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Inland Northwest Blood Center supply critically low

The Inland Northwest Blood Center is critically low on two types of blood — so low that the agency is opening on New Year’s day for donations.

The blood center needs 500 donors this week to accumulate a safe inventory of O-Negative and O-Positive blood, said Elizabeth Giles, spokeswoman for the sole provider of blood to more than 35 hospitals regionally.

Do you give blood? Do you know your blood type?

JeanC: Can’t Even Give My Blood Away

Got deferred again thanks to a fast pulse, even tho I gave them the note from my doc saying that there is no problem. So now I wait for them to give the note from my doc to their doc and have him call me so I can tell him my pulse is fast because I am terrified of needles. Giving blood shouldn’t be this damned difficult! I can tell you that my pulse rate when I first donated way back when would have been a LOT higher then it was today. Heck, I was in and out in less then 10 minutes once they hooked me up. The guy who had gone in before me was still there when I filled my first pint and left/Jean C’s Cat House & Shooting Gallery. More here.

Question: When did you last give blood? Do you give blood often? Have you ever been rejected as you tried to give blood?