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Copeland Candidate Page Online

On her Facebook wall, City Council candidate Amber Copeland posts:The website is finally up. It has taken a little longer than originally believed because my web design savvy leaves something to be desired. I will continue to add to the website as the election progresses. If there is an issue you would like to see discussed, please don't hesitate to post it. All questions and comments are welcomed. So check it out and share.” Click here for Amber's campaign page.

Question: Do you look at candidates' Facebook pages?

Amber Copeland responds

In the Rich vs Rich thread Amber Copeland responds to questions and comments about her candidacy:



I'm curious as to why so many wish to formulate opinions on me based on literally nothing. Quite simply, I believe that if you have a question about a person then you should ask that person directly. So I will take this opportunity to address the things being discussed here and also add that I have explicitly stated numerous times that I am more than willing to meet and discuss any questions the community poses concerning myself, my positions, and my intentions.

In response to Randy's statement that I was invited to be on the arts commission by the mayor, this is false. I was actually invited by Ron Edinger by telephone shortly after the conclusion of the election. I even gathered reference letters to apply to do so, one of which was written by Dan Gookin who I consider a friend. At that time I had just begun an Americorps position at Dirne Community Health Center. Americorps is the national version of the Peace Corps which was started by Bill Clinton, in case you aren't familiar with it.

More below. Thoughts?

Copeland seeks council seat

Amber Copeland said Friday she will run for Coeur d'Alene City Council.

Copeland, who works for Innercept taking care of young adults with mental illness, said she is uncertain for which seat she will declare.

She is studying communications at Spokane Falls Community College, which she will complete in March.

The Bonners Ferry native and mother of four has lived in Coeur d'Alene around 12 years. She ran for a council seat unsuccessfully in 2011.

She said she supported the council's recent decision to adopt an anti-discrimination ordinance and said many of her previous campaign pledges she would stand by this time around, such as pushing for term limits in elected city offices.

The official filing period for declaration of candidacy for city elections is from Aug. 26 to Sept. 6. Three council seats and the mayor's seat are up for election. Kiki Miller, seeking seat 6, and Amy Evans, seeking seat 2, have also declared they will run for city council. Woody McEvers is running for seat 4. CdA Press.

Would you like to see term limits in elected city offices?

Amber Announces For CdA Council

I sincerely hope there are more choices for Coeur d'Alene mayor or we are in trouble. Diplomacy, which I feel is a vital attribute to this position, is not present in either candidate” — Amber Copeland, Back to the Future candidate for the Coeur d'Alene City Council via Facebook.

Also from Amber's Facebook wall: “I will be turning in my city council paperwork next week. I am still deciding which seat I will be running for but I will definitely be running. I appreciate the support of those in this community who want to see a more a varied perspective in city hall.”

Question: Amber is trying to decide which seat to run for. Which one would you suggest? (BTW, I don't think Amber can turn in her paperwork for City Council until late August-early September.)

Amber: No Regrets Re. Election Run

After he election loss in which she finished 3rd with 10.5% of the vote, Amber Copeland wrote on her blog: “Some people spend their entire lives inside of a shell of fear. There are many things they desire but don't seek simply because the idea of failure looms so heavily that the reward of success seems impossible. While this may be safe and predictable it sure doesn't help anybody acheive their goals. Reaching for things may end with burnt fingertips but not reaching for them always ends with nothing. Even when you don't win whatever prize you are after you must remember that it is our wounds that teach us how to be better fighters, how to build stronger armour, how to swim faster and jump higher. Those failures aren't actually failures at all.” More here.

Question: What lessons have you learned from failure?

NI Blogs Rdp: Being The Dumped

Bill Love pauses to pet his dogs during a geocaching outing in North Idaho. You can read post by Marianne Love/Slight Detour re: outing below.

Top Blog Entry (from North Idaho Blogroll newby Amber Dee/Endless Possiblities): Whenever a relationship ends people become consumed with what I call Columbo syndrome.  They want to understand the whys and hows.  Instead of choosing to accept their new reality, they get sucked in by the need to understand the other person's choices, thinking that maybe there is still some way of rectifying the situation.  People wonder, “Why did they break up with me when things were going so well?”  Well there's the short answer and the long answer and in a completely unexpected turn of events (this is sarcasm by the way) I will offer you both/Amber Dee, Endless Possibilities. More here. H/T: SamC (for bringing this blog to my attention)

Question: In your dating days, did you spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how a relationship went sideways?

Coming To A Mailbox Near You

Here's one of the attack mailers you'll see this weekend, if you live in Coeur d'Alene …

Bruning Defends Seat Vs. 2 Others

Item: Three vie for CdA Seat 5: Candidates disagree on role of government/Alison Boggs, SR

More Info: First-term incumbent John Bruning casts it as positive versus negative. In his view, he’s the positive, having promoted community developments including the city library, the Kroc Center and the education corridor. He views one of his challengers, Steve Adams, as a person who’s against everything. Adams, however, would like to cast the race as one of political philosophy, with himself, a conservative Republican, running against two Democrats, despite the fact that the race is nonpartisan. That’s in a county where an “R” next to a name can greatly tip the scales in a candidate’s favor. The race also includes wild card Amber Copeland, a 30-year-old single mother of four girls who emphasizes that no one on the council represents her demographic.

