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What’s keeping a new Shenanigans from opening in downtown Spokane?

The company that closed C.I. Shenanigans said it wants to reopen in Spokane but is having trouble finding the right spot.

RAM International CEO Jeff Iverson said Spokane’s been a good market for Shenanigans, which operated for 32 years near the Spokane River just north of the Spokane Convention Center. The restaurant closed abruptly on Oct. 13.

Iverson knew this was the final year for Shenanigans at the spot it's had, north of the Spokane Convention Center next to the Spokane River.

Spokane's Public Facilities District bought the restaurant property in 2010. It now plans to demolish the resaturant this coming spring to expand the convention center.

PFD CEO Kevin Twohig said RAM was told its property lease would not be renewed beyond early 2013.

RAM, based in Lynnwood, Wash., never gave Twohig advance notice it was closing, Twohig said.

He said he assumed the eatery would stay open through December.

Iverson said he never told his employees it would remain open that long.

He also said the company is finding that another downtown location may not make sense.

Downtown Spokane now is “a bit saturated” with eateries competing for diners, he said. Also, the popularity of neighborhood food places further takes away some of the appeal of downtown dining, he said.

“We haven’t found anything” that meets the criteria the company has for an alternate location, Iverson said.

Iverson acknowledged the closure led to “a lot of emotions” directed at his company. He also said he is not willing to rehash the series of events that led to the closure.

“What I can say is we always try to do the best thing we can for our company and our people,” Iverson said.

C.I. Shenanigans sold to Public Facilities District…

Good morning Netizens…

The Spokane Public Facilities District has purchased the C.I. Shenanigan’s restaurant. Oh?

Shenanigan’s is sited about 25 feet northeast of the convention center. That would make it a big target in the eyes of the the Facilities District, that has consistently buying up land adjacent to the convention center. Facilities District Executive Director Kevin Twohig said buying the restaurant, at 332 N. Spokane Falls Court, will allow for convention center expansion.

However, the district will not set up a plan nor take a proposal to the voters yet, according to Twohig.

The City of Spokane is broke, deeply in debt, but it just keeps spending money as if there was no limit. The Facilities District members are not elected into office, nor do the voters have any say over how they spend their money, yet the taxpayers are on the hook for every penny they spend. How does this work?

Doesn’t this have the aroma of the River Park Square funding all over again? I’m truly perplexed over how the voters are sitting by and allowing this to happen, over and over again without saying, “Stop the spending now!”

The Public Facilities District is taking a fine eatery and good employer off the tax bases and replacing it with an unknown plan, with no apparent proposal in mind. Someone needs to stop the runaway horse cart.