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Minnick joins defund ACORN movement

U.S. Rep. Walt Minnick was a primary signer of a letter demanding that ACORN be barred from receiving any funds in the upcoming transportation, housing and urban development spending bill.

Minnick was one of 35 Democrats asking their leadership to add “no money for ACORN” language that has already passed the Senate.

It’s just one more smack to an organization that’s been taking a beating ever since workers were caught on video explaining how actors posing as a pimp and a prostitute could set up what my grandmother would have called “a house of ill repute” with federal funding.

More recently there were allegations that as much as $5 million was embezzled by the brother of ACORN’s former chief executive, but replaced and covered up. ACORN sent out a press release this morning saying “nothing could be further from the truth” than the claim of a $5 million embezzlement. That was really the possible maximum total cost of fixing things after the embezzlement, bringing in lawyers and accountants, changing policies and proceedures, ACORN officials said.

The real amount embezzled was $948,607.50, they said.

OK, the dollar amount is wrong. But it seems like zero dollars embezzled would be a truth further from $5 million than $948,607.50.

ACORN update: Shakeup ordered

Shortly after finishing the ACORN post below, the e-mail Inbox had a press release from that national organization explaining changes it’s putting in place as a response to a series of video investigations of its practices.

It’s a press release that all but concedes the actions alleged — where actors posing as a pimp and a prostitute sought and received information from ACORN workers about scamming the government — occurred. It says there were “indefensible” actions by a handful of new, poorly trained employees. They’re shutting down parts of their operations while proper training gets done.

This is a bit of an about face from the same e-mail address that Wednesday accused the video team of “lies and manipulation.”

In the news biz, this is pretty much seen as copping to the allegations and heading into damage control mode.

The admission can be found here.

Thanks for calling, but there’s no ACORN office here

There’s no ACORN office in the Inland Northwest.

Nothing in Spokane, Coeur d’Alene, Pullman, Colville, Sandpoint, Republic, Metaline Falls, Kellogg…

We could go on with the geography lesson, but we suspect you get the drift.

Some readers — some of whom might more accurately be described as FOX News viewers, because they admit they don’t actually read the paper — have been calling The Spokesman-Review newsroom this week to ask why we haven’t reported on the ACORN scandals.

Actually, the newspaper has had stories on the ACORN problems. There was one Wednesday morning. And one Tuesday morning. And one last Saturday morning. And one last Friday morning. And one last Thursday morning.

When told this, callers sometimes ask which ones were on the front page. The answer is none.

The reason? Because none of these reported problems …