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Two more versions of Avatar to be released…,

Good morning, Netizens…

If you liked James Cameron’s first film, “Avatar” you may want to see the sequels to that film. Canadian filmmaker James Cameron, pictured on October 16, will write and direct the second and third parts of the sci-fi movie “Avatar” for release in 2014 and 2015, the entertainment magazine Variety said Wednesday. Photo: (AFP/Getty Images/File/Frederick M. Brown)


Dustin: Reject Avatar-less Comments

Dustin Hurst: I would like to object on the grounds of HBO etiquette. I think it is improper for someone who has yet to put an avatar beside his/her name displayed on the front page of HBO. I think posters should show proper respect to other Hucksters and put up an avatar before being given the spotlight at HBO nation. Anyone with me on this? … Also: I think we should have an HBO constitution or something … or at least some rules to be considered a legitimate commentator. I don’t want to see jokers with no avatars running around with Phaedrus, Sis, Spoke, or MM. In the words of Mayweather, “step yo game up.”

DFO: Usually, I don’t front-page nonavatar material … unless it’s particularly good or ludicrous. However, the idea that we adopt a constitution at HucksOnline scares me. One of you guys might suggest making “Jedi” the official religion of the blog or repealing the 17th amendment. And then nobody would take us seriously. ;-)

Question: Should commenters w/o avatars be banned from HBO’s front page?

JeanieSpokane: Play That Avatar

If I take the concept behind an avatar, then I am assuming that each user is displaying his persona in that little icon. On Huckleberries – unlike any other forum displaying avatars – the individual avatars change sporadically throughout the day, expressing that individual’s mood at that moment: naughty, nice, cantankerous, ornery, quizzical, mysterious. Mine at the moment is pixyish fairy with a subtle mischievousness – in other words, a brat. :) (Tinkerbell) (I did find a naked Tink and gave it about five seconds before I visualized my avatar — and me — being banned forever and ever.)/JeanieSpokane, Nuts & Nonsense. More here.

Question: Why did you select the avatar that you did? Have you changed the original yet?