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Mama beaver, kit fail in bid to make Eagle grocery store their new home

Here’s a news item from the Associated Press: EAGLE, Idaho (AP) — A beaver and her baby have been captured after trying to get into a southwest Idaho grocery store and will be released into the wild. An Ada County sheriff's deputy responded Monday morning about 6 a.m. to an Eagle grocery store where the adult beaver and her kit repeatedly tried to enter. The Idaho Humane Society arrived and captured the pair near a bin filled with willow bundles and turned them over to another group. Animals in Distress spokesman Tony Hicks says the beaver and her kit will be released north of Idaho City in an area with plentiful willow and aspen bark. Hicks says it's not clear why the two left several ponds near the grocery store.

OSU pregame chat

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Tale of the tape: Oregon State 19, WSU 6


FROM CORVALLIS -- As we do after each game, we pass along our capsulated recap of what we saw, this one a 19-6 WSU loss to Oregon State. Read on.

Idaho once had Beaver Airborne Mission

WILDLIFE — The Lands Council based in Spokane is getting more press about its efforts to reintroduce beavers in select areas to restore watersheds naturally.  

A recent story in The Atlantic magazine mentions TLC Beaver Solution project in relationship to national beaver restoration efforts that date back at least to 1928. 

One of the more intriguing tidbits in the story is the 1940s Idaho Fish and Game Department project to introduce beavers in remote areas — by parachute.

In the 1940s, Idaho’s Department of Fish and Game embarked on an effort both larger in scale and kookier in method. Finding long, dusty overland trips too hard on the beavers, the department instead packed pairs of the animals into crates, loaded them onto airplanes bound for drought-stricken corners of the state, and dropped them by parachute. (The crates were rigged to open on impact.) The endeavor was apparently a success: a 1950 report notes that of the 76 beavers airdropped in the fall of 1948, only one fell to its death; the others began building dams and homes and founding colonies, which can grow as large as a dozen or so beavers.

A dam good bill with some teeth in it

OLYMPIA — Beavers making a nuisance of themselves in Western Washington could be relocated to Eastern Washington areas that need their help in damming streams, but the furry critters from Eastern Washington couldn't be shipped west under a bill approved Wednesday by the Senate.

Seems there's already too many of the tree-chomping mammals west of the Cascades.

The proposal, described by Sen. Kevin Ranker, D-Orcas Island, as a “cute, furry little bill,” allows the Department of Fish and Wildlife to set up a system in which a landowner who wants to improve groundwater or downstream flows can request beavers being captured elsewhere and removed from land where they are creating a nuisance. It also provided several legislators some much-needed work on their joke delivery.

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Sunday event puts families in realm of beavers

WILDLIFE EDUCATION – The third annual Picnic with the Beavers – an educational event especially geared to families — is set for Sunday (Sept. 11) starting at 1 p.m. at Liberty Lake County Park, sponsored by The Lands Council and the Coeur d’Alene Tribe.

Info: (509) 209-2851 or email aswan@landscouncil.org

Groups will rotate through three learning stations.

Read on for details.

The Best Dam Letter Ever!

In the spirit of spring break, I’m going to leave you with two dam letters that have gained a sort of celebrity at Mead High School. Every senior taking AP Government has read the dam letters, and enjoyed them to boot. I managed to find them on the snopes.com, which investigates urban myths. The first letter, written to Ryan DeVries, is important only because it sets the stage for the second; you can just skim through it. You will definitely want to read all of the second letter!

Read the letters here

Have a great spring break!