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    Spokane educators vote to go on strike

    Spokane Public Schools employees on Friday voted to strike just four days after school starts next week. But the Spokane Education Association, which represents the workers, has not abandoned negotiations. 427

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    Expected high winds throughout Northwest have fire officials concerned

    A ferocious windstorm expected today has put much of the state – much of it already on fire – on high alert. The danger is extreme throughout Central and Eastern … 43

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    Sackett, who took on EPA, gets prison in sex case

    A Priest Lake man who beat the Environmental Protection Agency in a wetlands dispute decided by the nation’s highest court will spend more than a year in prison for a … 32

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    Editorial: Court is right: Official can’t hide work on private phone

    In a common-sense case that could have public officials squirming, the Washington Supreme Court ruled unanimously on Thursday that public information conveyed on private phones is covered by the state’s … 19

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    $1 million bond set for career criminal

    Career burglar Christopher J. Cannata was back in court on new charges Thursday for the second time in a week – and police and prosecutors are apparently tired of it. … 14

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    Wind storm brings down power lines, blows in dust

    Blowing dust cut visibility and brought downed power lines late this morning while authorities cautioned the public to stay off area highways until the wind settles down this evening. 13

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    Evacuations downgraded for Tower Fire near Priest Lake

    Officials overseeing the Tower fire in Pend Oreille County escalated evacuations this afternoon as high winds made tracking the 29-square-mile fire difficult. 10

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    City wants to add Manito, other parks to historic register

    Spokane parks have a special place in the history of the city, and local preservation leaders want that place recognized and documented on the National Register of Historic Places. The … 8

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    Brush fire near Athol consumes fields, forest

    A tree on a power line is suspected of sparking a 60 acre blaze near Athol this afternoon. The fire is burning in fields and trees east of Ramsey Road, … 5

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    Kootenai Tribe takes on caribou recovery

    The Kootenai Tribe of Idaho is stepping up efforts to save the last wild caribou herd in the Lower 48 states. The tribe has contracted with the U.S. Fish and … 4

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    Commentary: Mariner’s decision to fire GM Zduriencik was way overdue

    When Mariners President Kevin Mather on Friday characterized being a baseball general manager as “an impossible job,” he was speaking about the complexities and vast scope of the position. But … 4

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    Scientists, tribe study ‘dying’ Mount Baker glacier

    MOUNT BAKER, Wash. – Mauri Pelto digs his crampons into the steep icy slope on Mount Baker and watches as streams of water cascade off the thick mass of bare, … 3

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    Some rafters escape fire on Salmon River, others still trapped

    Officials were able to evacuate 70 Salmon River rafters Friday, but boulders and other falling debris have blocked the road out, trapping the remaining rafters. 3

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    Valley sports complex proposed

    Not to be outdone by Spokane’s plans for a downtown field house, Spokane Valley may partner with other cities, schools and Spokane County to provide its own outdoor sports facilities. … 2

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    Heat delays county road work

    The dangerous wildfire season, which sidelined Spokane County road crews in May, and continued dry conditions means it’s unlikely any maintenance work will be done on unpaved roads in the … 1

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    USDA approves Simplot blight-resistant potatoes

    BOISE – The U.S. Department of Agriculture has approved a potato genetically engineered by Idaho-based J.R. Simplot Co. to resist the pathogen that caused the Irish potato famine and that … 1

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    Air probably unhealthy, but monitoring system down

    The system that monitors air quality around the state quit reporting data Saturday after the Department of Ecology site failed, according to Lisa Woodard of the Spokane Regional Clean Air … 1

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    French forward Killian Tillie commits to Gonzaga

    The Gonzaga men’s basketball team continued to bolster its future frontcourt by landing a verbal commitment Saturday from forward Killian Tillie. 1

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    Dust storm warning issued

    As expected, strong winds have entered Eastern Washington this morning. The National Weather Service has issued a dust storm warning effective until 5 p.m. tonight. 1

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    Former state Rep. Duane Sommers dies

    The ability to blend a strong conservatism with an amiable pragmatism carried Duane Sommers through two stints as a Republican in the state House of Representatives. Sommers, who died this … 1