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    Appeals court rules pharmacists must make Plan B, other contraceptives available in Washington

    Washington pharmacists who have religious objections to abortion or birth control can be sanctioned by the state if they send customers to another store for emergency contraception, a federal appeals … 302

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    Projects to ease car dependency will stimulate community

    If the Legislature manages to get its act together before Thanksgiving, there is good news for Spokane in the transportation budget. And I’m not talking about the north-south freeway. 294

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    New Spokane NAACP president wants group to move forward

    When Spokane’s NAACP President Naima Quarles-Burnley talks about Rachel Dolezal, she cries. It’s not dramatic. Her soft voice doesn’t break. And the tears are barely visible. But she does cry. … 288

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    Washington counties struggle with criminal justice costs

    SEATTLE – Washington’s 39 counties are draining their budgets trying to keep their communities safe, and if they have to prosecute a big murder case some fear they’ll end up … 278

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    As fears of West Side ‘megaquake’ danger grow, state’s emergency planners unshaken

    When “The Big One” hits in Western Washington, we’re likely to feel it in the Inland Northwest, but it might seem like nothing more than the shaking from a large … 226

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    Rise in child ‘pot poisoning’ incidents concerns officials

    Reports of kids eating marijuana-infused cookies and candies are on the rise statewide and in Spokane County, where a 4-year-old spent the night in intensive care after eating a product … 222

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    Gunman kills four at military site

    CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – A gunman opened fire on two military centers more than 7 miles apart on Thursday, killing four Marines and wounding three other people in what authorities are … 221

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    Spokane police officer accused of armed burglary

      A Spokane police officer was arrested by officers of his own department Tuesday night after he allegedly busted open the front door of his girlfriend’s house during an argument. 211

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    Tacoma man wants Spokane’s Wilson Elementary renamed

    Woodrow Wilson was a leading progressive who campaigned for workers’ rights and was a seminal force in the creation of the League of Nations. He was also a segregationist. And … 202

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    Coeur d’Alene seeks dismissal of religious freedom suit

    Lawyers for a pair of Coeur d’Alene ministers think they have a strong case for establishing a religious exemption enabling businesses to refuse to take part in same-sex wedding ceremonies … 201

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    Inslee weighs action on climate change against ‘poison pill’ in transportation bill

    Last week, mass transit, bicycling and pedestrian advocates were celebrating with “cookies and confetti” the hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars headed toward alternative transportation projects and programs … 201

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    Senate OKs delaying I-1351

    OLYMPIA – With no votes to spare, the Senate on Thursday mustered the super-majority needed to suspend parts of the citizen initiative requiring smaller class sizes. With that vote and … 191

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    Washington gas tax goes up Saturday

    Washington’s gasoline tax goes up 7 cents Saturday but your price at the pump won’t automatically jump by that amount at 12:01 a.m. It could go up that much or … 189

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    Warm-water ‘blob’ in North Pacific puzzles scientists

    PORTLAND – Weird things are happening off the Pacific Coast. And at the center of the action is a warm-water mass that scientists call “the blob.” 189

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    County grants Knezovich request to allow unmarked patrol cars

    At the request of the sheriff, Spokane County commissioners last week passed an ordinance authorizing the use of unmarked patrol cars, amid statewide controversy about the practice. Spokane County Sheriff … 187

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    Airway Heights Council asks mayor to resign following Facebook post

    The Airway Heights City Council has asked Mayor Patrick Rushing to resign after he allegedly posted racist comments to his personal Facebook page. However, Rushing is refusing to resign, claiming … 176

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    Spokane City Council requires two firefighters on calls for help

    At least two firefighters must respond to a call for help, the Spokane City Council decided Monday in a surprise decision that not even the fire chief was briefed on … 161

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    Faith and Values: Hope in God should frame our response to court’s marriage decision

    Disgust. Anger. Despair. Two weeks later, I still see it on their faces, hear it in their voices. 158

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    Auditor: Immigration petition likely to fail, but Fagan says it’s not over

    A petition aimed at changing a Spokane Police Department policy regarding immigration status will likely fail to earn enough signatures to make the November ballot, Spokane County Auditor Vicky Dalton … 146

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    Jail grapples with inmate deaths, staff shortage

    The Spokane County Jail is having difficulty hiring and retaining medical staff, while a spate of recent inmate deaths appear to be caused by health issues. County commissioners, who oversee … 143