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BBB Tip of the Week: Holiday employment scams are on rise

Better Business Bureau Northwest and Pacific wants to make sure you are informed with tips to stay safe during this holiday employment season.

BBB Tip of the Week: Beware of cryptocurrency investment scams

The world of cryptocurrency has been a hot topic around the world and as the popularity of cryptocurrency investing increases, so does the frequency with which scammers target would-be investors.

BBB Tip of the Week: Spooktacular tips for Halloween

Shopping to decorate for Halloween should be a fun-filled experience – not a terrifying one.

BBB Tip of the Week: Watch for SIM swapping hackers

“DING.” Your cell phone just got a text message. “BUZZ.” You have just gotten an email. “BING.” Across your screen comes a notification that your cellphone carrier has updated the …

BBB Tip of the Week: How to play it safe online

Better Business Bureau Northwest and Pacific is participating in the 15th annual National Cybersecurity Awareness month campaign aimed at raising the public’s awareness of the basic steps needed to stay …

BBB Tip of the Week: Beware of deceptive licensing websites

Better Business Bureau Northwest and Pacific has seen an increase in complaints nationwide regarding a licensing website claiming to be based in Idaho.

BBB Tip of the Week: New law makes credit freezes, thaws easier and free

Identity theft can happen to anyone, but consumers have a new free tool to help protect themselves against scammers who would steal their financial information.

BBB Tip of the Week: Scam risk decreases with age

Grandparents Day was Sep., and it has been shown recently that older consumers have the lowest risk of being scammed. However, that does not mean scammers are not targeting this …

BBB Tip of the Week: Customer support callers targeted by gift card scam

When you dial customer support, be sure to double-check – or triple-check – the phone number. Scammers are buying phone numbers similar to the customer support numbers of major companies …

BBB Tip of the Week: Watch out for scammers trying to profit after natural disasters

Scammers almost always look for ways to benefit from disaster. In the wake of a natural disaster, and Better Business Bureau Northwest and Pacific is urging donors to give thoughtfully.

BBB Tip of the Week: Beware of job offers from Amazon Cash Websites

A new twist on an

BBB Tip of the Week: Protect yourself when heading back to school

Parents want their dollars go the furthest when purchasing items for children going back to grade school. For parents who have kids going to college, it’s essential to take time …

BBB Tip of the Week: Protect yourself during live sports season

The live sports season is upon us with our favorite college, NFL and local teams beginning seasons. Better Business Bureau Northwest and Pacific is offering some tips to make sure …

BBB Tip of the Week: Postcards from senior supplemental referral service mislead

Better Business Bureau is alerting consumers nationwide of misleading mailings from the insurance referral company,

BBB Tip of the Week: Area nominations sought for annual Torch Awards

The BBB Torch Awards program honors companies and charities who demonstrate a high level of integrity and ensure that the organization’s practices meet the highest standards of ethics.

BBB Tip of the Week: Keep the scam out of summer fun

Summer is the time to have fun outside, explore your area and possibly take in a concert or festival. While these summer activities sound enticing, consumers should be wary when …

BBB Tip of the Week: Use caution when buying from social media sites

Just because a company advertises on Facebook, Instagram or another social platform does not mean it is trustworthy. Be sure to do your research before making a purchase.

BBB Tip of the Week: Keeping things safe in a natural disaster

It’s just as important to be prepared before disaster strikes. Here are some steps you can take to get your home and business ready.

BBB Tip of the Week: Scams and small business report in partnership with the FTC

The Better Business Bureau has had a long relationship with the Federal Trade Commission. We assist with its investigations when we can, and the BBB and the FTC meet on …

BBB Tip of the Week: Beware of fake fun runs this summer

Better Business Bureau receives reports and complaints from around the country about a variety of fun runs that get canceled at short notice, often with no refunds. We also receive …

BBB Tip of the Week: How to avoid being taken by the Nigerian ‘Fund Transfer Scam’

Let me tell you the story of Mr. Q and how he lost $15,000 of his money.

BBB Tip of the Week: Sweepstakes, lottery schemes target seniors

A new report by Better Business Bureau says sweepstakes, lottery and prize schemes are devastating victims financially and emotionally with ever-evolving methods.

BBB Tip of the Week: Scammers take advantage of our connections to our phones

Nowadays our phones are glued to our hands. Scammers know this and take advantage by flooding us with robocalls.

BBB Tip of the Week: Military scams play on emotions, finances

In the past year, active military members, veterans and spouses in the Northwest have reported more than 500 scams, with an estimated $94,000 lost

BBB Tip of the Week: Be aware when using card at gas pump

It’s that time of year when many people are traveling or just out enjoying the spring air, which usually translates to extra trips to the gas pump.

BBB Tip of the Week: Mother’s Day provides opportunity for scammers

Better Business Bureau Northwest + Pacific is warning shoppers to beware of scams while shopping for items such as flowers and jewelry for their mom.

BBB Tip of the Week: Jobs scams are third-riskiest scam

BBB offers tips for job seekers to avoid being scammed during their employment search.

BBB Tip of the Week: Research pet-care options as vacation time approaches

Better Business Bureau Northwest and Pacific offers this advice to help pet owners choose the best care for their four-legged family members.

BBB Tip of the Week: Spring cleaning should also include your online life

While clearing clutter is an annual ritual for many households, the National Cyber Security Alliance and Better Business Bureau have teamed up to remind all consumers not to be digital …

BBB Tip of the Week: Shop carefully to avoid prom-purchase scams

The Better Business Bureau warns families to beware of a variety of prom scams, especially when purchasing items online.