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Suggest a name for the new Spokane medical company, and win Atticus gift cards

Over here at Office Hours, we're feeling generous, what with the kind weather and all.

We're going to offer three Atticus Coffee/Tea gift cards to the person or persons who come up with the best names for the new joint operation announced by Group Health Collective and Providence Health.

The SR story today laid out the general idea: The two providers will mix and match about 400 Spokane area docs, specialists and nurses across the area, creating an alternative to the alliance forged last year by Community Health Association and Rockwood Clinics. (Rockwood was acquired by Community in mid-2011, creating the then-largest medical operation in this area.)

So the challenge:  Each person can nominate up to three separate names for the new medical group that will be the umbrella operation for Group Health and Providence. You can't use a name that's already in use by another medical institution.

We'll choose three winners from the suggested names.

Good luck. Plunk down your suggestions in the comments field. Winners will be chosen by a committee of local name authorities.  Deadline for submissions is 11:45 p.m. Aug. 6

Win an Atticus gift certificate by guessing when BevMo! comes to town

First off, no, we won't hand out a coupon for Total Wine to the winner of this Office Hours contest.

Last week we ran a story describing plans by Total Wine to open two big megastores in Spokane. Total Wine, you might remember, is one of the nation's largest alcohol retailers. It's big.

That story also raised the question when another competing chain liquor retailer, BevMo!, might show up in Spokane.  The story quoted a BevMo! spokeswoman saying:  "Not yet, but you never know…it might not be all that long." The California firm has two Washington locations, in Silverdale and Tacoma.

We're offering a gift card to Atticus coffee shop to the lucky reader who can come closest to the opening date of the first BevMo! store in Spokane County.

Right: a $10 certificate for good ol' coffee or tea from Atticus, if your guess is closest to the opening date. Not the announcement date; the date the store actually opens for business in Spokane.

Submit entries here under this post; leave your guess in this date form:  MM/DD/YY.

In case of ties, we'll figure out some sort of solution.  Workers or employees of BevMo! and Cowles Co. are not eligible.