesses say driver hits, then shoots cyclist

    A bicycle collision preceded a shooting that sent a man to the hospital after a bullet grazed his forearm Saturday night, according to court records filed Tuesday. Gary J. Courtney, … 200

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    Obama says U.S. will lead coalition to destroy Islamic State

    In a major reversal, President Barack Obama ordered the United States into a broad military campaign Wednesday night to “degrade and ultimately destroy” Islamic State militants in two volatile Middle … 180

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    Spokane ambulance contract to be rebid

    Spokane Mayor David Condon said he would ask for another round of bids for the city’s ambulance contract in response to concerns from City Council President Ben Stuckart. The request …

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    Rules for body cameras worn by Spokane police in flux

      The policy that will govern use of body cameras worn by 17 Spokane police officers starting Monday has gone through several iterations, and is likely to change again before a … 153

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    Officer shoots, kills dog in Greenacres

    A Spokane Valley officer shot and killed a dog after police say the dog bit him several times Wednesday afternoon outside a Greenacres residence. The officer, who has not been … 146

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    Cops, cameras a gray area

    Spokane police officers wearing body cameras as part of the department’s pilot program will stop recording in private residences if asked by the home’s occupant, police Chief Frank Straub said … 141