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Ask Dr. Universe: Mountain temperatures have less to do with proximity to the sun and more about air pressure. Or lack of it.

Why is it so cold up in the mountains if heat rises and it’s closer to the sun?

Ask Dr. Universe: How do refrigerators work?

Ask Dr. Universe column for Monday, Dec. 18, 2017.

Ask Dr. Universe: How do grasshoppers survive the winter?

Ask Dr. Universe column for Monday, December 11, 2017.

Ask Dr. Universe: Why is there no cold?

Ask Dr. Universe column for Dec. 4, 2017.

Ask Dr. Universe: Different blood types may have evolved to fight infectious diseases, environmental threats

The blood types we have today evolved a very long time ago. Type A is the most ancient blood type and has been found in hominids – or pre-humans.

Ask Dr. Universe: During total solar eclipse, the moon blocks the sun

It just so happens the Great American Eclipse is coming up on Aug. 21. This solar eclipse will be the only one visible from across the lower 48 states in …

Ask Dr. Universe: Printing more money makes it less valuable

It sure sounds like a nice idea. Print a bunch of money and everyone gets rich. We could buy anything we wanted. Ah, if only it were that easy. It …

Ask Dr. Universe: Reason for a mustache a bit of a mystery

Why do people grow hair under their nose? Why does it grow down instead of up?

Ask Dr. Universe: Planets have different shapes and insides

Dear Dr. Universe: What do planets have inside? – Rhianna, 10, California Dear Rhianna,

Ask Dr. Universe: Climate change can affect all of us

The warming air can make like difficult on land and sea.

Ask Dr. Universe: Ladybugs survive the winter by hibernating in large groups

You know it’s springtime when animals start coming out of hibernation. That includes ladybugs that crawl out from their cozy winter hiding places.

Ask Dr. Universe: Discovery is a step-by-step process

It’s true – the things we learn at school can get more complicated each year. In pretty much all subjects, what you learn in fifth grade will be harder than …

Ask Dr. Universe: Scientists are studying the brain’s reaction to time spent with animals

People who spend a lot of time with animals might tell you that something special seems to be going on here. But scientists are looking for evidence and want to …

Ask Dr. Universe: Chlorophyll makes plants green and creates the fuel they need to grow

Nadia asks: Why are plants green?