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UPDATED: Mon., Sept. 17, 2018, 2:16 p.m.

Coca-Cola is eyeing the cannabis market

Coca-Cola may be the next industry giant to jump into the cannabis drinks business.

Cananbis retailers, artists celebrate Spokane with custom murals

One of the positive side effects cited by cannabis advocates is heightened creativity.

The High Road has big plans for big plants

In the last year, Don Grant learned more than he ever thought possible about growing cannabis – and he’s been growing it for a significant part of his life.

Blue Roots Cannabis continues to branch out

In some ways, Blue Roots Cannabis acts like a small-scale grower but in a big space.

New Kevin Smith cannabis comedy lets viewers decide its fate

Actor/director Kevin Smith is hoping a new cannabis-themed TV show will appeal to all sorts of viewers, who also will have a role in whether new episodes are filmed.

State cannabis taxes fund new Spokane detective position

Bring up the topic of taxes at any cocktail party or the nearest water cooler, and the discussion eventually seems to turn to why all of our state’s problems haven’t …

Cannabis on campus: why you should leave bud off your back-to-school list

It’s time once again for the grass-filled quads of academia to be swarmed by scholars from near and far, and like many intellectuals of the past, the incoming student body …

Lebanon’s cannabis heartland, Bekaa, hopes for legalization

The fertile Bekaa Valley in eastern Lebanon has long been notorious as one of the world’s major narcotics-growing regions, producing some of the finest quality cannabis, mostly processed into hashish. …

Veterans advocates use cannabis to reduce suicide, PTSD

When Patrick Seifert learned 22 U.S. veterans were committing suicide daily, it changed his world and inspired him to do more.

Boating with your bud

There’s nothing like water to relax you.

Guest Column: Smoking pot and smoking guns

Getting drunk and playing with a gun is a bad idea, as is taking too many pain pills and then deciding to go hunting.

LCB visits Spokane for round-table

One of the challenges with those trying to regulate Washington’s legal cannabis marketplace or those being regulated by it is that it’s distinctly different than many other industries.

UPDATED: Tue., June 26, 2018, 9:16 a.m.

FDA-approved cannabis treatment provides new treatment options for some epileptics

FDA approval of a new cannabis-based epilepsy drug may open the doors for more treatments.

Avista extends energy efficiency incentives to indoor growers

Cannabis growers looking to save money can start by looking at their lighting.

GrowOp Farms evolves into one of state’s largest cannabis growers

Katrina and Rob McKinley have heard plenty of the rumors over the years.

‘The Dope Show’ bringing laughs to Spokane

Many marijuana users report that one of the more enjoyable side effects is a big boost to one’s sense of humor – you’re likely to find more things funny, including …

Little research available on risks of combining cannabis, prescriptions

Many of us have faced a familiar temptation. Following a spirited night of drinking, we can’t sleep. So we look in the medicine cabinet for something to help us nod …

TreeHouse Club offers something for everyone

In the pre-legal days, the better cannabis sellers were all about customer service.

Senior helps peers navigate cannabis choices

Many of today’s Baby Boomers have mixed memories of cannabis use.

Green Bluff Greenhouse puts effort into quality, not quantity

Though we live in a culture where “bigger and faster” is often equated with “better,” it isn’t always the case, at least where cannabis is concerned.

What marijuana goes best with your music?

One of the great things about the Spokane area is that, along with a wide variety of marijuana strains, we have a large selection of choices for live music.

Does 420 Still Matter?

For at least four decades, ‘420’ has been a secret-not-so secret code for anything or everything cannabis.

‘Reefer Madness’ returns to Spokane April 7

Irony is a primary component of humor. And that may be especially true of cannabis humor.

Skincare home remedies lead to innovative cannabis products

What started as home health remedies in Erica and Sam Kannall’s kitchen seven years ago have now become popular products on cannabis retail shelves across Washington State.

Botanica has something for every appetite

In 2013, Tim Moxey and Chris Abbott began discussing how to make the best edibles on a large scale, even before they legally were allowed to start cooking.

RAD Expo urges cannabis businesses to get the word out better

With a few big exceptions, doing business in the legal cannabis realm is just like any other competitive industry.

Yakima commissioners plan crack-downs on cannabis businesses

Legal cannabis entrepreneurs and elected officials statewide are watching a brewing conflict in Yakima County between county commissioners and local growers and processors.

Pipe dreams: plenty of smokin’ options for puffers

If the last time you smoked cannabis was out of a dented pop can in your folks’ basement, you may be surprised how much the experience has improved.

Cannabis capitalists exploit loopholes by ‘gifting’ the drug

The single bottle of juice delivered to your door will set you back at least $55. But the bag of marijuana that comes with it? On the house.

The Green Nugget excited about 2018

There are some fancy cannabis retailers that offer the highest-end items for customers who don’t mind paying extra, especially when surrounded by elegant décor.