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7th Dist. Senate follow up: The map

The Secretary of State's office has a map of Tuesday's results in the 7th District Senate race that shows John Smith on top in four counties and Brian Dansel on top in one.

That one, Ferry County, which is Dansel's home county. So one would expect him to run strongest there. But the bad news for Dansel was, that's also the least populous county in the district.

It's true that Spin Control creates precinct maps of election results most days after an election. We're passing this time because of the small number of races, the odd shape of  coupled with the fact that in most of them, the person in first place finished in first in most of the precincts in the district.

Smith v. Dansel for the 7th Dist. Senate seat

Appointed State Sen. John Smith will face Ferry County Commissioner Brian Dansel for the rights to fill northeast Washington’s 7th District Senate seat in next year’s legislative session.

Smith easily finished first in the off-year primary and at the end of ballot counting Tuesday night had more than half the votes cast in the three-way race. He said Tuesday night the general election campaign will likely focus on the economy in the hard-hit district.

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Smith to replace Morton state Senate

John Smith, a Colville-area farmer and businessman, was appointed by Northeastern Washington county commissioners to replace Bob Morton, who retired at the beginning of the year from his post as 7th District state Senator.

Click here to read colleague Mike Prager's coverage on the appointment.  

He'll be sworn in Jan. 9 in advance of the session, which starts Jan. 14. 

Kretz won’t seek Senate seat, Short might

OLYMPIA — State Rep. Joel Kretz of Wauconda will not seek the 7th District Senate seat being vacated by Bob Morton, but seatmate Shelly Short said she is considering it.

Morton announced this week that he will retire at the end of this year, leaving two years on his term. . . 

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Edit: GOP Counterattack In Lewiston

Kootenai County isn't the only place where Republican centrists are striking back against hardline conservatives who have taken over the Idaho GOP. In Lewiston, Republican state Rep. Jeff Nesset (pictured) has announced his candidacy for state Senate after being snubbed by 7th Legislative District Republicans who picked three others to succeed retired Sen. Joe Stegner. Apparently, Nesset sinned against the hardliners by opposing the constitutionally questionable nullification push by state Rep. Vito Barbieri and controversial education reforms proposed by Superintendent of Schools Tom Luna. Marty Trillhaase of the Lewiston Tribune talks about the "Reasonable Republican" movement of Kootenai County and pendulum swing against uberconservative zealots in today's Lewiston Tribune editorial. More here.

Question: Do you get a sense that centrist Republicans and Independents are waking up to the state's Far Right Republican push?