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USA Today compares climate change skeptics to birthers

I usually skip USA Today unless I'm in an airport or hotel where it's free. 

Even in those instances it holds an amusing fascination because it's the vanilla ice cream of journalism.

I'm reminded of a Simspons episode where Homer reads a newspaper called USofA Today with the cover story: "America's Favorite Pencil - #2 is #1." Homer reads aloud another headline: "SAT scores are declining at a slower rate." After Lisa criticizes it, Homer says "this is the only newspaper in the country that is not afraid to tell the truth: that everything is just fine."

Until now.

The "Our View: America, pick your climate choices" editorial on Monday criticized the "head-in-the-sand" position of GOP, a few Democrats, and the climate skeptics that deny climate change - comparing them to the "birthers" that deny our President was born in the United States. Check out this passage:

Late last week, the nation's pre-eminent scientific advisory group, the National Research Council arm of the National Academy of Sciences, issued a report called "America's Climate Choices." As scientific reports go, its key findings were straightforward and unequivocal: "Climate change is occurring, is very likely caused primarily by human activities, and poses significant risks to humans and the environment." Among those risks in the USA: more intense and frequent heat waves, threats to coastal communities from rising sea levels, and greater drying of the arid Southwest.

Adam: Birthers Forever

For some (in the Birther movement), it’s an emotional thing. They’ve put themselves too far out on the limb to come back and sheepishly say I was wrong. Anytime, there’s a conspiracy theory that people become obsessed with, some become too emotionally invested to admit there was no conspiracy. Therefore, people believe the Warren Commission was a fraud, and that  two Independent Counsel reports from offices overseen by Republican IG sconcluding that Vince Foster committed suicide, are merely covering up. For others, there are more practical reasons to keep the conspiracy alive/Adam Graham, Adam's Blog. More here.

Question: Are you nursing a conspiracy theory that you're willing to share?

Kevin: I’d Rather Death w/Oathers

The hyped-up wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is a diversion. The histrionics over President Obama’s place of birth is a distraction. Oather-mania is harmless, and yeah, kind of charming. Birther-blather is malevolent. Cynical. Corrosive. The hubbub about the royal wedding is rooted not just in romance, but in an affinity for history. The huffing and puffing about Obama the “foreigner” reflects the worst of the politics of the present. So, if my oather friends wake up Friday when the clock strikes Ungodly, to watch a wedding seven times zones away, so what? It’s no skin off of the nose I haughtily hold aloft. You celebrate the event in your way. I’ll shrug it off in my way. Just let me sleep in, and all is right with the world. But, ah, the birthers. Can’t fathom them, either. So I’ve tried to ignore them, much as I’m trying to tune out the oathers this week/Kevin Richert, Idaho Statesman. More here.

Question: Would you rather deal with a 'Birther' of an 'Oather'?

Is the ‘birther’ issue laid to rest?

It was with some regret that I heard Wednesday morning that President Obama has released his birth certificate. There is no issue that is better for generating comments for this website than whether Obama was born in the USA, and I am sad to see it go.

The "birther" controversy, as  it is often called, even has a special connection to the Inland Northwest vortex, that inescapable force of nature that connects national and international news events to our area. It was in Moscow, Idaho, after all, that Orly Taitz confronted Chief Justice John Roberts about her legal challenge to Obama's eligibililty to be president…

(To read the rest of this post, click here to go inside the blog.)

Dennis: Will Birthers Be Satisfied?

This handout image provided by the White House shows a short-form copy of President Barack Obama's birth certificate from Hawaii. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Dennis Mansfield writes: Mother's Race: Caucasion … Father's Race: African. Say what? That's what Mr. Obama, Senior was listed as - African. And for the life of me, I do not remember "nationality" (African) being substituted with "race" in the 1960's. But, I may be in complete error. When I first wrote on this issue, I asked for folks to help me find out how blacks/negroes/African Americans were referred to, on official Hawaiian documents, during that period of time. My guess is, that IF the "birther" conspiracy continues, it will hinge on some key points, one of which is this "official term". Another might be signatures and some minor point that pops out. More here.

Question: Why did the president wait so long to provide these birth certificates?

Obama Releases Live Birth Certificate

President Obama released his original birth certificate Wednesday, saying the controversy surrounding the issue had become a "sideshow." Obama's birth certificate. “We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We’ve got better stuff to do," said Obama. The surprise release follows recent and sustained remarks by businessman Donald Trump, among others, that raised doubts as to whether the president was born in the United States/CNN. More here.

Question: Are we quite finished with this silly issue?

Obama Birth Info: Enough Already?

