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    Shawn Vestal: Gun storage requirements could prevent accidents involving children

    Parents have been charged with crimes for leaving their kids in fatally hot cars. They’ve been charged for failing to get medical care for children. For leaving kids unattended to … 289

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    Hot harbinger: Torrid summer a glimpse into region’s future

    Heat, massive wildfires and violent thunderstorms: The summer of 2014 will be remembered for its intensity and disruption. Climate scientists say it is also a look into the future. 227

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    ‘Drive High, Get a DUI’ campaign targets pot-impaired drivers

    This year’s Labor Day campaign to catch impaired drivers in Washington has a new target. The slogan – Drive High, Get a DUI – is intended to call attention to … 208

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    Western Washington tribe brings protest against planned coal export terminal to Spokane

    Members of a Western Washington tribe stopped Tuesday near the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Spokane, part of a “totem pole journey” to protest plans to build a … 202

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    Officer shoots, kills dog in Greenacres

    A Spokane Valley officer shot and killed a dog after police say the dog bit him several times Wednesday afternoon outside a Greenacres residence. The officer, who has not been … 146

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    Rules for body cameras worn by Spokane police in flux

      The policy that will govern use of body cameras worn by 17 Spokane police officers starting Monday has gone through several iterations, and is likely to change again before a … 144

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    County prosecutor allegedly aided wanted felon

    A Spokane County deputy prosecutor who has been on leave since April is suspected of aiding a wanted felon in eluding capture earlier this year, according to court documents recently … 131

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    Spokane Valley officer shoots dog that attacked him

    A Spokane Valley officer shot and killed a dog after the dog bit him several times this afternoon outside a Greenacres residence. 118

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    Shawn Vestal: School letter fails in its own right

    We were invited to leave our school this month. Our school, it seems, has not made “adequate yearly progress” on standardized tests. Our school, it turns out, is “in School … 111

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    Spokane County prosecutor linked to felon by texts, video, bikini photo

    More than a thousand texts, surveillance video and a bikini photograph have linked a convicted felon to a suspended Spokane County deputy prosecutor, who now faces potential charges of rendering … 101

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    Catholic directives won’t apply to new WSU Spokane health clinic

    Religious directives that some worried could restrict medical care at a new health clinic preparing to open on the Washington State University Spokane campus are being jettisoned. 95

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    Karen Stratton chosen to fill City Council seat

    Karen Stratton rang doorbells asking for votes long before her Monday night appointment to the Spokane City Council. It was on behalf of her father almost 50 years ago, and … 94

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    Fixes for insurance exchange have cost

    OLYMPIA – Washington residents struggling with the insurance plans purchased through the state’s exchange will be able to sign up for new plans through November because problems have been so … 77

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    Shawn Vestal: In the sordid wake of the bikini-clad prosecutor

    So, just to be clear: The prosecutor who was buddying up to a criminal – a criminal with the word “Criminal” tattooed on his forehead – turns out to be … 71

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    Jury denies release of repeat sex offender

    A 54-year-old with a history of sexual violence was ordered by a jury to remain in state custody following his latest stint in prison on rape charges. 70

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    Details offered on Valley dog’s shooting death

    A Spokane County sheriff’s deputy who fatally shot a Spokane Valley man’s dog on Wednesday said he thought the animal was restrained by an invisible fence. Deputy Ryan Smith killed … 66

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    Parking violator gets the boot

    A driver who owes more than $4,000 in parking fines and fees got the dubious honor today of being the first parking violator in Spokane to have their car immobilized … 57

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    Deputy who shot dog thought animals were restrained

    A Spokane County sheriff’s deputy who fatally shot a Spokane Valley man’s dog said he thought the animal was restrained by an invisible fence. 55

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    Petition seeks to limit response on wolf attacks

    Environmental groups on Thursday asked Gov. Jay Inslee to push for the creation of strict rules limiting when wolves can be killed in response to livestock depredations. Their petition sought … 54

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    Judge dismisses all claims by former SPD officer fired after DUI

    A federal judge dismissed the final civil claim for damages from Bradley Thoma, a former Spokane police officer fired following a DUI arrest, against the city and a former Spokane … 53