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Boise: Fashion Capital Of Idaho?

In a city known more for hiking trails than fashion runways, photographer Thomas Lea scours the streets for style. “It's a fairly remote place, way out in the west,” he said. “But people in Boise have great taste.” Lea, 65, relocated to Idaho's capital from San Francisco in 2005. Love for a Boise woman — which eventually turned to marriage — lured him from the city he admired for diversity and energy/Danielle Paquette, CNN. More here.

Question: Do Boiseans dress better than people in the Coeur d'Alene area in particular and North Idaho in general?

Boisean Guilty Of ‘Tapping’ Teen

Item: Boise man pleads guilty to battery for 'tapping' 15-year-old who wouldn’t turn off phone on airplane/Patrick Orr, Idaho Statesman

More Info: Russell Miller will have to spend two days in jail or do the equivalent amount of community service after pleading guilty Monday to a misdemeanor charge of battery in connection with a Dec. 28 incident that made him an Internet sensation. That’s the day Boise police say Miller hit a 15-year boy sitting across the aisle from him on the arm on a Southwest Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Boise — because the boy didn’t turn his phone off during takeoff. That’s also the day the news about Miller’s arrest became a national story — from being discussed on CNN and MSNBC to being fodder for hundreds of blogs nationwide.

Question: Should Boisean Russell Miller have been charged with misdemeanor battery for “tapping” a teen who wasn't obeying flight attendant orders on Southwest Airlines to shut down his cell phone?

Oh, my, look at that sky…

Wild weather, fog, clouds and flashes of blue sky combined to bring this sunset over Boise this evening, as the rain-pelted snow on the ground turns to slush…

Sandpointer Tells Of Anti-Gay Bullying

Item: Boise rallies against anti-gay bullying/Jody May-Change, Boise Weekly

More Info: BSU student Justin Baxter described the years of bullying and taunting he endured in both middle and high school in Sandpoint, Idaho. Walking home one day after a bullying incident in his gym class locker-room, Baxter was struck in the head with a glass bottle. He fell unconscious to the grown breaking his nose as his attackers kicked him. “People do no understand what it is like to be in that kind of darkness,” said Baxter. But his message included some optimism. “I am happy that I am here today to tell you from the bottom of my heart to stick in there.”

Question: Do you believe bullying against gays is epidemic?

Breast exams lead to woman’s arrest

 BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Police arrested a woman in Idaho’s capital city after they say she impersonated a plastic surgeon and conducted breast exams on at least two women in local bars.

Kristina B. Ross was booked into Ada County Jail. She faces accusations of unlicensed practice of medicine.

It all started earlier this month, when Boise Police were called to a downtown medical office by employees of a licensed plastic surgeon.

They were getting calls from prospective patients who wanted to see a Dr. Berlyn Aussieahshowna.

But no doctor by that name worked there.

Police got names and contact details for the women who had called, interviewed them — and then identified the 37-year-old Ross, who isn’t licensed to practice medicine.

Detectives say they fear there may be others who had fake exams or were given the promise of plastic surgery.

Ross has a previous criminal record as a man, according to The Idaho Statesman.


Hot-air balloons to return to Boise skies

For the first time in several years, and eight years after the demise of the Boise River Festival, dozens of colorful hot air balloons will fill the sky over Boise the weekend after next, as part of the “Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic.” The event, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of flight in Idaho, will be Sept. 2-5, and will include a “Night Glow” show and concert in Ann Morrison Park from 6 to 10 p.m. on the Saturday evening, Sept. 4th.  Close to 30 hot air balloons are scheduled to participate.

The event is being spearheaded by Peak Broadcasting, and backed by the Idaho Lottery, the state of Idaho, the city of Boise, the Federal Aviation Administration, Lighter Than Air America Inc., KTVB-TV and many others; click here for the full rundown. “This is a family-friendly community event at Ann Morrison Park and attendance is free to the public,” Peak Broadcasting said in a press release. The balloon classic will include 7:15 a.m. balloon launches each day, military aircraft flyovers, balloon flight competitions, and balloon aviation history displays. It’ll also include a candlelight vigil against child abuse in conjunction with the Night Glow concert event.

The mass balloon launches were the hallmark of the Boise River Festival, a huge multi-day festival that included a signature parade and big array of concerts and activities, but that ended after it ran into financial trouble. After the end of the festival in 2002, separate Boise balloon rallies were held each year from 2003 to 2006.

Outside: Boise Best Town In West

Boise, to put it mildly, has been on a roll. Government, education, and health care remain core industries, but dozens of high-tech startups have moved to town, joining behemoths like Hewlett-Packard and Micron Technology. And while its population has more than doubled in the past 30 years and jaded locals bemoan the sprawl, Boise has managed its growth impressively well: The city is home to nearly 2,000 acres of parks and a 25-mile greenbelt. The outlying areas feel a bit bland, but the older neighborhoods have that Boulder vibe—cruiser bikes, farmers’ markets, and prayer flags—only with reasonably priced homes/Outside. More here.

