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    Planned Parenthood protest draws hundreds

    At a rally Saturday morning outside Planned Parenthood in north Spokane, state Rep. Matt Shea called the group “an evil organization” committing acts on par with Nazi Germany. “I am … 525

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    Planned Parenthood rally in Spokane draws hundreds

    Protesters accuse group of selling fetal tissue for profit and funding abortion with taxpayer dollars. The beleaguered agency has denied those claims. 432

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    Shawn Vestal: If ARUs aren’t going to be the answer, Spokane needs to find another one.

    When Spokane city firefighters are called into action, it’s not usually for a fire. Medical calls accounted for more than 81 percent of all Spokane Fire Department responses from 2010-14, … 258

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    Condon sues to keep Envision’s Worker Bill of Rights off ballot

    Spokane Mayor David Condon is trying to block the Worker Bill of Rights from appearing on the November ballot just a week after the City Council approved the measure for … 251

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    Man fatally shot by Spokane police during standoff

    A suspected auto thief was shot Saturday morning after opening fire on officers during a standoff outside a north Spokane home. The man died later of his injuries at a … 210

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    Shawn Vestal: People, not city, should vote on workers’ bill of rights

    Are we confused, electorate? I know I am. On one hand, the city of Spokane has, in essence, sued its citizens on behalf of corporations, trying to prevent voters from … 205

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    Grizzly shot, killed near family’s North Idaho home

    A 2-year-old male grizzly bear threatening a North Idaho family was shot and ultimately killed on Tuesday. Now Barbara Casey, who shot the bear, is worried she’s in trouble for … 196

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    Idaho state lawmaker’s Confederate flag photo disappointing to some

    An Idaho state representative’s Facebook post of herself posing with a Confederate flag has touched a nerve in the state, which still resents being associated with the racism of Richard … 190

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    Washington gas tax goes up Saturday

    Washington’s gasoline tax goes up 7 cents Saturday but your price at the pump won’t automatically jump by that amount at 12:01 a.m. It could go up that much or … 189

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    Warm-water ‘blob’ in North Pacific puzzles scientists

    PORTLAND – Weird things are happening off the Pacific Coast. And at the center of the action is a warm-water mass that scientists call “the blob.” 189

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    Conservationists ask Spokane-area water users to conserve, protect river

    As a drought measure, John Osborn has cut his daily shower to two minutes. He’s installed low-flush toilets in his home and replaced his lawn with low-water landscaping. 185

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    Getting There: Gonzaga to offer staff, students free bus passes

    Gonzaga University is joining other large organizations in the Spokane region to offer complimentary bus passes. Faculty, students and other staff will be eligible for the free passes starting in … 175

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    Suspected auto thief dies after shootout with Spokane police

    A suspected auto thief was shot today after opening fire on officers during a standoff outside of a home in north Spokane. 167

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    Spokane police lay down law on ‘false alarms’

    Four ceiling tiles crashed to the ground, and a black-clad figure slithered down a stretch of electrical wire in a north Spokane convenience store. Within half an hour, two burglars … 153

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    Sci-fi convention coming to Spokane mired in controversy

    Thousands of science fiction fans will descend on Spokane next week for what is expected to be among the largest conventions ever held in the city. The 73rd annual World … 145

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    GOP Sen. Rand Paul gives Spokane his presidential pitch

    Republican presidential hopeful Rand Paul told a packed room of Spokane supporters on Wednesday he believes the GOP could capture Washington’s electoral votes in 2016, if they supported a candidate … 139

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    Trump: ‘I don’t recognize’ insults of women

    WASHINGTON (AP) — GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump says he can’t recall specifics of insulting women, though news reports paint a long history of him comparing women to animals. 138

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    Getting There: State calling for volunteers to count walkers, bicyclists

    The Washington state Department of Transportation is asking for the public’s help to count the number of people walking or bicycling to their destinations. Volunteers are being enlisted to provide … 138

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    Rally centers on veteran, potential weapons confiscation in Priest River

    A group of about 100 people in Priest River, Idaho, lined up outside a U.S. Navy veteran’s house Thursday to protest claims that federal officials plan to confiscate the man’s … 136

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    McMorris Rodgers, at town hall, says Planned Parenthood investigation needed

    The embattled Planned Parenthood organization should answer questions prompted by videos discussing sales of fetal tissue, or face defunding, U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers told a crowd assembled for her … 127