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Re: “I Saw Her Standing There”

If the object of his desire is 17, how much credibility is there in a young man's claim that he'll "Never dance with another"?

You know what I mean?

OK, sure, the singer is speaking from the perspective of youth. And some of us might remember how things could seem to a person that age.

Besides, who knows? Maybe she's the one.

You never know until you cross that room.

Hedberg: Beatles Changed My World

The Rev. Huber was a nice guy — about my parents' age, but was fervent for the Lord. A mild-mannered minister most of the time, once in the pulpit he could catch fire, and this Sunday — Feb. 9, 1964 — that's what was happening. I looked up from my Nancy Drew novel to watch the Rev. Huber, red in the face, waving his arms and shouting something in German — then lapsing into English - about an invasion. That was scary. We'd done Cold War drills in school. Were the Soviets on the way, I wondered? I caught something about some insects and then a final word in English: "Don't let your young people watch this," he exclaimed. My parents were subdued on the way home, and when I asked them what the sermon was about, they said something about some British rock 'n' roll band on the "Ed Sullivan Show" that night/Kathy Hedberg, Lewiston Tribune. More here.

Question: Do you find yourself warning your children about certain kinds of music?

You might want to sit down for this

Next year, on Feb. 9, it will have been 50 years since The Beatles first live appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show."


Question for those of a certain age

When, long ago, you and some of your friends were pretending to be the Beatles, how did you handle it when there were more than four of you?

On my block, we realized that being the Fab Five was simply ridiculous. So it fell to me to fire a member of our group. He did not take it well, and I still don't blame him.

Wish I could remember exactly how I handled it.

"Jeff, we're thinking of going in a different direction."

Remembering the Dave Clark 5

If you are not a certain age, you probably wouldn't understand this.

But once upon a time, purchasing this particular record was considered in some circles to be a flagrant act of disloyalty to a another British singing group you might have heard about.


AR: Beatle Harrison Gone 10 Years

Ten years ago (yesterday), George Harrison departed this world and that's been on my mind today. Ten Years. When Abe Lincoln died, it was said that "now he belongs to the ages". To apply that to members of The Beatles startles me a bit. My first Beatles' album was "Yesterday and Today", after which I got their subsequent later albums…Sgt. Pepper, White Album, Magical Mystery Tour, White Album, Abbey Road, Let it be, etc. Back in 1966, when I got  "Yesterday and Today", I found out it contained a whole bunch of singles I'd heard on the radio, "Yesterday", "Day Tripper", "We Can Work It Out" and "Nowhere Man" plus the rest of the tunes were cool, too. George Harrison wrote one song on that album, "If I Needed Someone" which has a whole different flavor … t was jangly, the lyrics were fairly morose, and it went in a different direction; the song was strangely moody and haunting. With that tune, George began writing some major songs, every bit as good as Lennon-McCartney/Atmospheric Ruminations. More here. (AP Photo/Robert Freeman, Copyright Apple Corps Ltd.)

Question: Who was your favorite Beatle? Why?

High Noon: Beatles Reach iTunes

It’s been a long and winding road, this relationship between Apple and the Beatles. But Tuesday, at long last, the Fab Four made it to iTunes. “We’re really excited to bring the Beatles’ music to iTunes,” Beatle Paul McCartney said in an Apple news release. “It’s fantastic to see the songs we originally released on vinyl receive as much love in the digital world as they did the first time around.” The iTunes store’s main page featured a host of Beatles albums for sale, beneath an early photo of the group that started in the tiny Cavern Club in Liverpool and would go on to revolutionize rock ‘n’ roll/Doug Gross, CNN Tech. More here. (AP file photo)

Question: Do you plan to download Beatles music to iTunes?

WA Lege Day 54: Partisan one upsmanship on Beatles

OLYMPIA — Taxing bottled water is such a bad thing that Sen. Mike Carrell wondered today where it would all stop, and offered up no less an expert than The Beatles to prove his point.

But Ways and Means Committee Chairwoman Margarita Prentice, D-Renton, made it clear she wasn’t going to be out-Beatled.

Carrell, R-Lakewood, was trying to force a November advisory vote on a section of the Senate Democrats’ proposal that would extend the sales tax to bottled water. Right now, it’s considered a food item, and exempt from the tax. Republicans had already won the point that the tax should be temporary, but Carrell wanted the plebiscite “to let the people know who is for taxing.”

After all, this is taxing water, he said. What’s next? “There’s an old Beatles song about taxing the air we breathe. This is getting close to that.”

Prentice signaled she’d had enough of the argument by replying: “That Beatles reference is from their album ‘Revolver.’ ”

True Beatles fans know  one of them is wrong. Go inside the blog to find out who.