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Bogus Basin to stay open yet another week, ‘til April 13

It’s happened again – Bogus Basin is extending its closing date for another week, with daily operations now scheduled to run through April 13 due to good snow conditions, including 23 inches of new snow in the past week. “Spring skiing conditions couldn’t be better,” the resort announced today. The non-profit community ski resort will begin discounting daily lift tickets to $25 this Friday. Weekday operations will be 10 a.m. to 4:30, and weekends 9 a.m. to 4:30. The Nordic center and trails also remain open.

This Sunday, Bogus will celebrate with a “retro” costume theme day and live music from “Bread and Circus” inside the Simplot Lodge at 1 p.m.; on Sunday April 13, there’ll be live music outside the lodge, also at 1. There’s more info here.

After today’s powder dump, Bogus decides to stay open for another week

I’ve been feeling really fortunate that this is my week off work, because the skiing has been great up at Bogus Basin, where there were sunny spring conditions early in the week, followed by a reported 5” (much more in places) powder dump today that made for an honest-to-goodness powder day all over the mountain. Bogus had been scheduled to close for the season this Sunday, but has just made an announcement: “Due to all the fresh snow we’ve gotten, Bogus will be open an additional week! Regular mountain operations will continue until Sunday, April 6th. The entire mountain will be open except for Chair #4 (Showcase, accessible from Chair 1 Deer Point) and Chair #5 (Bitterroot, already closed for the season). Lift tickets will be $25 this Sunday and $39 for the remainder of the week.”

The end-of-season party is still on for this Sunday; it’s just changing its title to the Spring Snow Party, and Boise’s non-profit community ski area promises more music and activities on the mountain the following Sunday. For the remainder of April, there still could be additional “bonus weekends” if snow permits. Night skiing operations have ended for the season.

Legislative session decompression: Spring skiing…

Boise’s non-profit ski resort is delivering the spring skiing this week, from soft, smooth, forgiving corduroy on the frontside in the morning (pictured at right) to sweet spring slush on the backside in the afternoon (shown above). It’s the last hurrah for Bogus Basin; the resort has announced that its last day for the season will be this coming Sunday, with possible “bonus” weekends into April if weather and snow conditions permit. Final-day festivities on Sunday will include $25 lift tickets; the annual PBR Ribbon Hunt and kids’ scavenger hunt from 9-2:30; and a live band from 1-5 p.m.

Bogus is reporting that over the course of the season, it had 240,000 skier visits, a figure consistent with the last two seasons; taught lessons to 27,000 skiers or snowboarders, 70 percent of whom were children; and employed more than 600 seasonal workers. This year’s season started Dec. 8, 2013.

Bogus Basin kicks into gear…

Great skiing up at Bogus Basin this weekend, where the mountain is now in excellent shape, opening up favorite spots that hadn’t been accessible all season until now. Paradise was closed for the weekend for the annual Trudi Bolinder Memorial Super-G race, a USSA qualifier in which hundreds of young ski racers 16 and older from several states competed, bringing what looked like our own little slice of the Olympics to town; here’s a view of the start as one young woman pushes off.

Bogus kicked off its sales of season passes for next season over the past week with strong results; though the $229 sale is over, passes still are available for $259, good for the rest of this season plus all next season. And if you have to pay the additional $30 because you didn’t buy by Sunday night, there’s the consolation that the money’s going to a good cause: Boise’s non-profit, community-owned ski area.

Bogus opens Superior chair

For the first time this season, Bogus Basin has announced that it's opening the Superior chair on the backside today, the last major section of the mountain that's not been able to open so far due to the thin snowpack. There's more info here at the Bogus website, which reports that 5 inches of new snow fell overnight. Superior will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the non-profit ski area announced. Early-season conditions remain, with a reported snow base depth of 23 inches. The best news: There's more snow in the forecast all week, including a National Weather Service forecast for 5 to 9 inches more accumulation overnight tonight.

Bogus Basin opens Pine Creek, Bitterroot, night skiing…

Skis whispering through untouched snow, fog drifting in and out, snow falling lightly but persistently, the delighted whoop of a happy skier – that was me, actually. Bogus Basin did something today that granted a holiday wish for lots of area skiers and snowboarders: It opened up the backside of the mountain. The Pine Creek (Chair 6) and Bitterroot chairs both opened for the first time this season today, nearly doubling the available skiing terrain at Boise’s nonprofit ski resort. The tubing hill also opened today, and night skiing began; that means lift tickets are up to regular-season rates of $49.

The No. 3 Superior chair isn’t open yet, nor is the Paradise area off Pine Creek, as more snow is awaited, and there are still early-season conditions, especially off-trail. But things are up and running in time for the holidays, and plenty of people are having plenty of fun up there. Take it easy on the often-slick road up, and enjoy! I’m off for the next week, and will do the same.

