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    Widow of Forrest Bird dies in plane crash

    A small plane crash Thursday morning near Hope, Idaho, killed three friends and pilots, including the widow of Dr. Forrest Morton Bird, whose research in breathing apparatuses led to the … 4

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    Man killed in apparent hunting accident near Colfax

    A man died in an apparent hunting accident near Colfax Saturday morning. 30

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    Suspect in domestic violence incident, patrol car ramming expected to survive after being shot by Spokane police officers

    One man is in the hospital but is expected to survive after three Spokane police officers fired at him following a domestic violence incident. 60

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    Spokane Transit Authority settles accident claim for $1.5 million

    A woman who was severely injured when her husband rear-ended a Spokane Transit Authority bus in 2011 recently settled with the transit agency for $1.5 million. 120

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    Hunter dies from gunshot wound in North Idaho

    A hunter died of an apparent accidental shooting Monday evening in Murray, Idaho, the Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office said. 108

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    Spokane mayoral candidate Shar Lichty files ethics complaint in ex-police Chief Frank Straub’s ouster

    Mayoral candidate Shar Lichty has filed an ethics complaint against two city employees who gave false information to the media, including the Spokesman-Review, in the lead-up to Frank Straub’s ouster … 22

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    ACLU sues psychologists over CIA interrogation tactics

    The American Civil Liberties Union on Tuesday sued two former Air Force psychologists who designed a CIA program that used harsh interrogation techniques to elicit intelligence from suspected terrorists, saying … 169

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    Whitworth student’s battle with lupus helps her redefine beauty

    The scars on her face force Katrina Bosma to consider beauty. They are faint and obscured by a layer of makeup. But they are symptoms of a lifelong disease that’s … 3

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    USC fires Steve Sarkisian 1 day after putting coach on leave

    Southern California has fired Steve Sarkisian one day after the troubled coach was put on leave. 12

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    EWU freshman arrested on suspicion of raping another student

    An Eastern Washington University student was arrested late Wednesday on suspicion of raping a fellow student in his dorm room while recording the incident on his cell phone. 35

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    Semitrailer strikes pedestrian walking wrong way on Highway 2

    A semitrailer struck a pedestrian who was walking in the direction of traffic on state Highway 2 Monday evening. 13

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    Doug Clark: Condon, not taxpayers, should cover cost of Straub fiasco

    So ousted Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub thinks the city should pay him 4 million bucks to soothe his bruised and battered ego. All right. I don’t see a problem … 36

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    100 years ago in Spokane: Italian-American newspaper editor arrested on libel charge after mocking pasta magnate

    An editor was arrested for libel after he attested that Joseph Maganini’s pasta was so bad that when his factory burned it was to “the great relief to the eaters …

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    Police searching for hit-and-run driver who struck wheelchair

    Spokane police are searching for the driver of a car that hit and injured a person in a wheelchair and then fled the scene without stopping. 21

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    Two Spokane County deputies injured in fight with domestic violence suspect

    A Spokane Valley man faces five felony charges after allegedly threatening to kill his wife, then starting a fight that left a Spokane County Sheriff’s Office deputy with a broken … 13

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    Alzheimer’s patient killed by roommate; widow crusades for prevention

    Last year, in the middle of the night, a dementia patient attacked an Alzheimer’s patient in their shared room, clubbing him repeatedly with a bronze golf trophy, according to a … 5

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    Viral disease killing hundreds of deer in the region

    A drought-stoked outbreak of viral disease first detected in August is killing hundreds deer from the Colville area south to the Lewiston region, wildlife biologists from Washington and Idaho say. 17

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    Editorial: LaVerne Biel the best choice for District 2

    Of two worthy candidates, Biel more likely to discourage Spokane City Council involvement in issues that draw attention away from priorities. 12

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    Drought is conspicuous for those outside the aquifer

    More rural residents are hauling water because of the drought. Because of the growth in demand, Whitworth Water District No. 2 has received a state grant to relocate a water … 21

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    Small plane lands on Idaho interstate during rush hour

    A small plane with a single engine that stopped working made a belly landing on Interstate 84 in Boise, Idaho, right at the start of rush hour traffic Tuesday morning. 2