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Holder Faces Music For IRS, AP Flaps

Amid the ongoing controversies over political discrimination at the IRS and the Justice Department's seizure of two-months-worth of Associated Press (AP) phone records, the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday questioned Attorney General Eric Holder on those and other controversies tied to the Obama administration. At the opening of the committee's hearing to conduct Justice Department oversight, Committee Chair Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., told Holder he is "deeply concerned about a pattern I see emerging at the department under your leadership in which conclusions reached by career attorneys after thorough investigation are overruled by administration appointees for political reasons"/CBS News. More here. (AP photo)

Question: Could these controversies come together to become President Obama's Watergate?

AP honors Eags’ Sherritt, Jones

Eastern Washington’s senior linebacker J.C. Sherritt and junior running back Taiwan Jones have both been named to the first team of the Associated Press FCS All-America Team.

You can read more here, and get the details of Sherritt also being named to the Walter Camp All-America team here.



Gonzaga 17th in AP poll

Gonzaga is back in the polls — 17th in the A.P, 16th in the ESPN/USA Today. WCC rival Portland made the A.P. poll at No. 25.

UPDATE: It’s the Pilots first time in the rankings in 50 years.

Portland was just outside the Top 25 in the ESPN/USA Today poll at 28th and Saint Mary’s also received votes. Washington State, GU’s opponent Wednesday in the Kennel, received votes in both polls.

Find the polls here.

Who’s Ready?

Tomorrow is the first day of a week and a half of AP tests. There are multiple tests a day all of this week and next week. Tomorrow, there are the United States Government and Politics, Comparative Government and Politics, and French Language tests.

The AP US History test is Friday morning. I’m nervous and excited.

Who is taking an AP test within the next few days? How have you been studying?

Approaching the AP Test: Essays

Here has been my thought process everytime I look at my planner for the past 6 days: “Oh gosh, I still haven’t done that practice test. Jeez, only twenty-something days. How many days is it again? Oh, yeah, 23.”

That somewhat nonsensical string of thoughts is, I’m afraid, what will be my life for the next 23 (23!) days. Because in about 23 days, more specifically 22 days, 13 hours, and 43 minutes, I am going to be taking my AP US History test. I’m not freaking out, because I know I’m going to be prepared, if I ever crack down and do a couple practice tests. However, I know some of my classmates are already talking about getting 3 hours of sleep in the nights preceding the test. I’d rather be awake then know every candidate from every election since 1780.

In the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be spotlighting a few of the parts of the test, and prep in general. The first is going to be the essays. For AP US, at least, there is 2 FRQs and a DBQ. For those of you who aren’t intimately familiar with the inner workings of AP classes, an FRQ is a free response question. It is an essay that you are expected to write in 35 minutes. It doesn’t have any supporting information, just a prompt. A DBQ is another essay, with a writing time of 45 minutes . However, this one has 6-8 documents included that you should use to strengthen your paper. Here are some sample prompts.

Anybody good at writing quick essays? If you’ve taken an AP class, were you good at the essays? Any other comments?

Coming Up…

No, not a cool art exhibit or awesome concert. Coming up are… the AP exams. I have heard May referred to as the “hell month” and “month of horror.” I have also heard my AP US History teacher grumble since January about the snow days. The AP classes at CV got to come in early last week to cover material while the majority of the students at the school, at least those not taking the WASL, got to sleep in. It was helpful, though.

The College Board AP site is here, and not surprisingly “hell month” is not mentioned.

Are you in AP classes? Do you enjoy them? What are you doing, or will you be doing, to prepare for the exams? Have you taken any AP exams before?


Gonzaga back in A.P. poll at 23

Gonzaga, after a couple weeks absence, on Monday returned to the Associated Press top 25 at No. 23. The Bulldogs are 28th in the ESPN/USA Today rankings. WCC rival Saint Mary’s is No. 22 in the ESPN/USA Today poll, but missed the A.P. top 25 at No. 27.

More here, here and here.