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Little stroll down the dome

A worker from Western Waterproofing Co. of Seattle makes his way down the dome Tuesday.

OLYMPIA – Things are looking up at the Capitol. Up to the dome, that is, where a $1.1 million restoration project is cleaning off some eight years of grime, mold and moss on the outside surfaces of masonry and sandstone.

The cleanup, scheduled to continue through November, was delayed briefly last week when one of the platforms holding two workers gave way about 40 feet off the ground just as they were preparing to pressure wash part of the building. The workers were wearing safety harnesses and were unharmed, although one was suspended in the air for a couple minutes until a co-worker pulled him back to the fourth-floor roof.

Work stopped until all the equipment was checked and workers got additional safety training.

This week, some workers from Western Waterproofing Co. of Seattle, the contractor hired for the cleanup, seem to be rappelling down the dome on their way to cages attached to ropes that snake down the curved sides. Others are making their way along narrow ledges, power-washing or hand-scrubbing the many curves and crevices on the exterior ornamentation. . .

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Throw me a line

Worker atop the Capitol Dome eases a rope down the side as the state prepares for a major cleaning of the Legislative Building Wednesday.

The cleaning is scheduled to continue into next week.