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STA wins high-profile fan

We may have found a spokesman for a Spokane Transit Authority ad campaign.

Former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Gerry Alexander has been flying to Spokane every couple weeks in the last few months to serve as one of the Spokane's five Use of Force commissioners.

After he disembarks from his plane at Spokane International Airport, he takes a Spokane Transit Authority bus downtown.

“I really enjoy that bus ride,” Alexander said. “It's really a handy way to get in from the Airport.”

(This praise for the bus was unsolicited when I asked him a few questions after Thursday's Use of Force Commission meeting.)

Alexander is reimbursed for his plane trip and often a meal when he's in Spokane. He usually flies in the morning and flies out after the meeting

He does not bother getting reimbursed for the $1.50 bus ride.

Oatmeal Blogger Rode Bus w/Nazis

I’m told by a former SR colleague that gave me a heads up that The Oatmeal blog has a ha-huge following. Therefore, a post by the blogmeister that he grew up in Hayden Lake, riding a bus w/children from the Aryan Nations compound caught my eye. It states: “Most of the people that lived in the compound were elderly, but they occasionally managed to inspire a few younger skinheads in town to take up their moronic ideology and go around beating up anyone who didn’t fit within a certain ethnic profile. My bus route ran directly pass the Nazi compound and we always had to stop to pick up a handful of little Hitlers.” The Oatmeal blogmeister continues that he talked to one of the “little Hitlers” on the bus because the neo-Nazi urchin let him play his Gameboy. But that dynamic changed when a group of skinheads stomped his brother. (Photos & the rest of the story here.)

Question: Did you ever know any of the neo-Nazis or their children from the old Aryan Nations compound?