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East Farms business burns

This truck may have caused a fire this morning at 25170 E. Kildea. The photo is courtesy of the Spokane Valley Fire Department.

The Spokane Valley Fire Department put out a fire at Premier Lumber on Kildea just off Starr Road in the wee hours of the morning today. A Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy called in the fire at 12:10 a.m. and when firefighters arrived flames were coming from a sawdust hopper and an enclosed area that housed a large truck, according to a press release from assistant fire marshal Bill Clifford.

The truck was burned and parts of the building were also damaged, though an official estimate of damages isn't available yet. It is thought that the fire started in the truck's engine compartment and may have been sparked by an engine block heater, Clifford said.

Poetry stylings of a fire marshal

In reaction to last night’s kitchen fire at Station 6, Spokane Valley Fire assistant fire marshal Bill Clifford put pen to paper to write up the incident in a poem pattered after the classic “Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

A few notes before we begin. There is not actually a location of Fifth and Oak in Spokane Valley. Call it poetic license for rhyming reasons. And a yelp is apparently the name of a specific setting on the fire deparment sirens. (You learn something new every day.)

So without further ado, here is “Twas Almost the Night before Christmas” by Bill Clifford. (Click to read the extended post.)