  • Cutline: Hundreds turned out to witness the rededication celebration for the Idaho  capitol building on Jan. 9 in downtown  Boise. (AP Photo/Idaho Press-Tribune, Charlie Litchfield)

Question: Do you agree with Outside mag that Boise is the best town in the West?

Outside Mag: Boise No. 1 U.S. Town

Item: Outside magazine says Boise is the No. 1 town in U.S./Idaho Statesman

More Info: In its August issue, the magazine names Boise the overall winner (and top West city) in its 2010 Best Towns survey. The annual list was compiled using the following criteria: quality of sporting life, cultural vibrancy, resiliency of economy and stability of housing market. Carbondale,Colo., finished second in the West.

Question: Would you rather live in Boise or where you live now?

Vandals Go Bowling on the Smurf Turf

Idaho coach Robb Akey cheers his team against Hawaii during their game at the Kibbie Dome in October.

I have a feeling that this is the Bowl game that most Hucksters are interested in. Tonight Rocky Bleier will give the keynote address at the US Bank Humanitarian Awards Dinner at Boise Center. More here.

Anyone want to venture a guess on the game’s outcome?

Shock, Burn set for showdown

It’s been an interesting week of build-up to Saturday’s Spokane-Boise playoff game. Both sides traded barbs in newspapers, but the game finally takes center stage.

Read my unedited advance below.


Sunday morning reading

Good morning Shock fans. An interesting game last night as Stockton looked pretty good building a 21-7 lead early in the second quarter only to get swamped when Spokane’s offense and defense hit their stride. The final: 62-21.

Here’s John Blanchette’s look at the game and a game story in the Stockton Record filed by the S-R’s Greg Lee.

Here’s a game story from Boise, where the Burn hammered ex-Shock head coach Chris Siegfried’s Arkansas Twisters 77-36 behind a strong performance by backup QB Mark Thorson. However, it was a favorable bounce off the goal posts (much like Sergio Gilliam’s recovery Saturday night) and a turnover-forcing defense (think Shock most of the season) that ignited Boise’s rout.

The Burn already sound fired up about their fourth date with Spokane this season, this one will come in the National Conference semifinals Saturday night at the Arena. The Burn are 0-3 against Spokane this year and 0-8 all-time.

You can find recaps on all the first-round playoff games at the af2 Web site. There will be a new champion after Tennessee Valley, which upset Spokane in last year’s ArenaCup, fell to Green Bay.


Spokane holds off Burn, 56-51

Spokane (15-1) didn’t have a lot of close games in the regular season, but the Shock came through at crunch time Saturday, knocking off Boise 56-51.

Read on below for more details.

Shock gear up for Boise

As I write this, Spokane is probably on a bus somewhere in Oregon en route to Boise for Saturday’s game against the Burn. Head coach Adam Shackleford lets the players pick the movies. It usually starts with a comedy, followed by an action movie.

Below, you can read my game preview and find out more about two new Shock players at the very bottom.

Sunset over Boise…

The unsettled weather that’s marked June in Boise so far this year has led to some dramatic sunsets, like this one on Friday night.

See-through building?

With all the thunderstorms and clouds floating around Boise this week, the weather has been changeable and mysterious. In this photo taken late yesterday afternoon, the sky appears to show right through this downtown high-rise, thanks to the reflections.

Shock hold off Boise, 64-62

This one had a little of everything. Spokane outlasted Boise 64-62 and the only thing missing — more time to write it up before deadline!

Anyway, my unedited game story is below. A couple of injury notes: Andy Olson sat out much of the second half with cramping and Harrison Nikolao was sidelined by injured ribs. Charles Dillon left briefly but returned, as did Sergio Gilliam, whose two interceptions helped turn the tide.

Update: Here’s John Blanchette’s column on the game.


Shock, Burn tangle again

Back with the game preview for Saturday’s showdown between Boise and Spokane at the Arena. Read on for an unedited version that will run in Saturday’s paper.

Boise ombudsman — 10 years after

Boise seems generally happy to have had ombudsman Pierce Murphy for the past decade.  Murphy was brought to Spokane to discuss his job as the city was formulating how to create its position.

One key difference in Spokane’s set-up is that the longest the ombudsman can serve is six years. He/she would be appointed to a three-year term with the possibility of a second term. If that were the case in Boise, Murphy would’ve already been replaced with a less experienced person.

I’d imagine it takes a few years just to get the lay of the land and get comfortable in the job. I wonder if it limits the quality of the candidates if the city can only guarantee three years of employment.

Do you think the ombudsman job should have term limits?