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    Spokane Police Guild president placed on leave

    A City of Spokane spokesman announced Thursday evening that Spokane Police Sgt. John Gately has been placed on paid administrative leave as part of the investigation into an alleged sexual … 326

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    Records unveil layers of secrecy at Spokane City Hall

    They draw the curtains in a room of Spokane City Hall when the cameras roll. On Sept. 22, reporters were given eight minutes to rush to that room adjacent to … 301

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    Sue Lani Madsen: We don’t need to reform the Affordable Care Act, we need to start over

    Tinkering with a health insurance system built on outdated assumptions is at the root of dissatisfaction with the Affordable Care Act. We don’t need reform, we need a restart. 252

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    Measures passing on animal protection, tax restrictions

    Washington voters overwhelmingly supported a new law to protect endangered animals, and seemed likely to pass by a much smaller margin another attempt to force the Legislature to approve tax … 223

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    Family of Idaho rancher shot by deputies says death unjustified

    BOISE, Idaho (AP) – The family of an Idaho rancher who was shot and killed by sheriff’s deputies after one of his bulls was hit by a car and charged … 220

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    Shawn Vestal: Mayor tried to hide police issue – the opposite of transparency

    Faced with a credible accusation of sexual harassment against the police chief he hired to restore credibility to the department, Mayor David Condon attempted to hide it – to pay … 220

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    EWU student’s letter on sexism goes viral

    Eastern Washington University senior wrote a letter to the editor of the school newspaper noting the challenges faced by women in STEM fields. He couldn’t have guessed that it would … 212

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    Council races suggest conservative/progressive split in city

    Tuesday’s election results suggest the city political strongholds are shifting. 209

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    Stuckart: Mayor Condon lied about sexual harassment claim

    Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart said he is “severely disappointed” in Mayor David Condon for the handling of allegations of sexual harassment against former police Chief Frank Straub, saying … 209

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    Getting by without power hits the poor harder, resident says

    Matthew Watters, who lives in a Housing and Urban Development subsidized apartment complex with his 9-year-old son, thinks the outages disproportionately impact the poor. 205

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    Police confirm officer-involved shooting at Cenex station

    Spokane police have confirmed an officer-involved shooting at the Cenex station at Cataldo and Division. 199

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    Anonymous commenters have (some) rights, too

    Trolls are the bane of online commentary. Trolls? They’re the anonymous cads who specialize in nasty posts that drive all but the boldest from cyber forums, including those offered by … 194

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    Idaho cattle rancher killed in gunfire exchange with sheriff’s deputies

    A cattle rancher was killed in a shootout with Adams County Sheriff’s deputies late Sunday following a vehicle collision between his bull and a station wagon on U.S. Highway 95 … 181

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    Spokane parent wants schools Superintendent Shelley Redinger to resign

    A Spokane woman is petitioning schools Superintendent Shelley Redinger to resign claiming she’s “consistently” failed to address discrimination issues within the school district. 180

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    Editorial: Republicans taking an ugly turn

    Thoughtful Republicans need to consider the consequences of shrugging off the ugly transformation of their party. 174

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    Shawn Vestal: Let’s not repeat history by identifying a type of person as an enemy

    After Pearl Harbor, the country did what people often do in times of crisis and fear: We identified a type of person as an enemy, and then treated all people … 171

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    One police officer and two civilians dead in Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting

    Police in Colorado Springs say there is a shooter near the Planned Parenthood clinic.

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    Planned Parenthood in Washington doesn’t sell fetal tissue, state investigation says

    Allegations that Planned Parenthood might be selling fetal tissue or performing illegal “partial birth” abortions aren’t true, Attorney General Bob Ferguson tells legislators. 161

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    Spokane City Council demands answers from Mayor Condon

    A retired federal judge will lead an independent investigation into the city’s handling of complaints made against former police Chief Frank Straub. 155

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    Washington prosecutors want death penalty referendum

    OLYMPIA – State prosecutors say they’ll ask lawmakers to send a death penalty referendum to voters next year. The Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys issued a statement Thursday saying that … 152