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Downtown Bar Report — July 1-31

It has been awhile since we've had a Downtown Coeur d'Alene Bar Report. So this may seem dated (from 4th of July). But it's still interesting (since it happened in the SR parking lot): "Officers arrested an 18YO female for Domestic Battery after a dispute between her boyfriend (bisexual) and her boyfriend’s boyfriend (homosexual). The battery incident occurred after the fireworks display in the Spokesman Review parking lot. Apparently the three were discussing sexual preferences, and the female, who was intoxicated, was not happy about the situation – slapping her boyfriend’s face (victim stated it was like a 'bitch slap'). When officers arrived, everyone was in tears and once it was determined the male and female were in a domestic relationship, she was arrested for domestic battery. Her boyfriend was later charged with Malicious Injury to Property after it was discovered he had stolen a “handicap” sign from the parking lot area (sign was found in his car)." You can read the rest of the latest Bar Report here.


Bar Report: Just Wanted Some Coke

In the latest Downtown Coeur d'Alene Bar Report we're introduced to a possible purse thieft accused of stealing a purse of a 30-year-old dancer while she was on stage at the Rendezvouz. It happened Monday, May 21. Here's the rest of the report: "While she was on the stage dancing, a male sat down next to where she had left her purse, wrapped the purse in his jacket and left out the front door. The victim tried to chase the male, but could not keep up with him because of her heels. She did point the male out to the bar bouncer who was also unable to stop the male. The male was recognized by others in the bar and when the officers contacted him by phone, he denied taking the purse stating he was at the bar trying to score some cocaine but did not steal anything. This case is still under investigation." You can read the entire Bar Report here.

Question: Ah, what's worse — stealing a purse or trying to "score some cocaine"?

Drunks: Bare Butt & A Zebra Purse

Dunno which Downtown Coeur d'Alene drunk from September amuses me more — The man who was walking south in the crosswalk @ 4th & Sherman with his butt exposed (to moon friends who were behind him)? Or the 25YO woman in a pink blouse, carrying a zebra-striped purse who spit in a bouncer's face at the Beacon after she was denied entry into the bar and had flipped the bouncer off. According to the latest Downtown Coeur d'Alene Bar Report, the bouncer may have inadvertently triggered the incident by joking about the woman's pink blouse and bouncing her from the bar because he recognized her as a friend of a friend. The woman later changed her blouse from pink to black (because she didn't want people looking for the girl with the pink shire and zebra-striped purse. The bounced woman said she was trying to spit on the Beacon window rather than the bouncer. You can read the downtown bar report here.

Question: Which drunk do you consider most amusing above?

Downtown CdA Bar Report …

It sounds like Downtown Coeur d'Alene was a war zone between Sept 7-29, with Coeur d'Alene police responding to one fight after another. Examples:

  • Saturday, Sept 17: 0032 hours: 201 N 2nd St - #CD1492604 – Fight – Eight people fighting near CDA Press and fight was escalating.
  • Saturday, Sept. 17: 0105 hours: 317 E Sherman Ave - #CD1492609 – Fight – Physical fighting involving over ten people in front of the Beacon.
  • Sunday, Sept. 18: 0210 hours: N 2nd St & E Sherman Ave - #CD1492900 – Fight – Eight subjects in the middle of the road fighting. Warned.
  • Sunday, Sept. 18: 0210 hours: N 2nd St & E Sherman Ave - #CD1492900 – Fight – Eight subjects in the middle of the road fighting. Warned.
  • Wednesday, Sept. 21: 2342 hours: 216 E Sherman Ave - #CD1494074 – Fight – Fight in street in front of Rendezvous involving four to five males. No Report.
    Thursday, Sept 22: 0033 hours: 216 E Sherman Ave - #CD1494078 – Fight – Fight involving 10 people in front of Rendezvous.
  • Many more fights & escapades of the vomiting/peeing downtown drunks here

Downtown Bar Report — For March

The Downtown Bar Report for the month of March has several interesting entries including one from 10:58 p.m. Saturday, March 5, in which a Baja Bargarita patron became disoriented while driving near the Coeur d'Alene Resort: "Officers responded to a call of a possible DUI and vehicle stuck in a snow berm in front of the
CDA Resort. Notably, the vehicle was primarily on the sidewalk. Apparently the driver thought the snow berm was a roadway divider and proceeded to drive upon the sidewalk. When he realized he wasn’t driving on the roadway, he attempted to cross “over” the berm and became stuck. The driver, a 24 year old male, was arrested for DUI (BAC = .125). He told officers he had a few drinks at the Baja Bargarita earlier in the evening." You can read the full report here.

