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    One killed as police arrest occupiers of Oregon wildlife refuge

    Authorities say shots were fired Tuesday during the arrest of members of an armed group that has occupied a national wildlife refuge in Oregon for more than three weeks. 507

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    Spokane City Council overrides veto, requires employers to provide paid sick leave

    Employers in Spokane will be required to provide their workers with paid sick leave. As expected, the Spokane City Council on Monday overrode Mayor David Condon’s veto of the sick … 455

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    Spokane Interfaith Council works for religious literacy

    The Spokane Interfaith Council series called “Meet the Neighbors” aims to provide an introduction to the diverse religions practiced in Spokane. 439

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    Spokane City Council votes to require employers to provide sick leave

    Most workers in Spokane will get three or five paid sick days under legislation approved by the Spokane City Council Monday night. “It is an accepted value,” said Spokane Council … 401

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    Turnbull Wildlife Refuge has reopened

    The occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon, by armed militia members has prompted the closure of the Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge near Cheney. 360

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    Student group upset Gonzaga won’t allow the public to attend Dinesh D’Souza talk

    Gonzaga University limits access to presentation by conservative pundit Dinesh D’Souza. 301

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    Washington State Patrol investigates threats against Rep. Matt Shea

    Valley legislator reports threats to patrol. 280

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    Woman shot in Spokane Valley home; husband says death accidental

    A woman was killed Monday morning in a shooting at home in Spokane Valley. A man called 911 at about 9:45 a.m. to report his wife had been shot in … 255

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    Shawn Vestal: ‘Are you a virgin?’ is not civil discourse

    There is something about a teenage girl talking about birth control that drives certain kind of thinkers straight out of the underbrush and into the open, where they reveal more … 239

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    Shawn Vestal: Shea plays his part – backing the doofuses – in Oregon standoff

    Of course he did. Our very own Bundy, Matt Shea, met last week with the armed doofuses at the Oregon bird preserve. So did North Idaho’s Heather Scott and Sage … 222

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    Access to restrooms based on gender identity stirs debate in Olympia

    A state rule that allows people in Washington to select a restroom based on their gender identity protects transgender people from harassment, supporters say. 209

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    Woman killed Monday was helping husband clean handgun

    Brenda Thurman was helping her husband clean a handgun when it discharged, killing the Spokane Valley woman on Monday, according to court documents. 206

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    SPD officer suspended for inappropriate sexual relationship

    A Spokane police officer has been suspended for having a sexual relationship with a women days after he took a domestic violence report from her. 203

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    Teen driver whose car was hit by Spokane patrol car charged with DUI

    A teenager whose car was struck by a Spokane police officer in early December was charged Jan. 12 with driving under the influence. 203

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    Spokane lawmaker’s bill wouldn’t let cities enact sick leave or wage laws

    Proposal wouldn’t let cities enact new sick leave or minimum wage laws 194

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    Protester slain in Oregon called hero at Olympia rally

    Federal land-use protester Robert “LaVoy” Finicum was lionized Saturday as a dedicated patriot and fallen hero while government officials were denounced as parasites and predators at a rally on the … 167

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    Spokane may run its own transit ballot measure this fall

    Spokane City Council is willing to run its own ballot measure for transit improvements, including a Central City Line to connect Browne’s Addition, downtown and two campuses. 165

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    Sue Lani Madsen: New rule addressing gender and public restrooms defies common sense

    Sue Lani Madsen: The Washington Human Rights Commission’s new administrative code governing gender-segregated restrooms ignores 99.7 percent of the population in favor of the 0.03 percent - and defies common … 155

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    Occupation has polarized rural Oregon community

    BURNS, Ore. – The occupation of a federal wildlife refuge near here has been a searing experience for Harney County’s top elected leader. He’s endured anonymous death threats delivered by … 155

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    Costco eyes move north out of Spokane city limits

    Issaquah wholesale retailer Costco is eyeing a move north on Highway 2 that has the potential to take at least $1 million of annual sales tax revenue from the city … 153