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Aerial eagle assault at CdA documented in photos

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WILDLIFE WATCHING — Bald eagles generally seem to be at peace with each other as they congregate each winter to feast on spawning kokanee at Lake Coeur d’Alene’s Wolf Lodge Bay. But for some unclear reason, a group of eagles ganged up on another adult eagle as shown in a series photos by Bob Griffith.

The Spokane wildlife photographer captured the images across the mouth of Beauty Bay from a quarter mile away on Dec. 19 — just before a record 273 bald eagles were counted at the lake by a BLM wildlife biologist.

“Several eagles ganged up on the one and forced it into the water,” Griffith said. “Then one or more buzzed the downed eagle as if to try to drown it.”

The victim eagle in the water faced each attacking eagle, raising its talons in defense, but taking a dunking in the process.

“It eventually paddled its way to shore but the attack didn’t stop," Griffith said. "I finally lost sight as it went back into the woods—on foot.”