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What did you think of the Bing Crosby show on PBS?

I thought it was OK. Good, not great.

But I believe there was an honest attempt to grapple with the inevitable disconnect between Bing Crosby's image and the real man. On that front, I think he got fair treatment by this “American Masters” installment.

For me, the show fell short in a couple of other ways. But there's no pleasing everyone.

Bing, Bob Hope and the Babe


Sometimes Spokesman-Review delivery boys went on to rub shoulders with famous people.

You could trick-or-treat as these two


Yes, Halloween is still weeks away.

But if you were me and asked yourself “Is it too soon to use another picture of Grace Kelly,” how would you answer?

Headlines That Still Bug Me Department

Yes, we all know that's where he was born. But in the matter of where he was from, well, that's a different story.


A Halloween costume idea

“Who are you supposed to be?”

“Father Chuck O'Malley.”


“You just failed Spokane 101.”


He wasn’t really a priest

He just played one in the movies.


North Side kid makes good


I'm just going to assume that you know what's going on here. Besides, that is, Barry Fitzgerald looking at Ingrid Bergman in the same way a lot of male moviegoers did.

I've seen that Oscar Bing is holding. Perhaps you have, too. 

Is Father Chuck in the all-time Top 10?

You know, in a ranking of great movie characters over the years.


Today’s highlights

Collette Bise, who raises Angus beef on a farm near Newman Lake, nuzzles Fluffy, one of the farm cats, Nov. 16. Her dog, Tibby, was shot and killed nearby on Oct. 25. SR photo/Jesse Tinsley

Good Thursday morning everyone. It's time for some highlights from Today's Valley Voice. First up is a sad story by correspondent Cindy Hval about a family dog shot by a poacher new Newman Lake. The dog was killed at the same time as a fawn on private property that was liberally posted with “No Hunting” signs. The dog's owner heard her dying yelps. Both the property owner and the Humane Society are offering rewards for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible.

Reporter Lisa Leinberger has a report on higher than expected enrollment in the Central Valley and West Valley school districts. The Spokane Valley Fire Department is working to put togetther a history wall in its new Administration Building.

Correspondend Stefanie Pettit has a column about Bing Crosby's history in Spokane before he left law school to persue a Hollywood career. It's an interesting look at his early life.

Bing and a German shepherd


Some people are scared of this breed, but I've always found them to be pretty reasonable. Don't try anything funny and there's usually no trouble.

I had an elderly neighbor whose shep would jump over the fence while his owner was away. But this dog always let me return him to his yard without incident.

Bing with Glenn Miller

According to the details provided by the site credited below, this picture is from August of 1944, a few months before the band leader disappeared in bad weather over the English Channel.

Of course, he couldn't have known. But Bing almost looks as if he's already worried about the gentleman who gave us “Moonlight Serenade” and “In the Mood.”