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    Rep. Matt Shea travels to Nevada to support defiant rancher

    Spokane Valley state legislator Matt Shea traveled to Nevada last weekend to support defiant rancher Cliven Bundy’s stand that he doesn’t have to pay grazing fees on federal land. Shea … 439

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    Pit bull attacks prompt debate over breed’s safety

    In just seven days, three pit bull attacks in Spokane left a young girl and several adults bloodied and scarred. Two of the dogs were shot and killed by police, … 223

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    Hobby Lobby hypocritical

    I had to laugh out loud at John Webb’s April 7 shallow justification for the Hobby Lobby case currently under consideration by our corporatist U.S. Supreme Court. Rather than a … 193

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    Following uproar over McDonald’s, Council imposes moratorium

    Responding to community uproar over a planned McDonald’s drive-thru restaurant near Gonzaga University, the Spokane City Council this week imposed an emergency six-month moratorium on similar projects along Hamilton Street … 161

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    Kansas killing suspect has racist ties to region

    The man accused of going on a hate-crime killing rampage targeting two Jewish facilities over the weekend in Kansas has Inland Northwest ties and served as a key prosecution witness … 146

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    Police: Morning stabbing sends two to hospital

    Two men were taken to the hospital with reported stab wounds Monday morning. Investigators say a fight that broke out at some downtown apartments prompted police activity near Spokane Falls … 132

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    BLM releases rancher’s cattle amid states’-rights dispute

    Federal land managers confirmed they released all 400 or so head of cattle rounded up on public land in southern Nevada from a rancher who has refused to recognize their … 129

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    Spokane County has paid law firm $300,000 in casino fight

    Spokane County commissioners have paid a law firm $300,000 during the past 17 months in their fight against a Spokane tribal casino near Fairchild Air Force Base. The money was … 127

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    UN climate report balances science and politics

    BERLIN (AP) — After racing against the clock in an all-night session, the U.N.’s expert panel on climate change was putting the final touches Saturday on a scientific guide to … 118

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    God’s law points the way

    Leonard Pitts Jr. continues his Christian-bashing with his April 7 article condemning World Vision and Richard Stearns, as well as all of Christianity. Individual Christians and Christian organizations have always … 117

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    Abortion foes disagree over exception for rape

    NEW YORK – Poll after poll over many years has shown that Americans overwhelmingly support legal access to abortion for women impregnated by rape. Yet the issue remains divisive, as … 112

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    Why the hate for Obamacare?

    Recent polls suggest what many incorrectly say: Obamacare is not very popular. Considering how many people have signed up for it, and the fact it has lowered the number of … 111

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    Obamacare a failure

    After reading James Ramsey’s April 6 letter, “Proud of Obama,” I feel compelled to express a different view. 108

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    Shawn Vestal: Commissioner’s records request adds fuel to flare-up over planning

      Public records laws are important tools for citizens to use in the battle against government secrecy and power. Anyone who has ever used them is familiar with occasional stonewalling and … 106

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    Contradictory gun initiatives favored by majority, poll shows

    OLYMPIA – Washington voters appear confused about a pair of contradictory gun initiatives that will be on the November ballot and could approve both this fall, a new survey suggests. … 101

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    Leonard Pitts Jr.: The theft of democracy

    This is a column about campaign finance reform. And your eyes glazed over just then, didn’t they? 101

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    Opponents of planned subdivision in north Spokane County file lawsuit

    Neighbors opposing a controversial subdivision in north Spokane County are taking their objections to court. A group that calls itself Citizens Affirming Responsible Development filed the lawsuit last week in … 96

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    Spokane County proposes $45 million park levy

    Spokane County officials want to team up with other local agencies to seek $45 million in park and sports facility improvements through a ballot measure next year. About half of … 95

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    Authorities say hate motivated Kansas shooting

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Prosecutors have enough evidence to pursue hate-crime charges in the shooting spree that killed three people at a Jewish community center and retirement complex near Kansas … 93

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    Super wimp, not power

    Super power? We used to be. Super wimps is what we have become. Not just because of wimpy President Obama; we haven’t won a war since World War II. Why? … 91