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AP: Ferguson suing anti GMO labeling donor

Attorney General Bob Ferguson held a press conference this morning to announce a lawsuit against a group that has given some $7 million to the campaign against Initiative 522. Here's an updated report from Mike Baker of the Associated Press:

SEATTLE (AP) — Washington’s attorney general accused a food industry group Wednesday of violating state campaign finance laws for how it collected and spent more than $7 million to oppose a food labeling initiative…


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How to make campaign law violators squeal

OLYMPIA – Talk of election shenanigans in 2010 was second only last week to talk of budget disasters for 2011, and legislators are toying with tweaking state campaign disclosure laws that allow average folks to know the source of money being spent to convince them to vote for Candidate Schmoe or against Candidate Schmuck.

The state erects rules for people who give or take piles of campaign cash, much the way scientists erect walls in a maze to see if rats can find the way to the cheese. Research shows the rats quickly learn the fastest way through the maze, and if left alone for any length of time, chew through the walls to bypass the maze entirely and simply feast on the cheese.

This is not to suggest people who dump piles of cash into campaigns are equivalent to rats, as that’s unfair to rodents. Rather, it is to set up an analogy: The Legislature seems intent on building a better maze, when what they need is to kick some rats out of it.