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Too bad the final couldn’t be Saturday

A GRIP ON SPORTS • What is it about a shirt with U-S-A written across the front, even if it's not really there? Why does it cause a seemingly rational adult male to root loudly for a women’s team in a sport, at times, he can barely tolerate? Is it jingoism, nationalism, idiocy? Read on.

Hey, July starts tomorrow

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Let’s say it. A hot, dry day at the end of June isn’t conducive to doing a lot outside. Or to a lot of local news stories. Read on.

The heat is on and we’re not talking about the temperatures outside

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The air conditioning is about ready to kick in, but it probably won’t cool us off. Nope. We’ve got some bones to pick. Read on.

The M’s face a decision soon that should tell us where they are headed

A GRIP ON SPORTS • In a week or two, Hisashi Iwakuma will come off the disabled list. The M’s will have to find the righthanded pitcher a spot on the roster and in the rotation. Who they decide to part with when that happens will tell us a lot about the future of this team. Read on.

Spokane-area alums making noise in the pro ranks

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It was an interesting day around here Friday for Spokane-area alums. Especially those playing professionally. Read on.

At least the weather is nice

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Is this the poorest holiday weekend of the year for sports watching? It may just be. Read on.

Hey, this is serious

A GRIP ON SPORTS • A lot of easy jokes out there this morning, jokes I would have jumped at making just a few short years ago. Not any more. Read on …

OK, we’re back

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Did I miss anything while I was away, other than a Mariner whitewashing and some fan panic, I mean? No? OK, let's get right back at it. Read on.