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    Get over Hobby Lobby

    So the U.S. Supreme Court decided that certain birth control cannot be forced upon a business owner. Get over it. 393

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    Spokane’s first pot buyer says he’s getting fired

    The man who was first in line to buy legal marijuana in Spokane on Tuesday said he lost two part-time jobs because of the media attention. 346

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    Single payer affirmed

    The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case points out yet another flaw in the employer-based health insurance model of paying for health care. The delivery of … 299

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    Open seat on Spokane City Council concerns conservatives

    Republicans are worried that the liberal-leaning Spokane City Council soon could have a veto-proof supermajority and are pushing for a conservative appointment to the nonpartisan panel’s open seat. They argue … 288

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    Preserve choice

    The U.S. Supreme Court has made another chink in the armor of contraceptive opportunities for employees. The majority saw the Constitution one way, but the women judges, who also believe … 275

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    Economic rebound in U.S. outpaces that in Europe, Asia

    WASHINGTON – How does the U.S. economy do it? Europe is floundering. China faces slower growth. Japan is struggling to sustain tentative gains. 271

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    Young creative types take greater interest in Spokane

    Anthony Gill wasn’t even in Spokane when the idea hit him: What if we did something with the war-zone pit of destruction that is now the gateway to Spokane for … 268

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    Shawn Vestal: GOP shies from criticizing Matt Shea publicly

      Did you know Matt Shea was an Oath Keeper? Did you know he likes to sit around with other Oath Keepers – self-declared patriots and apocalyptic prophets – and check … 260

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    Shawn Vestal: Ted Nugent’s most-enduring record a monotone of racism and hatred

    Why did the Coeur d’Alene Tribe cancel the concert of super-bigot and hack rocker Ted Nugent? Because the left hates guns. 241

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    Deaconess Hospital shooter got gun back from police

    The man who killed his wife and then himself at Deaconess Hospital on Tuesday had been evaluated by law enforcement as a potential suicide risk less than 24 hours earlier. … 234

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    Corrections officer fires gun at Deaconess Hospital

    A Spokane corrections officer fired his gun at Deaconess Hospital early Monday when a prisoner awaiting surgery allegedly attempted to escape, police said. 223

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    Dump Shea, pick Arritola

    Josh Arritola is challenging Matt Shea in the 4th Legislative District. These are two Republicans who will not differ greatly in their voting but will represent the 4th dramatically differently. 222

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    Shea hit by critics

    The political season is in full bloom, and it leads to falsehoods coming from people like Rep. Matt Shea’s opponents and Shawn Vestal. Vestal’s July 23 hit piece is hate … 222

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    CdA Casino cancels Ted Nugent show, cites rocker’s past ‘hate-filled remarks’

    The Coeur d’Alene Casino dumped rock musician Ted Nugent from its summer schedule Monday, saying his “racist attitudes and views” have no place there. 214

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    Man engaged in I-90 gun battle with police had two semi-automatic weapons

    An Arizona man injured during a gun battle with North Idaho police on Interstate 90 in June fired first with one of the two semi-automatic weapons in his possession, Bonner … 212

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    3 Spokane pot stores get licenses

    Three stores in north Spokane are among 25 applicants who will get the first licenses to sell recreational marijuana as early as Tuesday. 205

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    House Republicans vote to sue Obama

    WASHINGTON (AP) — On a party-line vote of 225-201 Republicans pushed legislation through the House authorizing an official lawsuit accusing President Barack Obama of failing to enforce the health care … 205

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    Millions displaced by religious violence in 2013

    WASHINGTON — The U.S. says millions of people were forced from their homes because of their religious beliefs last year. 200

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    In brief: Coeur d’Alene Casino drops Ted Nugent show over complaints of racism

    The Coeur d’Alene Casino dumped rock musician Ted Nugent from its summer schedule Monday, saying his “racist attitudes and views” have no place there. “We know what it’s like to … 189

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    Sheriff’s detective said lying about hunting tag was mistake, records say

    Spokane County sheriff’s Detective David Herrin repeatedly told Fish and Wildlife officers that his daughter shot a deer in Stevens County in 2013 before finally saying he was ready to … 188