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A day to remember


Of all the holidays we celebrate each year, this is the one where the words "happy" or "merry" just don't fit as an adjective. Memorial Day is just that, a day for memories. Memories of those who gave their last full measure, to quote Abraham Lincoln once again, for our freedom. It's a day to reflect, a day to remember, a day to be thankful. Read on.

An uplifting Monday post


Mondays always hold a special place in the workingman/woman's heart. The first day of the workweek is usually the toughest day to attack with fervor, especially this time of year. The light at the end of the tunnel – Friday – is dim, the physical demands of the weekend may have left its toll and most of your co-workers are wandering around like extras from "The Walking Dead." Even in semi-retirement, I've designated Monday as laundry day, just so I can share in the misery a bit. But we do offer a respite, a jump-charge so to speak to your week. Nothing too elaborate, mind you, just some commentary and news links. Read on.

Thank you


There is one thing I like to do each Memorial Day. I reread the Gettysburg Address. It's my way of saying thanks to those the day was designed to honor. Fittingly, Abraham Lincoln wrote the speech and delivered it in 1863 as part of a ceremony to consecrate a cemetery, honoring the thousands who fell on the Pennsylvania battlefield just a few months before. It's not long, taking Lincoln only a couple minutes to deliver, but it's full of iconic phrases that still resonate through the years. However, the one that always hits me on this day concerns the sacrifice made by those being honored. "That from these honored dead," Lincoln wrote, "we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion." The last full measure of devotion. Wow. Read on.

Just for the record

There are a fair number of people who once listened to a lot of FM radio and heard countless drag-racing commercials but still have no idea what a "funny car" is.

Wenatchee Valley’s Super Oval To Be Season Opener for NWLMT

After a rainout in March that forced the revamped ASA Northwest Late Model Tour to shift its season opener to Wenatchee, the 26-year old series prepares for its 2009 kick-off event.

ASA Northwest Late Model Tour Signs Title Sponsor

The American Speed Association Northwest Late Model Tour has signed a national sponsor for its upcoming season. iRacing.com will replace Aero Exhaust starting with May 2 opener in Wenatchee.