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Let there be lights

Apparently even as far back as 1963, "Made in the U.S." was something worth noting.


This date in Slice history (1996)

When early is too early: "Our neighbor, whose back yard is kitty-corner from ours, put up his Christmas lights this weekend," Spokane's Kevin and Michelle Robinette wrote a few days ago. "The display is rather large and includes a large star and full-size plywood Santa and reindeer. Upon seeing them for the first time, our 3-year-old daughter, Marie Elise, exclaimed, 'Oh! Is that a store?'"

The perfect morning for stringing lights

Why? OK, I'll list the reasons.

1. Saturday after Thanksgiving. (We're now in the classic window for putting up outdoor holiday lights.)

2. Gray skies symbolically shouted "Let there be light!"

3. No electrocution-enhancing precipitation.

Good grief, Christmas lights already

"Just in case you are thinking of running a contest to see who first spots Christmas lights, you are too late," wrote Jim Markley Saturday morning. "I saw a home in Coeur d'Alene near the public golf course last night with an Xmas display in full glory."

He continued. "In case you decide to have the contest anyway…Woo Hoo! I WIN!" 

Jim added a postscript. "Christmas lights on November 11th? Are you kidding me!?"


A look at Christmas past

Here’s a little something to get us in a Christmas spirit - a photo taken by Spokesman-Review photographer Bart Rayniak in December 2009 of a festive home on McKinzie Road in Otis Orchards. Is it just me or do fewer people seem to be decorating their homes this year? I saw a couple of elaborate displays this weekend out in the Saltese area. Has anyone else seen any good ones?