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Breastfeeding revisited…

Good evening, Netizens…

The question, as posed by Bob Kirkpatrick (http://www.deludia.com) in his mini-cartoon from the annex (http://yak.deludia.com/viewtopic.php?id=28)  seems to be whether or not mothers should be allowed to breast feed their infants while they are piloting their ways down the freeway. Should a State Patrol Officer be obligated to cite them for dangerous or hazardous driving because they are feeding their infant? One presumes that would depend upon whether they were engaged in texting messages to their friends and/or talking on their cell phone, both of which are already illegal, shouldn’t it?

The only person who has not stepped forward thus far to express an opinion are the infants themselves, which seems a bit unfair. After all, according to most sources I have read tonight, it seems the majority of us were breast fed, at least part of the time. It seems to me that once you have removed that nipple of life from the center of your world, you seem to lose all senses of perspective about breast feeding.

Should breast feeding be forbidden while driving? That seems to be the question the author is asking, and I submit it is a fair question that deserves an answer more lucid than the answers we typically get from our Legislature.