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    STA transit sales tax increase fails

    Late returns counted Wednesday failed to give Spokane Transit Authority’s Proposition 1 ballot measure enough votes to overcome an election night deficit. With less than 1,000 votes remaining to be … 244

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    Affordable housing for Spokane’s poor woefully scarce

    For every 100 of Spokane County’s poorest residents – those who earn 30 percent or less of the median family income – there are 12 affordable apartments for rent. But … 233

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    STA sales tax increase failing

    Spokane County voters on Tuesday were turning down a 0.3 percent sales tax increase to pay for improvements to public transit. But the measure still was too close to call, … 228

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    Late ballots fail to lift STA tax measure

      Late returns counted Wednesday failed to give a Spokane Transit Authority ballot measure enough votes to overcome an election night deficit of 863 votes. The Spokane County Auditor said that … 194

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    Spokane City Council approves buying land for bridge

    Supporters call it iconic and necessary, detractors use terms unfit for print, but the University District bicycle and pedestrian bridge inched closer to construction Monday as the Spokane City Council … 157

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    Low snowpack presents picture, problems for Spokane area

    Climate scientists are eager to study our unusual winter. By 2050, it could be the Northwest’s new normal. Average amounts of moisture fell over most of Washington, Idaho and Oregon … 132

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    Shawn Vestal: Stevens County group swears oaths of officials are improper

    They call themselves the People’s Oversight Committee – sometimes just “The People” – and they’re doing their darnedest to engineer a coup d’état in Stevens County. Using the style of … 128

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    Pullman Rep. Susan Fagan expected to resign tomorrow due to ethics violations

    Rep. Susan Fagan is facing ethics violations that House officials have deemed “extremely serious” and is expected to resign tomorrow. 68

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    Driver died of gunshot wound to thigh

    David James Darling, 36, died of a gunshot wound believed to be accidental Saturday afternoon. His car was stopped in the driving lane near the intersection of Fifth Avenue and … 62

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    Women shut out of Idaho judge selection

    BOISE – It seems that women need not apply to the federal district court bench in Idaho. A secretive selection process that Idaho’s two senators have launched to find a … 61

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    Washington lawmakers work to fix mental health care system

    OLYMPIA – Lawmakers have come up with dozens of ways to fix Washington’s failing mental health care system, including better services at county jails and psychiatric hospitals and a housing … 58

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    STA sales tax proposal too close to call; voters rejecting 2 school bonds

    STA sales tax increase OUTCOME: Too close to call. YES: 49.4 percent50 NO: 50.6 percent 55

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    Brain-damaged WSU instructor sues university over injury outside bar

    A former Washington State University instructor is seeking up to $15 million from the university after he was severely injured outside a bar located on WSU property in 2013. David … 54

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    Shooting at Lacey, WA, high school; reportedly no one hurt

    LACEY, Wash. — District officials say reportedly no one has been injured in a school shooting in Washington state, and the gunman has been apprehended by staff. 52

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    By 2050, warm winter could be normal for Northwest

    Climate scientists are eager to study our unusual winter. By 2050, it could be the Northwest’s new normal. 49

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    Female council members take on women’s pay, hiring at City Hall

    A woman makes $11,614 less than a man, on average, at Spokane City Hall. Females represent nearly half the city’s population, but they hold just a quarter of positions in … 45

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    Doug Clark: The Milk Man has the lead in race for county gravy train

    Sound the trumpets. Cue the juggling elves. Send in the clown! 44

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    Mielke top pick for chief executive by Spokane County recruiters

    A seven-member committee made up of executives in various industries picked Spokane County Commissioner Todd Mielke as their top choice to replace Marshall Farnell as the county’s next chief executive … 32

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    Doug Clark: Defending one’s doggone Dogtown rights

    File this one under the heading: Some People Really Do Get Their Shorts in a Twist Over the Silliest Things. 32

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    Northport man claims he’s being demonized over cemetery boundary

    NORTHPORT, Wash. – Donna Godes swears there are human remains beneath the cyclone fence on the west side of Forest Home Cemetery, near the Canadian border. Her neighbor moved the … 31