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In praise of compromise and civility

President Obama speaks at the memorial service for Tom Foley.

WASHINGTON – In a service that contrasted the state of today’s Congress with the House Tom Foley left nearly two decades ago, past and current leaders extolled the former Spokane speaker’s ability to see another person’s point of view, compromise and get things done.

Republicans as well as Democrats praised the late congressman and ambassador, repeating stories he shared or advice he gave about honoring public service. And one leader who acknowledged he didn’t know Foley personally but admired his reputation said it was time to emulate him.

“Now, more than ever, America needs public servants who are willing to place problem-solving ahead of politics,” President Barack Obama said.

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So Happy Together

United States Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is kissed by her husband, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, as he welcomes her to the podium at the Clinton Global Initiative on Monday in New York. Story here. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Question: Would you like to see Hillary Clinton run for president in 2016?

Clinton Gives Props To Bruce Reed

On his Facebook wall, opinionator Kevin Richert of the Idaho Statesman mentions the props that former President Bill Clinton game former Coeur d'Alene High grad Bruce Reed for his input into the speech that wowed the Demcractic National Convention:

He didn't mention Idaho by state, but former President Bill Clinton said a former Idahoan had a hand in crafting his speech before the Democratic National Convention. The Idahoan in question: Bruce Reed, chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden and the son of former state Sen. Mary Lou Reed of Coeur d'Alene. Clinton discussed the speech Thursday on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show." The mention of Reed starts about one minute in, and goes to about the 1:30 mark. Video here.

Question: Do you know much about Bruce Reed?

Read more here: http://voices.idahostatesman.com/2012/09/21/krichert/clinton_says_idahoan_had_a_key_role_dnc_speech_wvideo#storylink=twt#storylink=cpy

Ryan in WA today, Clinton on Saturday

Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan will be in the Seattle area later today for two fund-raisers. The Wisconsin Congressman is attending an evening reception, where tickets start at $1,000, followed by a separate dinner, tickets $25,000.

Those events aren't open to the public or the news media. The only chance for the cameras to catch him is this afternoon when he lands at Boeing Field. With this schedule, Ryan appears to be taking a cue from the Obama playbook, which often uses the Seattle area as a campaign ATM with private fund-raisers and little or no public events.

No public events makes it hard to mount a "spontaneous" demonstration by the other party, so Democrats are settling for a "rapid response" telephonic press conference with several people who will likely excoriate Ryan on his proposed changes to Medicare. It's actually a pre-response, because it's scheduled to happen a couple hours before the veep nominee gets to town.

On Saturday, former President Bill Clinton will be in Seattle for a fund-raiser for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee at the Convention Center. Tickets start at $150; getting a photo with the former POTUS costs $5,000.

Clinton is apparently a draw, even before his convention speech last week.. An Inslee spokeswoman said they've had to expand the space reserved for the fund-raiser after selling more than 2,000 tickets.

Clinton Fires Up Obama Supporters

Former President Bill Clinton addresses the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., on Wednesday. (AP photo)

From Teresa Welsh, U.S. News & World Report: Former President Bill Clinton spoke Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention, making an impassioned case for President Barack Obama's re-election in November. His speech also served to formally nominate the president as the Democratic candidate. In his nearly 50-minute speech, which deviated from his prepared remarks to include a considerable amount of ad-libbing, Clinton gave a comprehensive review of Obama's first-term accomplishments. He spoke about Obama's job creation, the success of the auto industry bailout, and his healthcare reform. Known for his strong economic record while in office, Clinton made a point to highlight the severity of the economic situation Obama inherited:

President Obama started with a much weaker economy than I did. No president, not me, not any of my predecessors, could have repaired all of the damage he found in just four years.

More here.

Question: What did you think of former President Bill Clinton's speech at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday night?

BLM director tells ranchers: Still no plans for Mont. monument

PUBLIC LANDS — Ranchers continue to cow the federal governement from expanding the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument, which eased under the national spotlight in the past two decades along with interest in the bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

The head of the federal Bureau of Land Management returned to Montana on Monday with a message similar to the one he delivered to ranchers a year ago: No new national monuments.

