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    McMorris Rodgers bill on calorie labeling passes House of Representatives

    A bill that would ease the regulatory requirements of small food businesses to provide calorie information for menu items, sponsored by Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, passed the House of Representatives, … 240

  2. 02
    High school speech imploring acceptance strikes a nerve

    A high school senior’s call for acceptance is gaining traction online. 184

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    Breean Beggs picked to fill vacancy on Spokane City Council

    Breean Beggs, a civil rights attorney, will fill the vacancy on the Spokane City Council. The council picked Beggs to take the seat that was left open when Councilman Jon … 162

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    Twenty wolves shot from the air in northern Idaho in the past week

    Twenty wolves were shot from a helicopter in the Lolo elk zone in northern Idaho, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game announced Wednesday, in a wolf-control operation that lasted … 140

  5. 05
    FBI surrounds last occupiers at Oregon refuge

    The FBI says it has moved to contain the last few occupiers of an Oregon wildlife refuge. 100

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    Elderly man’s family asked court to protect him from Carole DeLeon

      The family of an 86-year-old Cheney man who died this week had recently gone to court to separate him from Carole DeLeon, the Stevens County foster mother who had been … 96

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    Two-year stormwater tank project will extend Riverfront Park, close road

    The good news is an artful, landscaped and multilevel plaza will extend Spokane’s Riverfront Park to the Monroe Street Bridge, the Spokane River will be much cleaner and the 3-mile … 95

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    Shawn Vestal: Modern communication creates a captivating end to the Malheur standoff

    Gavin Seim called it a miracle. But even if you don’t see the hand of the almighty in it, the live-streamed phone calls that Seim orchestrated from his Ephrata home … 94

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    ‘Sovereign citizen contacts’ with law enforcement on rise, sheriff says

    Sovereign citizens who claim they don’t need a driver’s license isn’t a new thing for Spokane County deputies, but Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich said the incidents appear to be on the … 72

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    Turnbull refuge reopens after concerns over Oregon standoff

    Turnbull Wildlife Refuge is back open Monday after closing late last week over concerns prompted by the armed occupation of a refuge in eastern Oregon. 65

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    Fagan questions Spokane’s signing of compassion charter

    The Spokane City Council voted to sign the International Charter for Compassionate Communities this week, but not before one council member expressed concern over the charter organization’s efforts to combat … 65

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    City attorneys warn council members against sharing details of meeting about Straub

    Spokane city’s legal department has warned Council President Ben Stuckart and others that they could face criminal charges if they discloseinformation from a private meeting among city leaders held the … 63

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    McDevitt appointment as interim Spokane police leader sparks controversy

    Former U.S. Attorney Jim McDevitt hasn’t started his new job running the Spokane police department, but his appointment has already ruffled some feathers on the mayor’s police leadership committee. 58

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    Shawn Vestal: Seim brothers have found a cause, but little effect, in the refuge standoff

    The Seim brothers in Ephrata, far-right-wing “patriots” who mostly have needled local officials over petty matters, have found a meatier cause to preen over in the continuing occupation of a … 54

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    Developers deny they made threatening signs against Indian Trail neighbors

    Two large, controversial housing projects in Spokane’s Indian Trail neighborhood already have neighbors worried about the potential traffic problems they may bring. But after a threatening note was left on … 51

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    Remaining Oregon occupiers release defiant videos mocking FBI

    The last four occupiers of an Oregon wildlife refuge have posted a series of defiant videos in which one of them calls FBI agents losers, shows defensive barricades they have … 48

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    Washington Gov. Jay Inslee blasts Senate GOP over ‘political hatchet job’

    OLYMPIA – Gov. Jay Inslee holds press conference about the Senate rejecting his transporation secretary. 43

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    Sue Lani Madsen: Raising the minimum wage helps few workers, hurts the economy

    Raising the minimum wage can push the cost of labor beyond the value of the task. 40

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    Gonzaga University will allow public to attend D’Souza talk

    Gonzaga University has reversed course and will allow a talk by controversial author Dinesh D’Souza to be open to the public. 36

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    Juvenile hunter who killed grizzly goes before judge

    A judge handed down a penalty Friday for a North Idaho teenager who shot and killed a federally protected grizzly bear last fall north of Wallace. The 14-year-old boy was … 30