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Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to the other side, of course. Why this particular chicken decided he needed to cross I-90 near Argonne this morning is a mystery, however. It took a SCRAPS animal control officer, four WSP troopers and a DOT employee about 45 minutes to capture the wayward bird during this morning's commute. He seemed intent on evading capture. Maybe he was on his way to visit a girlfriend?

Whatever the rooster's intent, he's now locked up at the SCRAPS shelter waiting for his owner to claim him. "We hope the owner comes and gets him soon," said SCRAPS animal protection operations manager Nicole Montano in a press release. "He is really a beautiful bird and we'd like to get him back home as soon as possible."

If you know where this bird belongs, call SCRAPS at (509) 477-2984. Photo courtesy of SCRAPS.

Life & Death In The Country

Since Cindy will be subbing for me midweek on next week, I thought I'd get a jump on her cat photos by posting this one from Oregon online bud Robin Loznak, who writes on his Facebook wall: "One of the cats killed a wild rabbit about half her size this morning. The chickens were very interested."


St. Maries Council Frustrates Girl

Which came first, the chicken or the veto? After agreeing to allow residents to keep chickens within city limits in May last year, the St. Maries City Council decided against it last month. Jenna Bauer, 11, the girl who asked for the change said she feels the council deceived her. “They said I could have them and all voted yes, and now here they are changing their minds,” she said. “That is unfair.” Despite their latest decision, Jenna said she was going to keep her chickens and attempt to convince the council to reconsider/Mary Orr, St. Maries Gazette Record. More to come. (Gazette photo: Jenna Bauer with her grand champion chicken at their coop in her yard)

Question: What would you advise Jenna re: the St. Maries council changing its mind?

APhoto Of The Day — 2.2.12

A chicken is shown under PG&E SmartMeters in San Juan Bautista, Calif. The California Public Utilities Commission considers a Pacific Gas & Electric Co. proposal Wednesday to levy charges against customers who opt out of $2.2 billion SmartMeter program that has triggered protests in several Northern California communities. You write the cutline. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File)

Today’s highlights

At the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture in Spokane, a 1915 Rauch and Lang electric car is part of the new exhibit in the Campbell House carriage house. SR photo/Jesse Tinsley

Happy last Thursday before Christmas. It's time to take a look at the highlights from today's Valley Voice. The small towns in southern Spokane County are looking at their law enforcement bills from the Spokane County Sheriff's Office with concern, particularly Rockford. Their bill jumped $10,000 in a year.

While the Campbell House next to the MAC isn't in the Valley, it's still a regional icon. Reporter Pia Hallenberg has a story on a new visitor center in the carriage house. There are interactive exhibits in the horse stalls and touch screen displays so visitors can page through historical documents.

Correspondent Stefanie Pettit has an update on Chicken, the wayward hen she took in and cared for that now has a new home and chicken family.  Correspondent Cindy Hval has another touching Love Story, this one about a World War II B-17 pilot and his WAVES wife.  

Millsap: Crying Over A Lost Chicken

The scene in the morning was terrible. What was left of the torn, bloodied carcass of my beloved Anacona hen, the crazy, flighty Italian chicken whose antics never failed to amuse me, was tossed like so much trash in front of the henhouse. The two traumatized survivors, battered, bloodied, with beaks broken from frantic attempts to escape, crooning forlornly, huddled in a corner of the backyard under a lilac bush still laden with heavy, fragrant blooms. Feathers were everywhere. We’d been raided by a raccoon. I know it sounds silly to cry over a chicken. Everyone knows a backyard chicken is a target for skunks and raccoons and coyotes. Chickens vanish out of my friends’ coops all the time. It’s a fact of life. But I spent the rest of the day in tears anyway, consumed with guilt, fretting over whether or not I could have prevented the raid/Cheryl-Anne Millsap, Home Planet, SR. More here.

Question: Have you lost a pet to a predator (coyote, raccoon, skunk, etc.)?

Today’s highlights

Capt. Mark Hill, right, and firefighter Brad Huffman stand by their truck Tuesday. They are part of the crew that will staff the new Greenacres Fire Station at 17214 E. Sprague. Jesse Tinsley/SR photo.

There’s so much to check out in today’s Valley Voice that you might as well pour a cup of coffee and get comfortable. The Spokane Valley City Council voted to make some speed limit changes, Spokane Valley Fire started operating out of the new Greenacres Fire Station this week and the Liberty Lake City Council approved a one percent property tax increase.

Students from Central Valley schools will be at the Safeway on East Sprague, the Fred Meyer at Sprague and Sullivan, the Liberty Lake Albertson’s and the Albertson’s on 32nd for their annual “Fill the Bus” food drive Saturday to benefit the Spokane Valley Partners Food Bank. For those of you following the exploits of “Chicken,” check out the update on efforts to catch the free range bird and relocate her to a new home. Regular correspondent Stefanie Petit has been keeping readers updated about the bird ever since it began roosting under her porch a year ago.

Chicken coop tour this Saturday

Slow Food Spokane River is hosting its fourth annual Urban Chicken Coop Tour this Saturday, June 12, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. They will “scratch around at 3-4 backyard coops of different sizes and styles to help you hatch ideas for designing a coop of your own.” The coops are located on the west side of the South Hill.
The tour is organized so you can walk, bike or carpool from coop to coop, and it’s followed by an egg-ceptional social hour with other chicken and egg lovers.
Buy $10 tickets here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/112921
For more information contact Erika at dekruger@msn.com or call: (509) 951-7431.