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Book Focuses On Running For Women

Many people think they have to be in superb physical shape to start running. That is not true. People start running as a way to get in shape, or stay …

Coming To America A Selection Of Children’s Books Encourages Cultural Appreciation And Explores Experience Of Immigrants

1. Cover illustration from “The Butterfly Seeds.” 2. From the cover of “Heroes,” a touching tale of Japanese Americans in the wake of World War II.

Ellen Degeneres’ Best-Seller Has Its Charms

Jerry Seinfeld has done it. So has Tim Allen. Ditto Paul Reiser. All have gone from stand-up to sitcom to best-seller. Now, it’s Ellen Degeneres’ turn. One point of her …

Crichton Good For More Scares With Those Big Green People Eaters

“The Lost World” By Michael Crichton (Knopf, $25.95) Gather round, children. Nice Mr. Crichton is going to give you a science lesson. It will get a little tedious, go on …

Good Writing, Research Make Book Riveting

“Every Knee Shall Bow: The Truth and Tragedy of Ruby Ridge and the Randy Weaver Family” By Jess Walter (HarperCollins, 375 pages, $23) Like the sermons of a firebreathing redeemer, …

Collection Lets You Sample Several Authors

Sometimes it is very difficult to find an author you really like. “Connections” helps solve that problem. Edited by Donald R. Gallo, it’s a collection of short stories by 17 …

Don’t Let The History Of It Scare You Off

I need to talk in great detail about an excellent novel called “Brian Boru,” by Morgan Llywelyn. It’s historical fiction, but don’t yawn. You should be hooked throughout the whole …

Fishing For Meaning ‘Sky Fisherman’ Has Moments Of Strength And Beauty, But Is Missing Something

Craig Lesley

Book Tells Personal Story Of Vietnam

When I first picked up “Voices from Vietnam” by Barry Denenberg, it was because of personal interest. I wanted to know more about what went on in Vietnam. What I …

Bittersweet Season End-Of-Summer Stories Will Hit Responsive Chord In Children Preparing To Go Back To School

1. From the cover of “Sand in My Shoes,” by Wendy Kesselman and illustrated by Ronald Himler. 2. Ogden Nash’s “The Tale of Custard the Dragon” is illustrated by Lynn …

Making It Work With Detail And Candor, Three Women At Top Of Their Fields Describe Dilemmas Of Balancing Careers And Family Goals

Orchestra conductor and first lady of West Virginia Rachael Worby struggles being a politician’s wife and pursuing her own goals. Worby was assistant conductor of the Spokane Symphony for two …

Ann Rinaldi Knows How To Tell A Historical Story

I am a sucker for a good historical novel. I loved Morgan Llywelyn’s “Brian Boru,” and now I’ve got another great book, courtesy of Ann Rinaldi. Rinaldi is excellent in …

S-R Reporter’s Book On Ruby Ridge Hot Property After Oklahoma Attack

Newsweek will be publishing excerpts of Spokesman-Review reporter Jess Walter’s book on Ruby Ridge. Photo by Christopher Anderson/The Spokesman-Review

New ‘Gump & Co.’ Proves Stupid Is As Stupid Writes

Tom Hanks played the lead character in the film version of “Forrest Gump.” Photo by Associated Press

Mythical Story Has Plenty Of Fun Twists

“The Arkadians,” by Lloyd Alexander, is a unique book, and not only because of the great writing or the well-portrayed characters. The best aspect is the way Alexander has used …

Powerful Prose Annick Smith’s Writing Brings Out The Character Of Region

“Homestead” by Annick Smith (Milkweed, $19.95, 206 pages) I’ve quietly admired writer Annick Smith for several years. I knew she’s one of a group of writers who live near Missoula. …

Art Book Tells Behind-The-Scenes Stories

Ever wonder exactly what was going on in the painting “The Experiment With An Air Pump” by Joseph Wright? Or what the skull symbolizes in “The Vanities of Human Life” …

Book On Joe Kennedy Goes Beyond Biography

“Seeds Of Destruction: Joe Kennedy And His Sons” By Ralph G. Martin (Putnam, $35, 704 pages) Joe Kennedy was just a father trying to help his three sons find good …

Traveling Vampire Anne Rice Takes Her Immortal Lestat To Heaven And Hell And A Few Strange Places In Between


Novel Tells Painful Story Very Well

If you pick up the new book, “Ash,” by Lisa Rowe Faustino, you will soon know what “gawmy,” “staved-in” and “Knights of Sisyphus” mean. Along with referrals to Maine accents …

American Apocalypse: Books Examine Events At Waco

“The Ashes Of Waco, An Investigation” By Dick J. Reavis (Simon & Schuster, 356 pages, $24) “Why Waco? Cults and the Battle for Religious Freedom in America” By James D. …

Changing Directions Judy Collins Tried A New Art Form And Now Has A New Book

Judy Collins wrote 13 songs for a companion CD to “Shameless,” her new novel she spent eight years writing.

Two Books To Score Points With Your Little Brother

A word of warning: I like to give little useless facts that will help you smile (maybe) during a rough moment in your life, but won’t earn any Pulitzer prizes. …

Hotdogs, Puffins, Going To Grandma’s All Great Subjects For Childrens’ Reading

1. From the cover of “This is a Great Place for a Hot Dog Stand,” authored and illustrated by Barney Saltzberg. 2. From “Nights of the Pufflings.”

Pulp Gingrich Speaker Of The House Should Stick To Politics And Leave The Art Of The Novel To Those Who Have Hint Of Writing Talent

Newt Gingrich: Good guys, bad guys and world in the balance in “1945”.

Realistic Characters Add Excitement

Daine knew that there were going to be problems in Carthak. She had been told so by the Badger God as he gave her the power to bring the dead …

Ted Turner Gets What He Wants Biography Focuses On The Fearless Ceo’s Hard-Earned Image

Robert Edward Turner III is one man you never want to underestimate.

Beached Prose Pat Conroy’s Storytelling Gift Deserted Him In Overblown ‘Beach Music’

Pat Conroy is most famous as the author of “The Great Santini” and “The Prince of Tides.”

Relive Disney Flavors With Mickey’s Cookbook

Have you ever been to Disney World? If you have, you know about the fantastic restaurants filled with every sort of food you could possible wish for. From the restaurants …

Time Travel Weakens Court-Room Drama

I have to admit the cover of Sid Fleischman’s “The 13th Floor: A Ghost Story” intrigued me, but most of all the title drew me. Who knows what sort of …