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Murray kicks off general election campaign in Spokane

Sen. Patty Murray on Thursday stressed her support for programs in Eastern Washington and new financial regulations approved by Congress as she opened her general election campaign on Thursday with a stump speech in Spokane.

“I’m here to tell you Wall Street’s and big bank’s money cannot buy my vote now or any day ever. I will always fight for you,” she said in her 20-minute speech.

Murray criticized her Republican opponent Dino Rossi for his stance on the financial overhaul law. Last month, Rossi told The Washington Post and ABC News that the rules should be repealed, in part, because he said they will hurt small business.

Murray’s campaign has heavily criticized Rossi’s position since his announcement and has featured the issue in a campaign ad on TV.

 ”He is promising to repeal Wall Street reform,” Murray said in her Spokane speech. “Maybe he thinks we should reward those who recklessly put our country in peril … but I say not on my watch.”

About 200 supporters attended the rally in West Central Community Center’s courtyard.

Murray also criticized Rossi’s stance on the extension of tax cuts that are set to expire this year. Murray has taken a stance similar to President Obama, arguing that the tax cuts should expire only on the wealthy.

“it really concerns me that Mr. Rossi says he wants us to take us back to the days of President Bush’s unpaid-for tax cuts. Unpaid for for the rich. We’ve seen where that got us before — into a huge whole,” Murray told the crowd.