Bogus opens for the season, skiers delight

What a fabulous surprise for Treasure Valley skiers, when Bogus Basin opened yesterday on just one day’s notice. I certainly didn’t expect to be laying down tracks through untouched powder at my home ski resort over the weekend, but there we were! The non-profit resort sprang into action Saturday after receiving close to 5 inches of snow, opening Sunday with three front-side lifts and welcoming nearly 2,000 skiers and snowboarders. Considering the thin base of just 17 inches, the conditions were surprisingly good, and the first tracks were sweet.

I forgot my phone and don’t have a picture to post, but it was particularly beautiful first thing in the morning, with blue skies and sunshine across the cold sparkle. And cold it was; below zero, even. Fortunately, the remedy for cold toes was easily at hand – a hot chocolate break in the lodge. Bogus will be open 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. through the week, 9 a.m. on weekends, and will open more of the mountain when conditions allow; lift tickets are now discounted to $25.

With snow in the forecast, Bogus drops pass prices for this weekend only back to $299

With snow in the forecast, Bogus Basin has launched a surprise, this-weekend-only $299 season pass sale – a price skiers otherwise would have had to buy by Sept. 30 to get; until today, the passes were being sold for $389. At $299 for a season pass and $49 for a single lift ticket, it only takes six days of skiing to break even.

“Snow is on the way, the forecast looks great,” said the non-profit ski resort’s general manager, Alan Moore. “We wanted to give people another chance to secure their season pass. The mountain is ready for snow.” He noted improvements over the summer from new lighting on the terrain park to extensive brush-cutting, thanks to community support that raised the needed funds. The pass sale is good until midnight Sunday, but at the moment, online sales are down, so the best bet is to go visit the Bogus Basin office in person at 2600 Bogus Basin Road; it’s open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The National Weather Service forecast for Bogus, which is just 16.5 miles north of Boise, calls for snow tonight, with 5 to 9 inches accumulation possible, followed by snow showers on Saturday with another possible 2 to 4 inches.

Time to gear up for winter: It’s the 63rd annual Ski Swap…

As the seasons change in Boise, there are a few sure signs each year that winter is on its way. First, the leaves turn, which they did in spectacular, fiery fashion this year. Then, there’s the Ski Swap – and it’s arrived. This year is the 63rd annual Boise Ski Swap, a benefit for the Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation; equipment check-in at Expo Idaho started at 3 p.m. on Halloween, and the swap opens to buyers at 5 p.m. on Friday. Hours are 5-10 p.m. Friday, 10-8 Saturday and 10-3 on Sunday; it’s a place to find deals on ski or snowboard equipment for the family, outfit the kids, sell off outgrown gear and get ready for the season, with exhibits from everyone from the resorts to the volunteer ski patrol. Admission is $5 on Friday, $3 on Saturday, and either $3 or a can of food on Sunday; kids under 12 are admitted for free. There’s more info here.

The next sign of winter is on the way: The annual Warren Miller ski film, which is coming to Boise’s Egyptian Theater Nov. 21-23. This year’s flick is entitled “Ticket to Ride.”

Snow hits, Bogus Basin extends season pass sale thru Thursday…

It’s snowing again, and Bogus Basin has extended its season pass sale through Thursday at the $229 price.  The week-long sale that had been scheduled to end last night at midnight saw a dramatic change once snow hit the mountain late last week, general manager Alan Moore reports; last Monday, pass sales were about half of normal, but as the week progressed and 9 inches of new snow fell, that turned around to where sales were above normal on the sale’s final day. “As we all know, snow changes everything for Bogus,” Moore said. “We just want to make sure that no one is left out that would have bought a pass with the changed conditions.” The low-priced season passes allow skiers to ski right away, plus all through next season; it only takes five trips to the mountain to break even on buying a pass. Click below for Bogus’ full announcement.

Great view above the city; tricky road up requires patience…

This was the view up at Bogus Basin yesterday as the sun slanted through the clouds. Despite a thin snow cover so far this year, the local non-profit ski resort delivered an outstanding weekend of skiing, with warm, sunny, spring-like conditions on Saturday and a more wintry feel on Sunday complete with crisp air and new snow.

The new snow, which fell overnight Saturday night, left the resort’s access road very slick Sunday morning, but it had cleared off nicely by the afternoon, rendering all the more inexplicable the fatal accident in which a 50-year-old Boisean in a blue Porsche careened off a 400-foot embankment and was killed. It’s a narrow and winding road, and buses and other slow vehicles sometimes slow down traffic, but with a little patience, everyone usually gets down safely. Be careful out there.