Question: Who benefits most by having dark-horse Amber Copeland in this race — incumbent John Bruning or Steve Adams?

Adams Leads Bruning In Fund-raising

Challenger Steve Adams has raised more than triple the amount of money than incumbent John Bruning in his 2011 race for Bruning's Coeur d'Alene City Council seat No. 5. Adams has raised $5673 and spent $1695 through today's first filing period for campaign finance disclosure statements. Bruning has raised $1772 and spent $69 to date. Dark-horse candidate Amber Copeland has raise $220 and spent $13. Adams has received $1000 contributions from Charles Adams, Craig Adams, and Mary Adams, all of Coeur d'Alene; a $999 donation from Regan Properties, and a $500 donation from James Hollingsworth. Bruning has received one $200 donation, from Douglas Fagerness, of Coeur d'Alene, and loaned himself $200. Copeland has received two $100 donations, from Carole Preslar-Gibson and Sam Crawford. You can read all the campaign finance statements here.

  • Seat 1: Incumbent Ron Edinger has raised $2430 and spent $25 in his race with challenger Adam Graves. Graves has raised $1750 and spent $686. Top contributors to Edinger's campaign are Robideaux Motors, $300; Waste Management, $250; and Pat Acuff & Jack Fullwiler, $200 apiece. Graves' campaign has received a $1000 donation from Thomas Magnuson of Spokane. Both reports here.

Question: What do you make of Adams' warchest?

Adams Calls For City Staff Layoffs

In a presentation to the Kootenai County Pachyderm Club Friday morning, Coeur d'Alene City Council candidate Steve Adams said the city staff of 350 employees was up to 100 jobs too many.  All this pased on an article published by the Ludwig von Mises Institute, an Austrian school of economics and libertarian political and social theory. Reporter Tom Hasslinger of the Coeur d'Alene Press quotes Adams as saying: “That doesn't mean my top priority is going to be to chop 100 jobs right away, but it's something to look at,” said Adams, following a Seat 5 candidate debate Friday morning, where he announced his stance. “Maybe we could trim 25 or 50 (positions.)” You can read the entire story here. (Facebook photo of Steve Adams)

Question: What do you make of a political candidate basing a call of at least 25 to 50 layoffs of city staff on an Austrian libertarian polical theory?

Ron Lahr: Amber Doesn’t Have A Chance

Re: Reagan Repub: Amber is a contendah/HucksOnline

Ron Lahr/Reagan Republicans: I haven’t met Amber but i remember Reagan Repub posting that ‘Pachyderms is conservative Steve Adams territory.’ Steve also has a history on the central committee and with the Reagan Republicans while Amber is a political newcomer. Even were she to register as a Republican it would not undo those things. That said, it is hard to imagine her pulling many votes from either Adams or Bruning because apparently she doesn’t have any political activism history/name recognition, a campaign warchest, many supporters or any organizations backing her.

Question: Who do you think has a better chance of pulling an upset — Amber Copeland in three-way race with John Bruning & Steve Adams? Or Adam Graves in two-way race with Ron Edinger?

CdA Hopeful Has Deep BF Roots

Amber Copeland grew up here and graduated from Bonners Ferry High School in 1999. Growing up here, she says, her world consisted of people she knew and would come to know. She grew up with two parents in her home, who had a handful with she and her brothers and sisters, Casey, Sean, Jody, Sarah and Billie Jo.  Her house, overseen by her parents, Pam and Larry  Copeland, wasn’t her only place of haven; she could always visit her grandparent’s homes, either Tom Copeland’s or Ron and Evelyn Smith’s. “Oh, don't call him grandpa … he hates that,” Amber said, referring to former sheriff and long-time county commissioner Ron Smith. “He prefers grandaddy, guess it's his southern roots!”/Mike Weland, News Bonners Ferry. More here. (News Bonners Ferry photo/Mike Weland: Amber Copeland & her 4 daughters Abigail, Gracie, Lillian and Baylee.

Question: Seems to me that newcomer Copeland has political pedigree. What do you think?

Single Mom Facebooks Council Bid

I'm not sure who Amber Copeland is. But OrangeTV posted a link to her new Facebook page: “Amber Copeland for Coeur d'Alene City Council.” I appreciate her introduction to us on her site: “I am not a business owner. I am not on any commitees or a member of any organizations. I am not wealthy. I am not married or well connected. I am a single parent. I struggle to make ends meet. I want the best for my family and neighbors. I want the best for my community. I am a majority of the population. I am a representation of who the decisions made by city council affect. It is time for someone like me to be a part of those decisions. It is time to elect a citizen to city council who has been in the trenches, who knows what it is to drown. That is the kind of person who has learned what it takes to swim and I am that person.” She was born on Halloween, and she (hearts) Ayn Rand's “Fountainhead.” You can find much more info about her here. She's running for Seat No. 5 (now held by Councilman John Bruning).

Question: Can a City Council candidate effectively use social media in a campaign?