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Cattle group to push felony animal cruelty legislation next year

The Idaho Cattle Association's feeder council has voted to pursue legislation in 2012 to punish third-time animal cruelty offenders with a felony, the Associated Press reports; the group said it wants to get behind the legislation to help control the outcome and show the public that cattle producers take pride in caring for their animals. The move comes as animal welfare groups are gathering signatures for a 2012 ballot initiative to end Idaho's distinction as one of just three states without felony animal cruelty penalties and increase other animal-abuse penalties; click below for a full report from AP reporter John Miller.

Police: Dog abuser beat boy, too

A Spokane Valley man already accused of abusing his dog has been charged with felony assault against a child.

Jeffrey S. Brown, 40, is accused of beating his 4-year-old stepson at the home they shared with Brown's wife and the couple's 18-month old son at 14819 E. Fourth Ave.

Brown remains in Spokane County Jail on $50,000 bond after appearing before Superior Court Judge Greg Sypolt today on one count of second-degree assault of a child. That's in addition to $10,000 bond already imposed for a first-degree animal cruelty charge

According to court documents, the victim's mother noticed unusual bruising on the boy Dec. 27 and took him to a hospital, then fled Spokane with her children "in cooperation with Child Protective Services."

Brown was arrested in February after animal protection officers found his 1-year-old brown dog, Gizmoto, with a broken femur sustained during months of abuse.

Brown released ownership of the dog to SCRAPS, and the organization paid for the dog to be examined. SCRAPS director Nancy Hill said Wednesday that the veterinarian took the dog in but said she wasn't sure if it had been adopted yet.

In an interview with a sheriff's detective, Brown initially denied hurting the boy but then said he'd been too forceful on several occasions and needed counseling to control his temper.

Man jailed after abused dog seized

A Spokane Valley man is in jail after animal control officers say they found his dog whimpering in pain from months of abuse.

Jeffrey S. Brown, 40, faces a first-degree animal cruelty charge after neighbors called the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service and said Brown beat and kicked the dog at his home at 14819 E. 4th Ave.

Brown told investigators that he’d adopted the 1-year-old brown dog, Gizmoto, last June and said he’d recently taken it to a veterinarian, but the vet told police he hadn’t seen Brown.

Brown released ownership of the dog to SCRAPS on Jan. 13, and the organization paid for the dog to be examined. The dog had a broken femur that was about three or four weeks old but had been re-injured. The vet said the dog was in severe pain and likely would require surgery, according to court documents.

Brown’s wife, Jennifer Brown, told police she’d left the dog with her husband after Child Protective Services took their four-year-old son because of abuse.

Brown remains in jail on $10,000 bond after appearing before Superior Court Judge Linda Tompkins on Friday.

A form of child abuse?

Good afternoon, Netizens…

I am sitting just outside the doorway to the Virtual Ballroom and Espresso Bar this afternoon, relishing in the first day in many where Mother Nature is smiling benevolently down upon the Virtual Garden without a hint of rain. One might think sitting tranquilly in the sunshine, watching the Garden Gnomes tending their gardens, I might not have a care in the world, but such is not the case for I am troubled by the action(s) of a man in Salem, Oregon.

According to KREM and the AP, a 33-year old Luke Kishpaugh of Salem demonstrated an ugliness which casts a pall over my day. A group of four young girls were watching a rabbit at Woodmansee Park in Salem, when Kishpaugh ordered his Doberman Pinscher to attack the rabbit, apparently for the pleasure of watching it kill the harmless bunny.

One parent who was with the girls told Salem police she saw the man get a “smirk” on his face and other witnesses saw him laughing when the dog captured the rabbit and tossed it into the air before killing it as the children were crying.

Police said the man later taunted a 3-year-old child in the parking lot and was also heard praising his dog. Pity the poor dog, much less the dead rabbit.

Ultimately, Kishpaugh was charged with aggravated animal abuse, animal abuse and told to stay out of city parks. To my way of thinking, this was simply not enough punishment for the man.

I think not only should he be banned from city parks, but that given the psychological link between animal abuse of this type and child abuse/molestation, he should be ordered to attending mandatory counseling for which he should also pay. While I do not know if this would cure his problem, I do feel it necessary.

What about your thoughts on this sad and disheartening matter?