As part of a tour of rural communities across the West, BLM director Bob Abbey met with about 20 ranchers still upset over the creation of the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument by former President Bill Clinton more than a decade ago.

Ranchers noted that the monument had not substantially changed their operations, but noted that efforts of environmental groups to curtail grazing on monuments is a constant worry to them.

Read on for details from the Associated Press report.

She’s playing Bill Clinton’s mama

Spokane opera singer Jessica Bowers is receiving national attention for her role in a New York folk opera titled, “Billy Blythe,” which is about, of all things, the adolescence of Bill Clinton.

Bowers plays Clinton’s mother, Virginia.

This Metropolis Opera Project production is based on Clinton’s 2004 memoir, “My Life” and had a two-day developmental reading in June at the Medicine Show Theatre in New York.

Bowers was featured prominently in a July 4 article in the New Yorker magazine about the show’s rehearsals. In the story, the composer mentioned that Clinton seemed to be attracted to women who reminded him of his mother.

“It’s funny you would say that,” the New Yorker quoted Bowers as saying. “Someone once told me I look like Monica Lewinsky.”

Here's a link to the New Yorker piece.

Bowers is a Spokane native and graduate of Whitworth University and the New England Conservatory. She has appeared with the Spokane Opera.

She is continuing Spokane’s surprising record of supplying New York with opera singers — Patrice Munsel and Thomas Hampson, to name the two most prominent.

Labrador: Obama Should Be Like Bill

Idaho 1st District GOP Rep. Raúl Labrador is urging President Barack Obama to emulate his fellow Democratic President Bill Clinton in striking a budget deal with Republicans. In a three-page letter Wednesday, Labrador hails Clinton's leadership and suggests Obama follow his example. "Today the political talking heads may still argue over whether the resulting economic boom should be credited to Bill Clinton or the Republican Congress; notwithstanding, what the majority of the Amercican people remember is that their work together resulted in a period of economic prosperity that continued until the end of his administration"/Dan Popkey, Idaho Statesman. More here.

Question: Do you agree with Labrador that President Obama should be more Clintonesque in dealing with congressional Republicans and the budget?

Clinton Backs Obama-GOP Tax Deal

President Barack Obama joins former President Bill Clinton as he speaks in the briefing room of the White House in Washington on Friday. Clinton implored Democrats to back the tax-cut deal that President Barack Obama negotiated with Republicans. MSNBC story here. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Question: Would you rather have Clinton or Obama as president in dealing with the split Congress next year?

APhoto Of The Day — 11.10.10

Members of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals dress as a chicken and a cow as they hold a demonstration outside the venue where former U.S. President Bill Clinton is addressing a forum at the Manila Hotel, in the Philippines this morning. The group’s statement said that they are commending Clinton for adopting a vegetarian diet in order to lose weight and stay healthy. You write the cutline. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

Top Cutline:

  • 1. Clinton returned the love stating, “Yea, I’m a huge fan of tender young chicks and strong, sturdy calves!”— Formerly Sandpoint.
  • 2. Animal rights activist’s protest backfires, as President Clinton had a sudden urge and ordered-up a bucket of chicken and a double bacon-burger — Gary D. Rhodes.
  • 3. Chicken and Cow consider the choice between a Manila jail and a three way with a Manila cop. How YOU doin’ lil’ chickie?— Powder Farmer.
  • HM: Nic

Obama jabs Clinton on wives

Barack Obama got a few quick laughs at Bill Clinton’s expense recently by noting that both of them more or less “married up.”

Rest in Peace, Socks…

Good morning, Netizens…

I suppose although it has been mentioned earlier in the week that Socks the cat, once the White House cat during the Clinton administration, has died. According to several sources, after Clintons left the White House, Socks lived with Bill Clinton’s secretary, Betty Currie, in Hollywood, Maryland since 2001.

So why did Clinton have a cat in the White House if they weren’t going to keep it? If a feline is good enough to reside in the White House, wouldn’t it stand to reason it would suffice for anywhere else? Or was that just for warm-and-fuzzy photo ops?

Maybe it was because with Hillary jaunting around the world as Secretary of State and Bill romping around the world with his bosom buddy George Bush, Sr., perhaps they no longer had the disposable time necessary to pet and feed the cat?

Rest in Peace, Socks.