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Trib: Jeers To Billboard Operator

JEERS … to former state Rep. Maurice Clements, R-Caldwell. Thanks to him Idaho is back on the map.This time, it's a sign Clements operates as co-executor of the late Ralph Smeed's foundation.On the left side is a smirking James Holmes, the suspect in the Aurora, Colo., theater shooting."Kills 12 in movie theater with an assault rifle," the caption reads. "Everybody freaks out."On the right side is a smiling President Barack Obama. "Kills thousands with his foreign policy," the caption reads. "Wins Nobel Peace Prize." Nothing - not an appeal from Caldwell Mayor Garret Nancolas, national media criticism or outrage from the families of the Colorado shooting victims - has deterred Clements, who served in the Legislature in the 1970s with a fellow Smeed acolyte named C.L. (Butch) Otter/Marty Trillhaase, Lewiston Tribune. More here.

Question: Do you have anyone you'd like to cheer or jeer today?

Caldwell Billboard Links Obama, Killer

"Offensive." "Abhorrent." "Pathetic." Words like that are being used to describe a billboard in Caldwell, Idaho, that compares President Barack Obama — unfavorably — to James Eagan Holmes, the suspect in the shooting deaths of 12 people in a Colorado movie theater last week. The sign features photos of Holmes and Obama side by side. Of Holmes, it says: "Kills 12 in a movie theater with assault rifle, everyone freaks out." Of Obama, it says: "Kills thousands with foreign policy, wins Nobel Peace Prize." The electronic billboard often blares anti-Obama messages, but this one struck people as especially insensitive. It's the work of supporters of the late Ralph Smeed, for many years a lightning-rod activist for libertarian causes in Idaho, The Idaho Statesman of Boise reported/US News & World Report. More here. (AP file photo of James Holmes in court)

Question: Are you kidding me?!

‘What’s Up Your Butt?’ Really?

A Tri-Cities health board reversed itself Wednesday and voted against endorsing a colon cancer awareness campaign that uses billboards saying, "What's up your butt?"The Tri-City Herald reports the Benton Franklin Health District commissioners responded to complaints the ads are in poor taste.The butt billboards have been displayed in Yakima to raise colorectal cancer awareness and encourage people to get screened for the disease/Associated Press. (AP file photo of 20-foot long replica of a human colon)

Question: Would a billboard that asks 'What's up your butt?' make you more aware of colorectal cancer?

To Protect and To Serve

Can the Spokane Police Department improve its image with billboard ads?

I passed one today while traveling west on Trent. Two officers are pictured along with the following statement: “It’s Our Community. We Stand Ready to Protect and Serve.” How I hope that statement is true.

Personally, I believe that the majority of the men and women who are employed as police officers for the City of Spokane are sincerely holding that as their mission statement.

This all started with the City asking for budget cuts across most city departments, including the Spokane Police Department. The Spokane Police Guild purchased 12 billboards across the city, the one I saw being in the County along Trent Avenue. There are two phrases - the one I noted above - and a second sign reading “Property Crime Is Up. Police Investigations Down.”

I do NOT want to open a can of worms here. I’m not asking for readers to bash police or bring up Otto Zehm or other incidents that we’ve been beating into the ground. But I do want to talk about what the first billboard states and that is, “It’s our Community. We Stand Ready to Protect and Serve.”

That statement is what I strongly believe in. This is our community. Our community embraces humanity, culture, religion, independence, growth, compassion, love, life. We expect to enjoy all of this with the protection and servitude of all the employees of the Spokane Police Department.

It is my confident hope that the good in the people behind a badge will bring the ideals and dreams of that statement to a positive realization for our community.


Obama Billboard Attracts Scorn

A  billboard along an Interstate 70 business loop in Grand Junction, Colo., is shown that uses caricatures to depict President Barack  Obama as a terrorist, gangster, Mexican bandit and a gay man. The  billboard has drawn bipartisan scorn from political officials. Story here and here. (AP Photo/The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, Gretel Daugherty)

Question: Why or why doesn’t this billboard offend you?

AM: Nilson-Ketchum Unveil Billboard

Here’s the billboard promoting the challenger team of Ron Nilson and Robert Ketchum for the North Idaho College Board of Trustees. It’s located on Northwest Boulevard, north of the Highway 95 overpass, by the state liquor store. Kathy Plonka, my SR buddy, snapped this for me. I published the billboard with incumbent Christie Wood’s advertisement (at north entrance to NIC on NW Blvd) Thursday. You can see it here. You also learned yesterday that Christie’s husband, Dave, is the ad exec for both billboards. See here.

Question: Which billboard do you like best?

Jen: Meth Billboards Aren’t A Bad Thing

RE: Meth billboard angers Post Falls mom/HucksOnline

Jen/A Butterfly Moment: The billboards used to bother me, too. And especially after my 10 year old son said they bothered him so much that he asked me to take another way home. We talked about what the boards were about so he knew it had to do with drugs, but the pictures still bothered him. After thinking about it, I realized that that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. If those pictures from those boards help him stay away from drugs and maybe even help him influence others to do the same, they will do what they were meant to do. Drugs and what they do to people are ugly. It’s hard to look at, yes. But better on the billboards than on our kids.

Question: Do you think the Idaho Meth Project ads have been effective?

PS: Meth Billboard Angers Post Fall Mom

Dolly Metzger, a Post Falls mother, has written a letter to Post Falls Mayor Clay Larkin and the Post Falls City Council re: an Idaho Meth Project billboard that she considers increasingly offensive. The billboard is shown above. You can read her letter here.

Post Falls resident Dolly Metzger wrote the following note to SR editors re: an Idaho Meth Project billboard she considers “increasingly offensive” and “glaringly screaming” on Spokane Street as she takes her 10YO daughter back and forth to school and Church: “I moved away from this gratuitous type of imagery to live here and raise my daughter as a contributing and exemplary member of the community - this is not helping to facilitate that.  I believe this matter deserves more attention as there is a very large family community here being affected by this on a daily basis.”

Question: Has the Idaho Meth Project gone too far with the graphic imagery it uses to fight the methamphetamine epidemic?