Up where the air is clear…

While we shiver and sniffle in the frigid temperatures of the inversion-plagued Boise valley, there's a whole different world just 16 miles to the north at Bogus Basin. This view from the top of Chair 1 yesterday afternoon snows the smog-filled valley below in which the city is hidden. The non-profit ski resort's snow cover may be a bit thin, but it is just gorgeous up there. Yesterday, it hit better than 45 degrees with deep blue skies, bright sunshine and fresh, clean air. There were people skiing in sunglasses and no hats; everyone was shedding layers, unzipping coats and slathering on the sunscreen. Rock skis still are in order, and there are few runs they're now able to groom, but the terrain park is open on frontside to the joy of a whole lot of kids, and the snow is holding up beautifully in the Superior and Triangle areas on the back side, especially for those who enjoy skiing bumps. Best of all is the weather - it was really hard to leave yesterday and head back down the hill…

Bogus opens Superior for night skiing

Now here's some news: Bogus Basin has announced that having received more than 9 inches of snow over the last few days, it now has enough to open the No. 3 Superior chair for night skiing. That high-speed chairlift, on the back side of the mountain, has previously only been open for daytime skiing; click below for the full announcement from Bogus.

Up above the fog…

Even though I know it'll be there, there's something startling about coming up out of a frigid, foggy inversion, with snowflakes floating around in the low, gray sky in Boise, into brilliant sunshine above it all up at Bogus Basin. It was like an island of blue sky and sun up there today, with an ocean of cold fog lapping at the edges of all the surrounding mountains down below us.

Bogus is still going strong despite the thin snow cover, but rock skis still are in order.  

Bogus Basin to open night skiing, Superior chair on Wednesday

Bogus Basin has announced that it'll open for night skiing on Wednesday, Dec. 26th, and also that day will open the No. 3 Superior chairlift, the resort's newest high-speed quad and the last major side of the mountain not yet open for skiing. Starting Wednesday, a full day/night lift ticket will be $48; a night lift ticket will be $22; click below for the full announcement. That makes tomorrow - Christmas Day - the last day for discounted, $30 lift tickets; the resort will be open from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Dashing through the snow…

It's amazing how much difference a few inches of snow can make. Our local ski mountain was starting to look a little like a bran muffin in places on Saturday, but after 3 inches of snow overnight, Sunday morning it was transformed into a glittering, frosted cupcake (albeit with a few nuts and raisins still poking through). This shot was taken Sunday; it's the view from Paradise. Really. From the run called Paradise on the back side of Bogus Basin. Since then, a few more inches of snow have fallen, and then a few more inches. The wind did its part, redistributing the snow around the mountain, and today was an awesome powder day.

Opening day at Bogus Basin…

This shot of sunrise at Bogus Basin this morning was taken before the lifts opened, but not before skiers already were getting their gear ready and heading out to the lift base. Despite early-season conditions, it was a very fun opening day for Boise's local non-profit ski resort, with some untracked powder up-top early, a variety of conditions around the mountain and through the day, and a whole lot of smiling skiers and boarders. There was even plenty of room to spread out, with Chair 6, Pine Creek, on the backside opening today along with the whole front side.

The kids I rode up with on the first chair ride this morning had counted - they said we were on the 10th chair (woo-hoo!). And kudos to Bogus for opening up despite the thin early snow; everyone I talked to, without exception, was just glad to be up there and out on the slopes again, even if it meant some rocks and the like were still poking through (bring your rock skis).

Next up: More snow. We're ready…

Bogus Basin to open for skiing Friday

It's looking mighty pretty up toward Bogus Basin today, with the recent new snow shining in the sunshine, and now Boise's non-profit ski resort has announced that it'll open up for skiing on Friday.The resort will open its front side plus the No. 6 Pine Creek chair on the backside, and skiers are advised to expect early-season conditions; lift tickets will be discounted to $30, and hours will be 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You can read the resort's full announcement here. Local skiers have been anxiously awaiting this news, after last year's record-late Jan. 19 opening.

Sending off the season…

Spring skiing, costumes and frivolity were the orders of the day as Bogus Basin held its end-of-season sendoff on Saturday, marking the close of a late-starting but still-fun ski season for the local non-profit ski resort. Bogus has announced a bonus weekend, when it will reopen next Saturday and Sunday with just the No. 1 Deerpoint and Coach chairs operating, along with the Easy Rider carpet; tickets will be discounted, and there's more info here.