Question: Have you ever thought a snow berm was a road way divider?

Downtown Bar Report (Dec. 3-7)

Re: Item from latest Downtown Coeur d’Alene Bar Report (Dec. 3-7):

  • Battery — 0150 hours, Saturday, Dec. 4 (Icon, 317 E. Sherman Ave.): “Officers responded to a physical fight call at the Icon involving a male hitting a female in the bar.According to the female, she was upset at another woman flirting with her sister’s boyfriend. The victim threw the first punch at the other female, and they were in the middle of a fight when a friend of the 2nd female came up and punched the victim in the face. A family member picked up the victim, but she later thought she would like to press charges.”
  • Latest Downtown Coeur d’Alene Bar Report here

Question: Have you ever seen a bar fight?

Downtown Bar Report (Nov. 19-30)

  • Saturday, November 20, 0143 hours — Assault with a knife: “Officers responded a Stabbing at the Iron Horse, 407 Sherman, and arrested an intoxicated 41 year old male for stabbing another male (34 years) through the hand with a pocketknife.
  • Sunday, November 21, 0113 hours — Battery: Officers responded to a fight call at the Icon and arrested an intoxicated 29 year old male. The suspect had been warned earlier about fighting and during this incident he attempted to walk away from officers and when stopped, yelled and shoved an officer. The male was arrested and transported to jail.
  • Complete Downtown Coeur d’Alene Bar Report for Nov. 19-30 here.

Bar Report: Drunk Came Up Swinging

Saturday, Nov. 13,: 0234 hours (N 3rd St & E Coeur d’Alene Ave – Auto Burglary): “Officers responded to an auto burglary in progress call and upon arrival found three intoxicated males. Although the officer told one of the males to sit at the base of a concrete wall near the alley (not on top of the wall), the male stated he had “no problem with falling” and sat on the top of the wall. He fell (five feet), hit his head and was knocked unconscious. When the male regained consciousness, he came up swinging at the officer. Medical was called and he was transported to KMC to be evaluated.” (Complete Downtown Bar report for Nov. 11-14)

Downtown Bar Report — 11.5.10

Saturday, October 30, 2010: 2259 hours — 115 S 2nd St – DUI: “Officers responded to a battery call at the Shore Lounge reference an altercation between two males. Apparently the males used to be roommates and had an ongoing dispute. The suspect was found sitting in his vehicle with the engine running. He initially denied slapping the victim. The 23 year old suspect was arrested for DUI (BAC=.158) and Battery. His 19 year old female passenger was cited for an Alcohol Offense (underage drinking) after she admitted to drinking in the bar using her sister’s ID. More from the latest Downtown Coeur d’Alene Bar Report here.

Downtown Bar Report — Aug. 27-29

  • Friday, August 27, 2010: 0213 hours: 407 E Sherman Ave – Fight: “Officers responded to fight call at the Iron Horse reference two groups of males. Apparently, the fight started in the bar and continued on the street: One group was thrown out of the bar; however, the fight continued when the “victim” group followed them outside.
  • Saturday, August 28, 2010: 0221 hrs: 320 E Sherman Ave – Disorderly: Officers observed an intoxicated male (30 yrs) walk across the street in the middle of the block in front of their patrol vehicle (had to slow down to avoid hitting him). The male was cited for being intoxicated in the roadway.
  • Latest Downtown Coeur d’Alene Bar report (Aug. 27-29) here

Question: It appears to me that downtown bar owners and the Coeur d’Alene police are keeping a good handle on things this summer. What do you think?