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ABC Cancels 2 Popular Soap Operas

It's a sad day for soap opera fans. ABC announced Thursday that the sun will set permanently in the fictional towns of Pine Valley and Llanview as All My Children and One Life to Live wrap up for good. AMC's last episode – which was rumored last month to be on the horizon – will be in September, while OLTL will end in January 2012. At the very least, fans needn't worry they'll be stuck with controversial, Lost-style endings – producers promise a satisfying conclusion to both soaps' legacies/Sara Hammel, People. More here. (AP file photo, of Susan Lucci from “All My Children”)

Question: Do you have a favorite soap opera?

James Mitchell passes away…

Good morning, Netizens…

I do not generally watch “All My Children”, a venerable soap opera that runs five days per week on ABC-TV, but am vaguely aware of some of its cast and characters, including that most mean-spirited SOB of a character, Palmer Courtland, formerly played by James Mitchell.

Mitchell died Friday in Los Angeles, after a long run in the daytime show from 1979 to last month. You might never realize, from watching Mitchell play Palmer Courtland, that he was once trained as a dancer. Mitchell had leading roles in the Broadway musicals Brigadoon” and “Paint Your Wagon,” and danced on stage with the American Ballet Theater.

His film credits include 1953’s “The Band Wagon” with Fred Astaire, 1954’s “Deep in My Heart” and 1955’s “Oklahoma.”

 He also taught movement for dancers at Yale and Drake University, where he was awarded on honorary doctorate.

 However, playing the icy, wealthy Palmer Courtland, who wielded power over his children and the characters of the fictional town of Pine Valley, he carved himself a niche that survived decades on daytime TV.