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Putting the icing on the chukar hunting season

HUNTING — I wrapped up the chukar hunting season today scrambling around the slippery slopes of the Snake River canyon with my buddy Jim Kujala and my trusty English setter, Scout.

The dog was pretty iced up from finding birds in the morning frost with temperatures in the teens, but by noon we found some sun breaking through the fog for a lunch break.

We packed away some chukars for the dinner table and great memories of another season.

Tip of the hat to six-year old bird dogs.  They don't get any better than that.

A bird dog is ready to hunt in any weather

HUNTING — It was cold and dreary Saturday and my friends all had excuses for not going chukar hunting.

But my English setter was more than ready.  With temps in the teens, the footing was good and a dusting of snow helped in the search for birds.

It's good to have a friend willing to go any time, any day … especially a friend who runs his butt off finding birds and lets you do all the shooting!

Chukar season ends; only 8 months to recover

HUNTING — The dog is fed and sleeping like a bear in winter. Wife is concerned about dog's scrapes and cactus spines in foot, but doesn't notice her husband's bloody elbow and slight limp.

Browning Citori cleaned, oiled. Hunting clothes are in the laundry hamper. Birds are dressed, brining and ready to cook tomorrow. Bottle of red wine is on the table….

I had a bittersweet outing on the Snake River today to end the season for cliff-dwelling chukars. Despite snow, steep slippery slopes, cold and wind, my English setter, Scout, and I both hated to come down out of the canyon.

Rising above it all to be in chukar country

BIRD HUNTING — The fog was packed into the Snake River valley today. Steelheaders were scattered up and down the river. 

But Scout, my English setter, led up up above it all and nearly to the rim to find this first covey of chukars.

A great day in the field, and we're both bushed.

Must be time to go back to work after a great holiday.

Nevada courts bird hunters to enjoy excellent chukar season

BIRD HUNTING — Looking for a bird-hunting adventure destination this season?   Nevada is putting out the word that it has record-high numbers of chukars in some — not all — portions of the state for a season that runs through Feb. 5.

Read on for the report from the Nevada Division of Wildlife.

Hold on bird hunters: Idaho quail, chukar seasons two weeks later than usual

HUNTING — The birds of the year will be larger and the hunting dogs will have less chance of heat stroke and rattlesnake encounters when Idaho's partridge and quail seasons open this fall.

The Idaho seasons open Oct. 1 — that's two weeks later than last year's season opener.

Organized sportsment made the a case for the later season opener before the state  Fish and Game Commission two years ago.

Washington, which also will open it's quail and chukar seasons on Oct. 1, went to the later season opening several years ago.

Read on for more details on Idaho's chukar and quail seasons.