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God’s speed

If you work at newspapers long enough, you see all sorts of politicians pass through. Once upon a time, anyway.

One need not be a bitter cynic to conclude that most of them are not special people.

But I've always been glad that I got to see John Glenn in person. It was in 1984, I think. I didn't say it, but I certainly thought "Hey, I watched you when I was in second grade. Well done, sir."

The 50th anniversary of his historic flight is this coming Monday.

Would You Drink it?

Evidently, the economic crisis has hit NASA hard. These poor astronauts must have been awfully thirsty: http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2009/may/21/astronauts-toast-nasa-ingenuity-sip-recycled-urine/


I’m all for recycling, but thoughts of a sweat and urine cocktail make me queasy.


Would you drink recycled urine? What’s the most unusual drink you’ve consumed?