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    New NAACP leaders bring growth, fresh approach

    On move-in day, the new office for Spokane’s NAACP was humming with activity. Two young men in the corner of the room had a wide-ranging conversation about everything from Seahawks … 237

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    FBI contact unwarranted, environmental activists say

    Helen Yost found the text message unsettling. “I need to speak with you,” it said. “Please give me a call. I am an FBI agent.” 153

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    Obama brings pitch for his ideas to red-state Idaho

    In his first visit as president to Idaho, President Barack Obama told a cheering crowd at Boise State University today, “There’s not a liberal America or a conservative America, but … 148

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    Glut of legal pot has growers struggling

    SEATTLE – Washington’s legal marijuana market opened last summer to a dearth of weed. Some stores periodically closed because they didn’t have pot to sell. Prices were through the roof. … 144

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    Washington House panel considers ‘ag-gag’ bill

    OLYMPIA – An “ag-gag” bill, similar to one passed last year in Idaho to protect farm operations from unapproved video and audio recordings, would hurt whistleblowers and interfere with free … 142

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    Idaho hits record-low unemployment in December

    Idaho finished 2014 with an unemployment rate of 3.7 percent in December, which represents a seven-year low, according to preliminary state forecasts. 110

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    Washington smoking age could jump from 18 to 21

    OLYMPIA – Young adults would be barred from cigarettes under a proposal unveiled Wednesday by Attorney General Bob Ferguson. Under Ferguson’s plan, Washington would become the first state in the … 96

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    Washington Legislature bans guns in galleries, meeting rooms

    OLYMPIA – Visitors to the Legislature are banned from bringing knives and openly carried guns into the House and Senate galleries or committee rooms. The changes in House and Senate … 83

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    Jan Quintrall’s staff lunch expenses surprise City Council members

    Days after the dismissal of Spokane’s city planning director for what was described as a misuse of city funds, Jan Quintrall, head of the city’s Business and Developer Services Division, … 78

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    Idaho senators introduce bill to repeal law that allowed ‘instant racing’ machines

    An Idaho Senate committee agreed unanimously Friday to introduce legislation to repeal the 2013 law that authorized betting on “historical” horse races, and led to slot machine-like “instant racing” machines … 74

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    President Obama promotes economic plan in Idaho

    BOISE – President Barack Obama wanted to make a statement by picking Republican-dominated Idaho for his first public appearance after his State of the Union. “There’s not a liberal America … 72

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    New North Idaho rep’s first bill: NRA license plate

    New North Idaho Rep. Sage Dixon introduced his first bill in the Legislature on Tuesday – to create a new specialty license plate to benefit the Friends of the NRA. 71

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    Junior officers try on vests for size during police academy

    Garrett Mosar has wanted to be a police officer since he was 2. As he tried on a heavy police vest and had his picture taken Saturday afternoon at Spokane … 68

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    Spokane updates its ethics code

    Everything you need to know at Spokane City Hall, you probably learned in kindergarten: don’t steal, don’t take gifts from strangers, don’t lie. But now those rules are codified in … 61

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    Seahawks return to Super Bowl

    The Seahawks are going back to the Super Bowl! Trailing by 12 points in the fourth quarter, the Seattle Seahawks rallied with big plays on offense, defense and special teams … 58

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    Spokane City Council will hire its own attorney

    The Spokane City Council is poised to assert its independence from Mayor David Condon’s administration as it begins a search for its own attorney. Council members say relying on legal … 58

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    Quintrall’s hire of manager focus of civil service probe

    The hiring of a temporary worker making $44.75 an hour to oversee unionized, full-time city employees is being investigated by the Spokane Civil Service Commission. Jan Quintrall, head of the … 56

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    Popular downtown hot dog vendor dies of flu

    Chad Rattray, a hot dog vendor who helped keep downtown Spokane fed from outside the front of the Bank of America building, died Tuesday from flu complications. 50

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    Gambling wheel in Elks Temple has colorful history

    Tucked away in a corner between the restaurant and bar at the Elks Temple in Spokane Valley is a unique piece of Spokane’s colorful history. It’s an enormous gambling wheel, … 50

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    Doug Clark: 25,000 pounds of pot? Let’s all light up

    I was thunderstruck the other day to read that Washington’s booming marijuana biz is in an “economic nightmare” because of an overload of weed. What? I thought passing High-502, the … 45