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Sisyphus: Hypocrisy Shrugged

(Ayn Rand) has had a disproportionate amount of influence among conservatives, whether its her acolyte Alan Greenspan or Congressman Paul Ryan, the architect of Republican efforts to dismantle New Deal legislation. Needless to say she's beloved by libertarians and she's become something of a darling among tea baggers, the ones who can read better than they spell. From time to time, you'll see a reference to someone "going Galt" which is the pretension that what you have to offer the world is so important and valuable that you'll punish the world by withholding it. That was a rallying cry from banksters on Wall Street which ironically was occurring while government was in the process of bailing them out/Sisyphus, 43rd State Blues. More here. (Photo of Ayn Rand courtesy of Wikipedia)

Question: Sisyphus goes on to note that Ayn Rand didn't walk her philosophical talk. However, he did say he enjoyed her book, "Atlas Shrugged." How about you? Are you an Ayn Rand fan?