 In this April 20, 2011 photo, microfilm reveals the Aug. 14, 1961, birth announcement in the Honolulu Star Bulletin that a son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama on Aug. 4, 1961, at the Hawaii State Library in Honolulu.  Lost in the renewed scrutiny into President Obama's birth records is the fact that anyone can walk into a Hawaii vital records office, wait in line behind couples getting marriage licenses and open a baby-blue government binder containing basic information about his birth. Highlighted in yellow on page 1,218 of the thick binder is the computer-generated listing for a boy named Barack Hussein Obama II born in Hawaii, surrounded by the alphabetized last names of all other children born in-state between 1960 and 1964. This is the only government birth information, called "index data," available to the public.  (AP Photo/Marco Garcia) (AP Photo/Marco Garcia)

Poll: Half GOP primary voters think Obama not born in USA

A new poll of 400 likely Republican primary voters suggests President Barack Obama should cue up a Bruce Springsteen song as his campaign anthem. Only about one in four believes he was born in the USA.

The poll was designed to test the relative strength of various GOP presidential aspirants. Mike Huckabee was first, followed by Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin. But as polls often do, the folks at PPP asked some other questions. Among them:

Do you think President Obama was born in the United States?

No said 51 percent

Yes said 28 percent

Not sure said 21 percent.

In other words, nearly three-fourths are either convinced he wasn't or aren't sure he was.

Link to the full poll is here.

Simpson ejects ‘birther’ for outburst

Idaho's Rep. Mike Simpson was holding the gavel today while part of the U.S. Constitution was being read on the floor of the House of Representatives, and he was quick to bring it down on someone shouting out a challenge to President Barack Obama's citizenship.

Rep. Frank Pallone, D-N.J., was reading from Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution, the part that says who can be president, and got to "No person, except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President…" when a cry came from the gallery.

"Except Obama! Except Obama!" a woman shouted.

Simpson banged the gavel, reminded everyone present of the need for following the rules of the House, and ordered the sergeant of arms to eject the woman.

Hawaiian governor takes aim at birthers

HONOLULU – Frustrated by what he sees as a never-ending campaign to undermine President Barack Obama, Hawaii’s new governor says he plans to use his new post to counter conspiracy theorists who continue to allege that the president was not born in the United States. Neil Abercrombie, a Democrat who took office Dec. 6, has known Obama since the president’s days growing up in Hawaii. He’s also one of the few people who knew both Obama’s father, also named Barack, and mother, Stanley Ann Dunham.

That long-standing relationship is a major reason Abercrombie, 72, takes umbrage with the persistent effort by Obama’s most ardent foes to assert that he was born in Kenya, which would constitutionally bar him from holding the office of president. “Now that I’m governor, I’m going to do something about that,” Abercrombie vowed during an interview in his fifth-floor office in the state capitol.

Do you think birthers will ever be convinced that Obama's presidency is legitimate?

Sandpointers Question Obama Birth

If I hadn’t checked Randy Stapilus’s Facebook page, I would have missed this story from the Bonner County Bee in which U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo ran head long into a group of birthers during a Sandpoint pit stop. From the article by Cameron Rasmusson: “Substantial conversation arose at speculation about the legitimacy of Obama’s citizenship and consequently, his presidency. Several attendees were eager to weigh in on the issue, one noting that if Obama’s presidency was invalid, all of his appointees would be deposed as well, resulting in a political coup. He then asked whether Crapo would support Obama’s impeachment if sufficient investigation occurred. Crapo replied that it was the House’s responsibility to impeach the president, while the Senate held the trial, and he would need more information before making a public statement. “I would need to see more background on the issue,” he said. More here.

Question: Seriously?

Arizona Birthers Seek Certificates

Arizona Rep. Chad Campbell, D-Phoenix, left, and Warde Nichols, R-Gilbert, confer during a special session at the Capitol in Phoenix. Arizona lawmakers who still aren’t convinced President Barack Obama was born in the U.S. are pushing a bill through the Legislature that would require the president to show his birth certificate to get on the state’s 2012 ballot. “We’re becoming a national joke,” Campbell, a Phoenix Democrat who opposes the measure, said today. (AP Photo/Matt York)

Question: Forget about the Birther claim re: President Barack Obama for a minute. Is this legislation that a state should pursue?

Weds. video: Matthews on Obama birth certificate

As regular readers of Spin Control know, we occasionally wander into the question of Barack Obama’s birth certificate, thanks to the appearance of Orly Taitz at the University of Idaho speech by Chief Justice John Roberts.

Taitz is a leader of the movement which questions whether Obama was born in the United States and is qualified to be president under the Constitution. The movement persists despite statements by government officials in Hawaii who say they have Obama’s birth certificate on file. One of the latest wrinkles is the search for the doctor who delivered Obama…they can’t seem to locate the doc, and it’s only been 47 years. Imagine that.

Another wrinkle is a bill introduced by some Republican congressman that would require any candidate for president to present proof of native birth. Chris Matthews confronts one of the sponsor of the bill, Rep. John Campbell of California, about his beliefs on Obama’s birth qualifications.

To read more about the whole Orly Taitz birth certificate controversy, see links to previous posts inside the blog.