Spring on the mountain…

Some years, Bogus Basin doesn't get any spring skiing, because winter runs right up until closing day, and then it's all over. Not this year. Over the weekend, as temperatures nudged and topped 70 degrees in the valley, Bogus Basin skiers enjoyed a cornucopia of corn snow, a slathering of soft slush, and the warm feeling that spring has sprung…

Bogus Basin to open new Superior chair Sat.

Bogus Basin has just announced that it will open its new Superior high-speed quad chairlift tomorrow for the season. In addition to the new lift, the resort also will open the Pine Creek and Bitterroot Basin areas of the mountain on Saturday; night skiing will start Wednesday.

Finally! Bogus Basin gets enough snow to open lifts

WINTER SPORTS — After getting 10 inches of snow on Wednesday, Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation opened for the ski season today.

The Jan. 19 opening is the latest in the history of the southern Idaho ski area, according to this report in the Idaho Statesman.

Bogus Basin to open tomorrow

Bogus Basin has announced that it will open for the season tomorrow - Thursday, Jan. 19, the non-profit Boise ski resort's latest-ever opening; there's more info here. Charlifts 1, 2, 4, 7 and the Easy Rider carpet will operate; hours Thursday and Friday will be 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and lift tickets will be discounted to $30 until more of the mountain opens. The resort is asking folks to wait until after 8 a.m. to head up, so its snowplows can work both sides of the road.

Tamarack also offering discounts to bereft Bogus Basin passholders

Tamarack Resort - which unlike Bogus Basin is open for skiing, thanks in part to snowmaking - is joining Brundage Mountain in offering discounts to out-of-luck Bogus Basin season passholders. The resort has announced it'll charge $25 on Thursdays with a Bogus pass, down from the usual $49; and $35 Fridays through Sundays and holidays; there's more info here.

Brundage reaches out, with deals for Bogus passholders…

With Bogus Basin still closed and its skiers out of luck, Brundage Mountain is reaching out: The McCall ski resort is offering a special deal to Bogus season passholders, starting Thursday: $25 weekday lift tickets (non-holiday), down from the usual $55, and $35 on weekends or holidays. In addition, Brundage will offer the $25 rate to Bogus Basin passholders the second Sunday of each month; there's more info here. Meanwhile, still-closed Bogus has announced cost-cutting measures in light of its continued closure due to lack of snow; among them, the general manager and chief financial officer at the non-profit ski resort will work without pay. Pete Zimowsky of the Idaho Statesman has a full report here.

Snow-starved Bogus Basin eliminates jobs, cuts pay

WINTER SPORTS — All of the region's ski resorts would like to have more snow. But at least the ones in the Inland Northwest have coverage.  

At southern Idaho's Bogus Basin, the situation is grim, as you see in this report that just moved on the AP wire.

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — The stingy snow gods are forcing a ski resort above Idaho’s capital to dramatically reduce costs.

Bogus Basin Mountain Resort is eliminating positions, cutting year-round workers’ pay and scaling back capital projects after its lifts remained idle during the holidays, traditionally one of its most-lucrative revenue periods.

Its general manager and chief financial officer plan to work without pay for an extended period, while other positions were eliminated.

There’s almost no chance the resort will open by Friday. If it doesn’t, that would make this the latest opening in the 69-year-old resort’s history.

The latest previous opening was Jan. 6, way back in 1989.

Bogus Basin makes much of its money through annual season pass sales, but it still relies on day-pass customers for a significant share of its revenue.

Above it all…

Thank you, Bogus Basin, for keeping me sane this winter. The politics may be hot and heavy in town, but up on the mountain, when I get to sneak up there on weekends, it's cold, clear and crisp. Not only that, it's cheap, it's non-profit, and everyone's welcome. Let it snow.

A day on the slopes…

Sun, clouds, sparkling cold fresh air and a couple feet of fluffy powder right in Boise's backyard made Bogus Basin a great place to be while on staycation this week - especially today.

Feeling thankful…

Today was the first time since 1994 that Bogus Basin ski area has opened on Thanksgiving Day, and it was a particularly nice one. It was c-c-cold, the powder was fresh, the sun was peeking out and snowflakes were sparkling in the air. Eager skiers and snowboarders enjoyed the frontside and Bitterroot Basin, but here’s the best part: Bogus has just announced that the backside, both Superior Chair No. 3 and Pine Creek Chair No. 6, will open on Saturday.

Bogus opens Thursday for season

Here’s some news: Bogus Basin ski resort will open for the season on Thursday - Thanksgiving Day. “Recent storms have delivered 2-feet of snow for a ‘front side’ opening,” the resort just announced on its website. Chairs 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, Easy Rider and the Fundsy magic carpet will be open; hours Thursday through Sunday will be 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with tickets discounted to $25. The Nordic Center will be open the same hours Thursday through Sunday, with trail passes discounted to $12.